Alienism … Moving Towards A Definition

The goal in this piece is to begin to explain to people what “Alienism is,” both in theory and in practice. Most Alienists don’t think about their Alienism just as in 1830 America most Americans didn’t think about their Kinism. In both cases, there is no need to think about it anymore than a fish is required to think about the water he swims in. It is just the natural environment of the fish. Why should he even have to think about it? It would only be if the fish became challenged on the morality of his environment that he might have to think about it for the first time – if fish were concerned about morality.

So, both Alienism and Kinism posit the normalcy of unstated but assumed environment. Throughout history most have been especially attached to their homes, their place, their traditions and habits, and their kith and kin. However, there likewise has always been a percentage of people who never managed to fit in. And so there have always been crusaders who have not been able to look beyond the excesses that normal affections can sometimes bring – barriers that, with harshness and malice, block entry for the outcast. As a result the Alienist begins to look at the normal affections for home and kith and kin as well as this affection sometime gone awry and makes no distinctions between natural godly affections as proper and natural affections that are absent. The Alienist has no understanding for the properly outcast violator of taboos properly placed. The Alienist sees the hardship of the outcast without considering the reason why the outcast is cast out. And perhaps quite without realizing it resolves to bring the outcast back in even at the cost of tearing down the taboos that protect traditions, habits, kith and kin, and home and place.

The Alienist has the best of intentions here. He wants to relieve the heartache of the outcast but he does not consider the heartache he will create by eliminating the taboo that is eliminated when the outcast is normalized absent the surrender of that which made him outcast to begin with. Good intentions make people feel better but they really are quite irrelevant to the rightness or wrongness of what is being done. However, the Alienist seldom is concerned with the morality of their actions as long as the effect is that it makes them feel better about themselves, or stated alternately, the Alienist measures morality by the pursuit of their good intentions as arrived at by their feelings. As such with a deep prejudice bordering on contempt they seek to be the soldiers doing the long march through the institutions to the end of eradicating the taboos established by Kinists so that kinism might be overthrown in favor of Alienism. Purposefully or not the Alienist sees the barriers taboos bring and the consequences of taboos broken and concludes not that people need to quit violating taboos but rather that taboos must be eliminated because they lead to people being ostracized.

Examples abound for what I am talking about. The crusader/do-gooder sees the heartache of those who have embraced the sodomite lifestyle. They ingest the propaganda put out by the sodomite community. They find examples where sodomites were excessively dealt with as outside God’s law parameters. They absorb the “studies” done by “experts” that show that sodomy is normal (Kinsey Report, Magnus Hirschfeld studies) and eventually even the conservative Church, which has for centuries heretofore denounced sodomy, begins to talk about how it can be “normal to be gay,” or how they have many members who are Gay, or how “side-B sodomy is legitimate.” At this point they have become Alienists. Now, their Alienism may not be to the same degree as other Alienism that can be found but it is Alienism all the same.

Another, less egregious example then that of sodomy is the issue of inter-racial marriage. The acceptance of this as being normative became the widespread gateway drug that allowed for the acceptance of sodomy, and now transgenderism. Despite the fact that people of all races were opposed to inter-racial marriage;

“The vast majority of good thinking people prefer to associate with, and intermarry with, people of their respective race; this is part of the God-given inclination to honor and uphold the distinctiveness of separate races. But there are many false prophets of oneness, and many shallow stooges, who seek to force the amalgamation of the races.”

Dr. John E. Richards
Founding Father Presbyterian Church in America

Difference of race or condition or sex is indeed taken away by the unity of faith, but it remains imbedded in our mortal interactions, and in the journey of this life the apostles themselves teach that it is to be respected, and they even proposed living in accord with the racial differences between Jews and Greeks as a wholesome rule.

St. Augustine on Galatians 3:28

The Alienist, having lost all sense of belonging to a people, is angered by any suggestion that marriage ought to have boundaries. Though this may be changing, to date, Alienists are opposed to marital relations that are too close (incest) but have no problem with marital relations that are too far away (excest) and so some of their most fervid contretemps are poured upon the Kinist who argues that opening the door to inter-racial marriage (excest) opened the door to same-sex marriage and who argues now that both inter-racial marriage and same-sex marriage are the door opening wider and wider to Transgenerism, pedophilia, and other sexually perverse excesses.

Instead of opposing these societal innovations that had been opposed for millennium by Christian people, modernity, where we find the ascendancy of “open-mindedness,” as bequeathed by the Enlightenment, has, in a full-throated manner, overthrown the wisdom of our Christian Fathers. This era of Alienism, instead of opposing societal innovations has given us a plethora of terms that castigate and censor the convictions of their Christian fathers. What was once the standard Christianity of our Fathers just 2-3 generations ago is now labeled by well placed “Christian” Alienists “leaders” as “skinism,” “skincest,” “racism,” “bigotry,” “xenophobia,” “prejudice,” “homophobia,” and “sexism.” This is not your Father’s Christianity.

When is the last time you heard some kind of pejorative moving in the other direction? When was the last time a word was coined for the hostility of minorities for majorities, the hostility of Alienists for Kinists, the hostility of deviants for normal people, the hostility of the Cultural Marxist for Biblical Christians. This is probably accounted for by the reality that the only way that social change can come about is by the need to turn into villains what is normative. As such the Alienists has an interest in turning normalcy into the abnormal by a usage of language to abominate the normal. And so, married people who have more than two children are contemptuously referred to as “breeders,” and normal people who like the opposite sex are now “cis-gendered,” implying that such a disposition is just one of a variety of possibilities. This is what is to be expected for those (Alienists) who have an interest in overthrowing what is normative for what is Alien. Societal change in any direction can not come without abominating the opposition who was previously the long accepted norm. If Christians want to survive this onslaught seeking to overthrow what little remains of our Christian social order then they better begin to get creative in thinking of ways to abominate Cultural Marxism.

So, Alienism, is committed to expanding the boundaries for who can be contributing citizens to the social order. Whereas the Kinist would have insisted that the boundaries are drawn in such a way as to forbid the involvement of the sexually perverse as well as delimiting, in some ways, the role of the stranger and the alien with the purpose of protecting the health and well-being of the core community. However, because of the amazing success of the Alienist it is now the case that the core community has become defined by the Alienists and they are now the ones protecting that core community from Kinists. If one embraces the beliefs of the Christian Church for millennium one now is increasingly locked out from being qualified to be a contributing citizen to the current Alienist social order.

This brings us to the observation that in many respects Alienism is just a form of Kinism turned inside out. The Alienists is just as intent as protecting his people as any Kinist. It’s just that for the Alienist his people are the sexually perverted, the feminists, the Academician, and the Cultural Marxist minority member and like the Kinists with his people who are Christian, straight, Nationalist, patriarch, and usually white, the Alienists will, in a very Kinist fashion, go the extra mile to protect “his people” from the evil Kinists – who in the Alienist world are the Alienists.

So, in the end there are two alternatives for basic attitudes towards social reality. The first of these we call Kinism. It is the disposition that love of place, home, people, family, patriarchy, God’s law, and the Christian faith that births honorable traditions, customs, and habits that society is built upon. At its best it is clearly God’s intent for His people. At its worse, when it loses its biblical moorings, it can become an unseemly Fascism or Aryanism. The other alternative for social reality construction is Alienism which favors the person who, for whatever reason, is opposed to kinism. This Alienism esteems the alien and stranger, the sexual pervert, the feminist, the person who has marginalized or dispossessed themselves because of decisions touching personal behavior. This Alienism attempts to overthrow the kinist social order by overthrowing what is accepted as normative in a Kinist world and life view. As we shall see in another essay, Alienism reaches its apex in expression in the context of one form of Communism or another. At its best Alienism can remind us of the necessity to be compassionate, without being affirming, to those who have purposefully outcast themselves because of their desire for eccentricity of one form or another.

A Few Words on Egalitarianism

An infatuation with Enlightenment egalitarianism by necessity requires a protest against God. God ordained and commanded hierarchy. God ordained and commanded patriarchy. God ordained and created family relationships with the clear intent, seen via the 5th commandment, that egalitarianism would be the ethos of the wanderer and the cosmopolitan. All men are not equal and those men who are the least of all are those men who insist they are equal to their betters.

This was Lucifer’s fall. Lucifer demanded equality with God and could not accept that God was and remains His better. We should not be surprised that Lucifer seeks to convince his minions that they are every bit the equal of anybody else who walks the planet. Promising egalitarian status with God was the bait he hooked Eve with — “You shall be as God…”

Egalitarianism is, then, the primeval sin of all sins and yet it is the sin that lies behind screams of racism, screams of homophobia, screams of transphobia, etc.

I am not the equal of many better men than I and many lesser men than myself are not my equal. And it would be a lesser world if all men were equal in the Enlightenment sense of that word.

The Equality of the modern has no continuity with the Equality of the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta argued for equality before the law of all according to their franchise and station. This is the equality which is thoroughly consistent with that wide diversity of natural capacities, virtue, station, sex, inherited possessions, by which no social order can function without.

No, the equality of the modern is the equality of the Jacobin — of the Sans Culotte — which absurdly claims for every human the same specific powers and rights. This modern equality is the equality of the Leveller and the Anabaptist. This absurd equality overturns all ability to build a coherent social order because it overturns all ability to make proper distinctions between people according to their diverse abilities and roles.
God save us from equality.

Churchill, FDR & Plans for the New World Order

“I beg of you not to keep aloof from the European situation once this war is over or in arranging a final settlement of the war. . . There will have to be a Council of Europe, a Council of Asia and a Council of the Americas. Over all will be a world council in which there will be a final appeal.’ Roosevelt should have a seat on all three councils, as should Britain, though Churchill would not be averse to Canada representing him on the council of the Americas.

Roosevelt was not keen on America being on the European council. Churchill reminded him: ‘We have had two wars into which you have been drawn, and which are costing America a lot. . . They will arise again unless some of these countries can be kept in proper control by the rest of the world.’

What they were looking for, said Churchill, was some kind of ‘world
dictator’; or, interposed Roosevelt, a ‘sort of Moderator,’ as in the old Presbyterian assembly…”

David Irving
Churchill’s War, Vol. II / pg, 773

Kingdom Considerations — Already, Now, Not Yet

In the Lord’s prayer the petition, ‘Thy Kingdom come’ naturally leads to the petition, ‘Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth.’ As such the fulfillment of the will of God is obviously regarded as one of the principal forms in which His kingship is realized.
G. Vos

The Teaching of Jesus — p. 105

It would be an odd thing for Jesus to teach His disciples to pray this prayer if there was never any intent for God’s Kingdom to come except for a sudden eschatological inbreaking. No, the premise behind the prayer is that the Kingdom that is being prayed to come will indeed come to fruition in space and time over the course of the years of human history.

The vision is that God’s people will be God’s agents to bear God’s Kingdom and in so doing to see it expanded into every corner of the globe and into every area of life.

The OT saw the Kingdom of God coming immediately and eschatologically, as if once it came that was all there was. When Jesus arrives bringing the Kingdom He communicates via His healings, casting out of demons, and exercising power over the natural realm, that there is an immediacy to the Kingdom — the Kingdom has come. However, Jesus also communicates that the Kingdom while coming in His person and ministry, also has an eschatological future that will find the present Kingdom that has come in Christ to be even more of the same. In the ministry of Christ, the seedling of the Kingdom has been planted and that seedling is expressive of the power of the Word. However, the seedling grows and grows, renewing and reforming and bringing life to wherever it roots so that in the end the Kingdom of God covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Another way of expressing this is that Jesus Himself in His coming brought with Him the long-anticipated age to come. That age to come has been given an outpost here with the life, ministry, and death of Christ. The purpose of the presently planted age to come though is to roll back the opposition that is this present wicked age. So, the Kingdom of God is where the age to come is located and that Kingdom of God is defeating the enemy and their luciferin Kingdoms in this present evil age.

This is why Paul can say to the Colossians, “You have been translated from the Kingdom of Darkness to the Kingdom of God’s dear Son whom He loves.” The converted have been removed from this present evil age and have been placed into the age to come. Of course, they remain on planet earth in their various locales but in those various locales and callings, they are now living in a new age and a new Kingdom and that new age and new Kingdom is present in principle and because it is present in principle it is progressively conquering all that stands in opposition to it. This is why we pray “Thy Kingdom come.”

The Incarnation & Meaning

John 1:14 — And the Word became flesh and tabernacled among us. We looked upon His glory, the glory of the one and only from the Father, full of grace and truth.

The incarnate Son of God fulfills what the Tabernacle/Temple always was meant to be; a place where infinite meets with the finite to give salvation to the faithful. Further the incarnate Son of God fulfills what the Tabernacle/Temple always promised and that is the place where the Transcendent Eternal dwells among and so gives meaning to the temporal Immanent.

Without the incarnation of Christ the ability to fill the temporal immanent with real Transcendent Eternal meaning would have remained tied to ephemeral shadows and hazy types. However with the coming of Christ, meaning becomes meaningful as all meaning is related to the Eternal Transcendent Christ.

Christ is our Great High Priest who dies for our Sins but He also is our Great High Prophet wherein meaning finally becomes dazzlingly meaningful. There is a reason that the incarnate Christ is known as the Word (logos) of God. This is why St. Paul said that in Christ is hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

The Incarnation then becomes the bedrock of finding Truth as well as the cornerstone of being relieved of sin. If there had been no incarnation  meaning would have been as uncertain as relief from sin.