Requiescat en pace Margaret Donna Lombardi (1931-2018)

Today, three years ago today, Jane’s Mother joined the Church at Rest. This is something I wrote as a tribute.


It’s the things that we see but that we don’t see because we so readily take the things we see for granted that make all the difference. Jane’s Mom was a Pastor’s wife during a time when Pastor’ wives properly embraced the reality that their role was to be in the shadow of their husbands, working in the background so that the ministry of Christ could go forward. Jane’s Mom didn’t seek the limelight. She was too busy putting together the evening treats for the company who would be invited by her husband every Sunday after the evening service. Jane’s Mom didn’t seek the limelight. She was too busy practicing piano for Sunday Church service or too busy watching the littles in the nursery during Church. Jane’s Mom didn’t seek the limelight. She was too busy cooking meals or cleaning the scrapes and bruises of her littles. Modesty was a watchword and she was ever vigilant in practicing modesty so that her husband might be Christ’s voice to the congregation. But make no mistake about it… there would have been no Pastor Lombardi doing the work of the ministry of Christ if there had not been a Donna Lombardi doing the work of the ministry of Christ spending her time being modest. She was an example of the woman being made for the man (I Cor. 11:9). Were she alive today she would be embarrassed just by what I’ve said already.

She was from an era when women understood that they weren’t being abused because they served and prioritized their husbands. An era that found the woman’s zeal in being committed to her husband and children… and later grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And by being committed to them she was demonstrating her commitment to Christ.

In some places, they call this “Old-School.” I just call it Biblical feminity. There was nothing flashy or inspiring about it all, until you took the time to see what you thought you were seeing but had missed seeing. This is one vital and important part of what made the Christian West the Christian West. Our womenfolk weren’t uppity. They weren’t trying to be noticed.

“3Your beauty should not come from outward adornment such as braided hair or gold jewelry or fine clothes, 4but from the inner disposition of your heart, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in God’s sight.…”

She didn’t walk on water. Like us all, she had her moments when the silliness oftentimes seen in the ministry got the best of her. At times her tongue could sheer sheet metal. But could I pour a little Donna Lombardi in our wives in the West today I would pour liberally.

Requiescat en pace Margaret Donna Lombardi (1931-2018) and thank you for recreating so much of yourself in your daughter … my wife.

Wherein I Postmillennially Improve…”O Worship the King.”

O worship the King,
all glorious above,
And gratefully sing
His power and His love;
Our Shield and Defender,
the Ancient of Days,
Pavilioned in splendor,
and girded with praise

O sing of His Reign
His Dominion and rule
His Global Domain
Wherein Men serve as tools
Our Lord and our Fuhrer
Our Strength for the fight
Battle Procurer
Who arms us with right

The Inevitability of Christian Victory

“In these grim times, it may seem unreal to speak of the prospects of a new Christian order. But if Christianity is not suited to hard times, Christians have no right to speak at all. To build a Christian order we do not need vast economic resources or exceptionally prosperous times. Such work is better done in the spirit of Nehemiah and his companions who rebuilt the ruined walls of Jerusalem without resources and in constant danger, working with one hand and holding the sword in the other.”

Christopher Dawson
The Judgment of the Nations


We see that even though much of the visible Church is opposed to Christendom so that we have a fifth column within and even though the enemies without are likewise adamantly opposed to rebuilding Christendom, the rebuilding of Christendom is inevitable unless one doesn’t believe that Christ will ever return or unless one believes that the worse things get the better they get since the worse things get means that Jesus is going to come and rescue us like the 7th cavalry coming to rescue a Western Ho wagon train surrounded by angry injuns.

We are looking at this and even though the opposition may seem overwhelming we must remember Gideon’s reduction, Elijah’s solo work against the great numbers of enemies, Elisha’s unseeing servant, Abraham’s small troop defeating the armies of the 4 Kings, David overwhelming Goliath, the handful of Christians overturning the Empire of Rome with the Christian faith, the ostrich winged cavalry of John Sobieski, against the far superior numbers of the Muslim Ottomans, or the work of  Jean de la Valette on the island of Malta against the hordes of Suleiman the Magnificent.  Numbers are irrelevant because Christ intends to continue to make His enemies His footstool.

Christendom… Christian civilization will be rebuilt no matter the obstacles no matter Nehemiah’s enemies, no matter the Cultural Marxists, no matter the Trannies reading at the Drag Queen Reading Hour, no matter the Soy Boy Clergy, no matter the side-B sodomites, no matter the R2K Church termite infestation, no matter the impressive opposition of Talmudism — no matter whatever you might name. Because we have already won our victory is inevitable.

We have this Great Commission to disciple the nations. The very commission itself implies that Nations can be Christian and so can have a Christian civilization. What else are we to conclude if all authority in heaven and earth has been given to Christ so that He might conquer all His enemies and bring all nations under His dominion? (cmp. Ps. 2:8, 110:1-3)

Are we to believe that Christ is giving a Commission to disciple all the Nations knowing that such a commission will fail?

Instead of this simple and clear reasoning what we get from our “wise men” is that it is wrong to talk about rebuilding Christendom. This flies square in the face of Christ’s promise that He would be with the Church till the end of the age. Via the presence of Christ by His Spirit we can have confidence that the Kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ and that before His return. Nations will be ruled by God’s Law-Word in civil affairs. Magistrates will own Christ and so rule by God’s revelation. And all this by the Church preaching Christ and Him crucified and then making disciples.

The Great Commission is promissory of the Triumph of the Kingdom of God over every tribe, tongue, nation, and race through the empowering and convicting work of the Spirit of Christ.

Gramscian Marxism (Cultural Marxism)

Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity… in the new order. Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches, and the media, and by them transforming the consciousness of society.”

Antonio Gramsci

Gramsci was a disciple of Marx who knew he was playing with and altering Marx but he would have insisted that it was merely a variant of Marxism. Indeed some have even opined that Gramsci is closer to the early Marx while the classical Marxists are closer to the later Marx. Be that as it may, the true classical believers following the later Marx howled about the change but all Gramsci did was change the emphasis from capturing the economics (means of production) as the means by which social order is overthrown to capturing the culture (including Economics) as the means by which social order is overthrown.

The problem for the purist Marxist theoreticians is that culture, in the way Gramsci was going for it, was not materialistic. This made them howl since Marxism by definition was materialistic idealism.  This move of economics to culture as the leverage point to bring Revolution also included changing  the definition of who constituted the “proletariat” and the “bourgeoise.” In classical Marxism, those roles were filled by the workers (proletariat) and the owners of capital (Bourgeoise). For Gramsci, there was a need for a new proletariat and that was to be constituted by those disaffected “victims” of Christianity. The new proletariat thus would be comprised, generally speaking of Minorities, Sexual Perverts, Feminists, and Academia. These would constitute the army who would do the work of the long march through the Institutions — changing those institutions from the inside out. The new bourgeoise would be constituted by those who were the gatekeepers of what little remained of a culture shaped by Christianity.

However, Gramsci maintained the tool of terror as a means of takeover and control. That tool is currently being used by the Cultural Marxist in the way of the constant fear porn we are getting from the Great Reset crowd on the issue of the Deep State Virus. The terror also currently being used is the mRNA treatment that is being pushed (and soon forced?) on Americans, which is leading to serious physical maladies to those who receive it.

Gramsci also maintained via culture the classical Marxist assault on economics. That assault though was merely placed in the scheme of a much grander assault against Western culture as a whole. Gramsci also maintained the same Hegelian dialectic as his center for advancing change. Similarly, just as classical Marxism had the heavy lifting done by those of the Jewish persuasion so Gramsci’s work as carried on by the Frankfurt school would likewise be carried on by those predominantly of the Jewish persuasion.

There are those like Gary North and Joel McDurmon who will insist that Marxism is no longer a threat. It is interesting that one technique of the school (Illuminati) that gave birth to Marxism advocated was to always insist that the Illuminati didn’t really exist and here we find North and McDurmon insisting that Marxism no longer really exists. File under; “Things that make you go ‘Hmmmm.’

We are currently living in times where Gramscian Marxism (Cultural Marxism) is the number one Worldview threat to Biblical Christianity. It is ubiquitous.

I don’t generally link people I don’t know but I  just came across this article today which proves exhaustively that Gramsci was a Marxist and by extension that Gramsci-ism is Marxism. It has the added benefit of proving that Joel McDurmon is an idiot.

Antonio Gramsci is not a Marxist? Response to Joel McDurmon

Revolutionaries Inside the Church — The Plan & The Implementation

“The French Illuminatus, however, did not fall into the error of his English contemporary (Robert Owen), of alienating public opinion by the repudiation of Christianity; on the contrary, faithful to the directions of Weishaupt Saint Simon in his book Le Nouveau Christianisme, set out to prove that his (Illuminati) system was simply the fulfillment of Christ’s teaching on the brotherhood of man, which had become perverted by the belief in the necessity for subduing the flesh; “therefore in order to re-establish Christianity on its true basis it was necessary to restore its sensual side, the absence of which strikes its social action with sterility.” * It is easy to see how such a theory fits in with the plan of the Haute Vente for general demoralization.

Of course, as Weishaupt had foreseen, the method of identifying Christianity with Socialism proved immensely effectual. The wild-eyed revolutionary waving a red flag will never gain so many converts as the mild philosopher who preaches peaceful revolution carried out on the principles of Christian love and brotherhood. It was this old deception of representing Christ as a Socialist which made the strength of Saint-Simonism, and that, practiced later on by the so-called Christian Socialists of our own country, not only drew countless amiable visionaries into Socialism but at the same time drove many virile minds from Christianity to seek relief in Nietzscheism.

In reality, no two principles could be more opposed than that of Christ, who taught that ” a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things that he possesseth,” and that of the purely materialistic philosophy which urges mankind to strive for one thing only — present welfare and to indulge the grossest sensual passions…

A significant result of this parting company between Socialism and Illuminism was shown in the abandonment of the campaign of militant Atheism that had distinguished the earlier Revolutionary movement, and the readers of Atelier were enjoined to regard the clergy no longer as ‘suspects,’ but as possible allies. ‘The Revolution has only to proclaim itself Christian, to desire only what Christianity command,’ and the clergy will be obliged to unite with it.”

Nesta Webster
World Revolution — p. 110-114

Clearly, the modern Evangelical & Reformed Church, exceptions notwithstanding having been co-opted by the philosophy advanced by Saint Simon and the Socialists now are those who advance the agenda of Communistic Revolutionaries.

This was seen in the latest round of the Church Assemblies. The Southern Baptists elected a leftist plagiarizer to be President while the PCA continued to play footsies with the Side-b gay brigade. Not to be found wanting the OPC molly-coddled their feminists. All of this is merely the continued extension of the Revolutionary mindset that has successfully insinuated itself into what was once considered the orthodox and conservative expression of the Reformed and Evangelical faith.

Any Christian — minister or laymen — who gets crosswise of this new burgeoning Revolutionary “Christian” faith is set upon like a pack of starving hyenas sporting with a dying creature. If you have any doubts just ask one Rev. Michael Spangler of the OPC who just had the hyenas of the OPC rip and tear at him for truthfully calling a feminist spade a ruddy wolf shovel. Failing that you can ask your humble correspondent about how the hyenas got more than their pound of flesh from me as I have been labeled everything from a “racist” to a “misogynist” by ecclesial Revolutionaries who are themselves the intellectual seed of Weishaupt, Babeuf, Buonartti, and Saint Simon who themselves were of their Father the Devil.

This is not the first time we have seen the Revolutionary impulse we are seeing now. Ironically enough, the PCA, which now is a nest of epistemologically self-conscious Revolutionaries originally separated from their Mother church — the PCUS — because the conviction of the PCA founders was that the PCUS had become Revolutionary. Can you imagine the PCA of today agreeing with the words of one of their founders, Dr. John Edwards Richards?

Causes of Separation in 1973 (PCA separates from PCUS)

  • The Socialist, who declares all men are equal. Therefore there must be a great leveling of humanity and oneness of privilege and possession.
  • The Racial Amalgamationist, who preaches that the various races should be merged into one race and differences erased in oneness.
  • The Communist, who would have one mass of humanity coerced into oneness by a totalitarian state and guided exclusively by Marxist philosophy.
  • The Internationalist, who insists on co-existence between all peoples and nations that they be as one regardless of ideology or history.

    Dr. John Edwards Richards also spoke his mind without being disciplined by anybody on other subjects.

    “No human can measure the anguish of personality that goes on within the children of miscegenation… Let those who would erase the racial diversity of God’s creation beware lest the consequence of their evil be visited upon their children.”

    Here is Dr. John Edwards Richards speaking in such a way circa 1973 in a way that would find the PCA Revolutionaries today clawing their ears in maniacal discomfort.

    “The vast majority of good thinking people prefer to associate with, and intermarry with, people of their respective race; this is part of the God-given inclination to honor and uphold the distinctiveness of separate races. But there are many false prophets of oneness, and many shallow stooges, who seek to force the amalgamation of the races.”

    Dr. John Edwards Richards in 1973 was speaking against miscegenation. Today’s PCA Revolutionaries are speaking for the acceptability of their ministers being horny for other men. Can anybody here disagree that the Revolution continues within the previously orthodox denominations and churches?

    And just in case anybody thinks that Dr. John Edwards Richards was unique let’s have just one word from Dr. Morton Smith who likewise was a founder of the PCA.

    The Racial Problem Facing America (1964)

If from this we may conclude that ethnic pluriformity is the revealed will of God for the human race in its present situation, it is highly questionable whether the Christian can have part in any program that would seek to erase all ethnic distinctions. That such distinctions may be crossed over by individuals may be granted, but it is at least questionable whether a program designed to wipe out such differences on a mass scale should be endorsed by the Christian. It is this line of argument that the average Christian segregationist uses to back his view. He fears that the real goal of the integrationist is the intermarriage of the races, and therefore the breakdown of the distinctions between them. Many who would be willing to integrate at various lesser levels refuse to do so, simply because they feel that such will inevitably lead to intermarriage of the races, which they consider to be morally wrong. . . .

The mass mixing of the races with the intent to erase racial boundaries he does consider to be wrong, and on the basis of this, he would oppose the mixing of the two races in this way. Let it be acknowledged that a sin in this area against the Negro race has been perpetrated by godless white men, both past and present, but this does not justify the adoption of a policy of mass mixing of the races. Rather, the Bible seems to teach that God has established and thus revealed his will for the human race now to be that of ethnic pluriformity, and thus any scheme of mass integration leading to mass mixing of the races is decidedly unscriptural.

Dr. Morton H. Smith 1923-2019
For more see: Dr. Morton H. Smith on Christianity, Race, and Segregation

Does anybody out there really believe that these views of two of the founders of the PCA could be successfully held by someone trying to be ordained in any of our “conservative denominations?” No, views like these will find one hearing for calls from the ministerial corps to hang the guilty ordinate wannabee from the highest yardarm. There will be catcalls from the cheap seats of “Neo-confederate,” “Hater,” and “extremist.” The name of Jesus will be invoked and a sudden chant of “love me do” will arise from those who have taken holy orders.

So where does all this end? Why it ends in the continuation of tacking to the Revolutionary left. The SBC, the OPC, the PCA, and others like them will soon be where their comrades of the Christian Reformed Church of North America (CRCNA) are. Remember it was not that many years ago when the CRCNA was cheek by jowl with the PCA and OPC in the conservative NAPARC (National Association of Presbyterian and Reformed Churches). Indeed, the CRCNA was just finally expelled from NAPARC this year after suffering the indignity of being suspended since 1999. (Did anybody notice?) Now, however, the “Conservative” brethren who tossed the CRCNA are just a few years behind their “Dutch” comrades who are hanging ten on the Revolutionary wave. Listen to the surfer dudes of the CRCNA;

“Congregations must also call people who are attracted to the same sex into recognized positions of service and leadership. Having been ostracized for so long, many will need support and encouragement in using their gifts for the good of the body. They should be encouraged to use their unique experiences—including their attraction to the same sex—to help others. The church needs more godly people who are attracted to the same sex to serve as pastors, elders, and deacons….

Congregations must also call people who are attracted to the same sex into recognized positions of service and leadership. Having been ostracized for so long, many will need support and encouragement in using their gifts for the good of the body. They should be encouraged to use their unique experiences—including their attraction to the same sex—to help others. The church needs more godly people who are attracted to the same sex to serve as pastors, elders, and deacons.”

Christian Reformed Church
AGENDA FOR SYNOD 2021 Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality 117-118

This is the future of you clergy staying in the OPC, PCA, SBC, etc. The die is cast. The Revolutionary impulse isn’t something about to happen to you, or that might happen to you if you don’t strap up. In the words of Garet Garret it is “The Revolution that Was.” Because you weren’t watchmen on the walls the Revolutionary expressions of R2K, CRT, Federal Vision, New Perspective on Paul, Cultural Marxism, Side-B sodomy, et. al. have already taken over your denominations.

So what is left to be done for clergy and laymen alike? Pull a Lot and flee for your life and in the words of Donald Thomas Scholz, “Don’t look back.” Let the effeminate soy boys have your denominations. They will die on the vine as the CRCNA has (25% loss in the last 25 years). Cease giving money to your churches so that they can send it up the Denominational food chain. You are only paying for your own burial. Cease sending your children to these damned by God denominational colleges – by doing so you are only communicating your hatred for your children. Do you really want your daughters to be like the Pastor’s wife or your sons to be like the Pastor. (Admit it… you don’t… it’s ok … it’s just you and I talking here.) Quit insisting on sitting under the ministry of these soy boy Clergy – you’re only being processed by all the leftist, nut-less, pinko sermons and Sunday school lessons. Come out from among them and be ye separate.

The visible church is dead and this version of it is not coming back. Good riddance.

The visible church is dead … Long live the Church.