Frankfurt School’s Recipe To Undo the West

“To further the advance of their ‘quiet’ cultural revolution – but giving us no ideas about their plans for the future – the Jewish led Frankfurt School recommended (among other things):

1. The creation of racism offenses.
2. Continual change to create confusion
3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
6. The promotion of excessive drinking
7. Emptying of churches
8. Unreliable legal system w/ bias against crime victims (Anarcho-Tyranny)
9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
10. Control and dumbing down of media
11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family”

Ralph de Toledano
Cry Havoc; The Great American Take Down & How It Happened

A New Hymnody For A New Religion — A CRT Marching Song

Would you be free from the burden of race?
There’s power in the riot … power in the riot
Would over whiteness you finally erase

There’s wonderful power in the riot

There is power (power) wonder-working power
In the Blood (in the blood) of the Man (of the man)
There is power (power) wonder-working power

In the spilled out blood of white men

Would you be free from your awful white pride?
There’s power in the riot … power in the riot
Come for a cleansing in the CRT tide
There’s wonderful power in the riot [Refrain]

Would you now topple the White man’s scheme
There’s power in the riot, pow’r in the riot
Find now some pigment for your bloodstream
There’s wonderful pow’r in the riot [Refrain]

Would you exceed e’en Martin Luther King?
There’s pow’r in the riot, pow’r in the riot;
Come now kill whitey and his offspring
There’s wonderful pow’r in the riot. [Refrain]

The Principles Of Modern Man

A few principles of Modernity are,

1.) the past, including Revelation, must be interpreted in terms of the present Zeitgeist by the autonomous mind of man.

2.) There is no Transcendent Objective by which temporal meaning can find stability. All is subjectivism all the way down.

3.) There is no Eternal One and Many wherein the Temporal one and many can find meaning. All is subjective all the way down.

4.) Man begins with himself as his epistemic beginning point

5.) Historiography is only some “Historians” present transposed onto the past. Historicism prevails over History and Historical History disappears.

6.) Because all this is true, orientation to “reality” becomes orientation to the reality of the self. Really, for the Modern all is solipsism.

7.) If God exists, God exists as “man said loudly,” and so merely as some kind of limiting concept. Man takes the subjective self and objectifies it so that any objective he has is a “subjective objective.”

8.) Because there is no stable way to make distinctions because there is no Transcendent Objective by which temporal meaning can find stability, therefore distinctions must be eliminated. All must be equal.

All this explains the radical disintegration into the void that the West is experiencing. This also explains the vastly increased rate of mental illnesses and psychosomatic diseases we are seeing all around us. People who disconnect from reality for their own reality can not be stable people.

Of Father’s Day & Nieces

Father’s day is two weeks away and already I’m thinking about the impact of Fathers for good and for ill on their children. One reason that is the case is a song a niece of mine in Nashville wrote and released as a music video. The song, for those knowing the backdrop of the lyrics, is a lament over her relationship with her father.

I will give you the lyrics below.

However, at this point, I want to reinforce to men how much they can mess up their children by being a terrible human being. Children are wet cement and will be shaped in accord to the way their Father treats them. Some children can rise above that but in my experience in the ministry that is rare to see. However, again, God’s grace can overcome the deepest wounding of a Father upon his children.

Often (not always) a Fathers mistreatment of his children will reveal itself in their children’s broken sexuality. Ill-treated daughters will often (not always) become sexually promiscuous looking for a man to give them the affection that their Father never gave them. Mistreated sons will often (not always) turn to sodomy as the fractured Father-Son male bonding continues to reveal itself as fractured with twisted male bonding.

Fathers, be a positive presence in the life of your children. If you have standards live up to them yourself. Your children will smell every whiff of hypocrisy. When you discipline your children make sure and do so firmly but calmly. If you make mistakes (and you will) admit them to your children and ask forgiveness. Don’t be afraid to be transparent with them. They’ll see through any attempt to not be transparent. Talk freely in front of them about your weaknesses but don’t take an odd pride in those weaknesses. Spend quality and quantity time with your children. Prioritize them. Pass on to them the Faith by giving them both orthodoxy and exhibiting before them orthopraxy. Love your wife in front of your children. There is no better catechism for them in their future choice of a spouse than for them to see you love your wife (their mother) well.

We lose our children to alien faiths and ideologies for many reasons. One of those reasons is that we are faithless as fathers. Don’t let that be the reason that your children as adults become strangers to you.

Here is the song I was speaking of earlier. It breaks my heart for a host of reasons.

I know you’re still somewhere up in Michigan
Filled with pain but they still call you Evelyn
Anointed words preaching hate down on Shepherd’s lane

Tired eyes you passed down to me
passion blue with sparks of envy green
Does Missy have them too?
Are they the shade of you that you just can’t stand to see?

But I don’t hate you (no) more than you hate yourself

No, your claims to be the victim
they won’t change the pain I have felt
And now your garden is overgrowing with all the secrets that you’ve kept
But your loveless heart will only leave you lonely on your deathbed

Lonely man
Lonely man
Lonely man

I’m imagining now in your leather chair
time passing you by like your thinning hair
Well your daughter’s made it out now
And there is no one to blame now
With your chauvinist mouth

Head of the table that I dare not disrespect again
And yes I know my place is in the kitchen
But I only been good at having too many thoughts up in my head

Does it bother you that you helped to raise me
And then I grew up and became someone you hated

No one was here to break my fall from this family tree
But I don’t hate you (no) more than you hate yourself
And all your claims to be the victim
they won’t change the pain that I have felt

And now your garden is overgrowing with all the secrets that you’ve kept
And your loveless heart will only leave you lonely in the dark

Lonely man
Lonely man
Lonely man

I love you past the standards you couldn’t meet
Now I’ve gotta draw a line
Even though you love me

Remembering D-Day — 77 Years Later

On this day in 1944, the Allies stormed Normandy. This was contrary to easier approaches that would have meant fewer casualties in order to defeat Germany. The route that should have been taken was attacking Germany through Italy. This would have preempted a Stalinist take over of Central Europe. Naturally, Stalin was opposed to this alternate route demanding as he had for some time, that the Allies invade France. FDR finally sided with Stalin over Churchill’s objective with the consequences that many more Allied lives were lost that would have otherwise been necessary and Stalin would occupy much more territory than he otherwise would have gained.

The result of landing at Normandy as combined with the refusal to the request of both Patton and Montgomery to move laser-like towards Berlin as opposed to fighting on a broad front extended the war longer than was necessary, again giving Stalin time to roll into Berlin.

The whole of American involvement in WW II was a MASSIVE MISTAKE that was undertaken by people who were more concerned about Bolshevik and Zionist interests than they were concerned about American Interests.
The boys who died on Normandy were murdered by a fifth column occupied US Government before they were murdered by Germans.

No one doubts the bravery of those Allied lads on the beaches of Normandy. One could only wish on this 77th anniversary of D-Day that their bravery could have arisen earlier before they were drafted — bravery that would have resisted their own Government.

The only result that anyone will remember from WW II in 100 years is that because of it the globe was covered with Communism AND the Khazars were provided with a homeland.

FDR? Churchill? DeGaulle? … they were every bit of much the sons of Satan that Hitler, Stalin, and Hirohito were.

RIP … the Normandy boys who took orders without thinking about it. Brave you were. Informed you were not.

In the end one needs only to look at the result of a War to know what the war was being fought over.

1.) The end of World War II empowered Bolshevism in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and very soon thereafter China. Therefore, one must conclude that WW II was about making Communism a global power.

2.) The end of WW II saw Zionist Israel positioned to become a Nation state. Therefore, we must conclude that WW II was fought for the sake of Zionism as well as Communism.

3.) A year before the end of WW II saw the implementation of a new Global economic order as secured @ Bretton Woods I. Therefore, we must conclude that WW II was fought in order to create a new Economic Global Elite.

4.) WW II ended with the creation of the United Nations. The UN was intended to be a kind of Global Police order that could operate as independent from Nation-States. Therefore, we must conclude that WW II was fought to create a New World Order.