A Few Anti-Revolutionary Authors

The rise of the Christ haters is only but the latest instantiation of the fruit of modernity as it started with the Fall of the Bastille. For over 200 years now the Revolutionaries of the West have sought to eliminate the Ancien Regime of Christ’s rule.

Christians, we must be anti-revolutionary. We must join the great company of those who have fought the anti-revolutionary fight since the “Enlightenment.”

Should you want to join that fight you must steep yourself in the anti-Revolutionary writings. You must read,

The Southern Clergy

R. L.  Dabney
James Henley Thornwell
Benjamin Morgan Palmer
John Giradeau

The Southern Agrarians

Donald Davidson
John Crowe Ransom
Flannery O’Connor
Andrew Nelson Lytle
Allen Tate
Richard Weaver
Wendell Berry

The Continental anti-Revolutionaries

Groen Van Prinisterer
Abraham Kuyper
Herman Bavinck
Jean-Henri Merle d’Aubigné
Thomas Chalmers


Hillaire Belloc
G. K. Chesterton
Dorothy Day

The anti-federalists

Patrick Henry
Samuel Adams
John Hancock
Fisher Ames
John C. Calhoun

The Presuppositionalists

Cornelius Van Til
Gordon Haddon Clark
Francis Schaeffer
R. J. Rushdoony
C. Greg Singer
Gregg Bahnsen

The Novelists & Essayists

Arthur Queller Couch
C. S. Lewis
Dorothy Sayers
J. R. R. Tolkien
John Buchan

Four themes one finds in the writings of the anti-revolutionaries

1.) Love of Home
2.) Sense of rootedness
3.) Sense of purpose in time.
4.) Hatred of the Nanny State