Revisiting The Holodomor

As a result of the Soviet draconian measures foisted upon the Ukrainian Kulaks (arrests, house-searches, fines, confiscation of property. and even shooting) the Kulaks began to resist. There were instances of armed insurrections, assassinations of Party officials, stonings, and beatings but by far the most prevalent means of resistance to the Communist was the Kulaks scorched earth policy that found them slaughtering their own livestock so that it could not be commandeered by the Soviets. The Peasants were seeking to avoid collectivization even if it mean self impoverishment.

In February and March of 1930 alone 14 million head of cattle were destroyed, a ful 1/3 of all pigs, and 25% of all sheep and goats. By 1934 40% percent of all Cattle were gone and 60% of all sheep and goats. (Western estimates were far higher.)

As a consequence of this scorched earth policy Moscow decided that the Kulaks could not be collectivized and so must be liquidated as a class and so the Soviets did to the Kulaks what the Kulaks had been doing to their livestock.

The Communist Reprisals against the Kulaks is what we now call “The Holodomor.”

Information from
S. J. Taylor’s “Stalin’s Apologist” — pg. 162-163

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