Rev. Doofus & Wearing Masks

Dear Pastor,

You think Rom 13 is the most abused passage of scripture these days, but I think the “Golden Rule” is a close second. Even worse, what happens when morons conflate the two like pastors arguing for masks. Why can’t this same argument be applied in favor of forced vaccinations and enforce quarantine? What is best way to rebut people who use “love thy neighbor” as passive-aggressive means for compliance on the matter of wearing masks?

Robert in Houston

Dear Robert,

I am going to answer your question by disemboweling this article below with its ridiculous assertion that if Christians really love their neighbor they will wear masks because that’s what Jesus would do. The guy who wrote the article is both a Pastor and an Ph.D. which explains his absolutely horrid reasoning skills.

By way of introduction, I am persuaded that we need to make the case that what they are calling love is hate and that our actions are indeed what is love. Those who are invoking the golden rule as the reason to wear masks need to have the same argument politely shoved down their pietistic throats. And that is not that difficult to do.

The “golden rule requires us to wear masks” crowd are the haters of their neighbors since masks don’t stop the virus. There are multiple studies out there that can be easily tracked down as done by professionals in their Medical fields that demonstrate that masks, as worn in a public setting, do not work. So, how can I be loving my neighbor when I am wearing a face covering that doesn’t protect them?

Rev. Doofus in the article linked above argues that even if masks are likely to be a means by which we re-infect ourselves we should still wear masks since we are to prioritize the health of others over our own health. But if the masks don’t work that makes this line of reasoning specious.

If masks really worked and were demonstrated to genuinely reduce the spread of the plannedemic I would support wearing masks. What Christian wouldn’t? But the fact is that

1.) This whole Wuhan virus narrative is skubala
2.) Masks don’t work.

Also, we must ask Rev. Doofus how far his argument goes in terms of doing things out of love for neighbor? Does love for neighbor mean that we are disobeying Jesus if we refuse to receive vaccines for our neighbors sake… for refusing the “necessity to contact and trace” thus surrendering our own privacy and the privacy of our neighbors … for refusing to go to FEMA camps built to house Wuhan infected … for refusing to let the authorities take our children out of our homes to keep them safe from Wuhan? How far does “love for our neighbors” take us in allowing the State to play the tyrant? Wouldn’t it be love for neighbor to say “NO” to all of this since a Tyrant out of control Government will end up hating on our neighbor more than we could ever imagine?

Has Rev. Doofus ever imagined that the State is taking advantage of his incredible naivete? What if the mask wearing was to induce our acceptance of future invasions? Is it love for neighbor to allow a series of invasions that incrementally grow the size of the State so that our neighbor’s liberty and well-being is threatened?

Contrary to Rev. Doofus I believe it is the very essence of love, in this situation to not wear a mask. Further, I believe that it is Rev. Doofus is the one that is being hateful towards his neighbor. By wearing the mask Rev. Doofus is reinforcing the panic and fear theme of the false Wuhan virus narrative. It is hateful to inclucate fear and panic in our neighbors. By wearing a mask Rev. Doofus is being hateful to his neighbor because by accepting the false Wuhan narrative virus he is by extension supporting the shut down of the economy. It is hateful to reinforce a narrative that shuts down his neighbors economy since by doing so Rev. Doofus is being spiteful to his neighbors who are being made jobless and potentially penniless from the the economic shut down. Has Rev. Doofus never read anything about the Great Depression? By wearing that mask Rev. Doofus is supporting a return to the Great Depression. Is that love of neighbor?

So, I can take all the Scripture that Rev. Doofus set forth in that link above and turn those passages on him to demonstrate that he is being anti-Christ like by hating his neighbor.

That article linked above is mortifying in terms of its embarrassment level. I can’t believe a Pastor could write such drivel never mind someone with a Ph.D.

Now some will complain of my “lack of respect” for calling this man “Rev. Doofus.” I do lack respect of a man who seeks to use God’s word so as to shame other Christians who don’t strap on masks. The man seeks to laden people with false guilt who have the ability to see through the fog of disinformation that he’s unable to see through. Why aren’t people accusing this chap of a lack of respect… for God no less?

The man needs to repent by writing another article apologizing for his previous density.

Author: jetbrane

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