Ibrahim X. Kendi’s Antiracist Discrimination Examined

“The only remedy to racist discrimination is antiracist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”

Ibram X. Kendi

1.) Steve Sailer rightly notes here that given this quote by Kendi that, “the essence of CRT is oppression of whites.”

2.) Notice also this quote perfectly encapsulates both Herbert Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance,” and the currently popular idea of equity. Anti-racist discrimination can embrace “tolerance” except for people who practiced discrimination in the past. For those people and their “rights” it is intolerance (Repressive Tolerance) that is to be practiced. Likewise, “equity” is the notion that people who were discriminated against in the past by previous generations need extra help to catch back up to where those who are the descendants of those previous generations now are because of how their forefathers discriminated against them. In pursuance of that, the descendants of those discriminated against in the past receive special advantages and help that the descendants of those who discriminated against them in the past don’t receive.

3.) Of course, all this is posited on the fact that people were uniquely discriminated against in the past. Perhaps there is no doubt that Blacks and others were discriminated against but does that mean that they as a people group have been uniquely discriminated against? A look at the sum of history would demonstrate that at one time or another all people groups have been discriminated against.  Then there is the reality that Black people were discriminated against by their own people when they were captured and used as a form of currency when being sold into slavery. Sure, discrimination has existed but no discrimination is unique to any people group that has ever existed.

4.) It must be said that any White person who embraces this idea has a death wish for both them and their posterity. For a white person to accept this idea is to proclaim that at their heart they are a masochistic and therefore mentally unbalanced person. No people group, in the face of contrived and tenuous reasoning shackles themselves and their progeny to the whims of a weak victim class who can only thrive by creating an environment of false guilt wherein they can flourish. I suppose Whites who will embrace this idea deserve to die out.

5.) Who gets to determine when the present anti-racist discriminations are now equal to past racist discriminations so that all discrimination can be eliminated and how is that assessed? Excuse me if I have my doubts that the White man will ever be able to pay for all of his past putative discriminations even if the White man decided to play along.

An Open Letter To PCA Elders

Just finished reading again Greg Johnson’s Christianity Today article again. There is much about it that is poignant and if anyone can read it without feeling some sympathy for Johnson there is something wrong with them.

However, here’s the thing with Greg Johnson — he of PCA fame. Where does one draw the line? Johnson insists that he is a celibate sodomite. Johnson insists that Jesus has taken away all the guilt and shame associated with being sexually aroused by other men. Johnson thanks Jesus that he has never given into his ongoing temptation to mount other men. For that, we can thank God with Johnson and honestly pray that Johnson never satisfies his sinful sexual orientation by consummating his sinful twisted sexual desires. We can agree that Johnson stands among the Redeemed as he continues to put off the old man of lustful inordinate and twisted desires and puts on the new man of self-control and celibacy.

Here is the kicker though … do we want the men who stand behind the Holy Desk to struggle with this kind of sin? Do we want to make them examples before our little boys and girls? And if we say that is acceptable then what is to stop us from putting men in the pulpit who are sexually oriented towards farm animals?… towards the dead? …. towards little children? Let’s be consistent here… are we ready to say that;

“Well, as long as they’re celibate and don’t act on their sexual desires to have carnal knowledge of our pet Great Dane, Buford, it is perfectly acceptable for them to be preaching and counseling people as our Pastor”?

I don’t doubt that Greg is a wonderful chap — blood-bought by Christ. I don’t doubt that he may be compassionate and understanding. I have had more than one sodomite friend who was both. I don’t doubt he is articulate. I don’t doubt that he can have a profound understanding of theology. What I do doubt … what I know cannot be tolerated is the idea of promoting this aberrant sinful behavior by showcasing it in the Church as existing in the Pulpit. Giving God’s imprimatur to Johnson being in the Pulpit is to normalize this kind of gross sexuality. It is to shout from the rafters that God wants men who sexually want other men — though remaining celibate — in the pulpit. This can be no more true than to say that God wants men who sexually want farm animals, dead people, or little children — though remaining celibate — to be in the pulpit.

A redeemed Greg Johnson — bless his anguish and loneliness — can not be allowed a misplaced sympathy that will only result in creating more Greg Johnsons by way of emulation. It is not alright to have these kinds of desires — even if one wishes they didn’t have them — and it is not alright to say to God’s people “it’s alright to have these kinds of desires and be in the pulpit.” It is no more right than to have those desires and be in a pulpit than it is to have the other types of desires mentioned above and be in a pulpit.

The fact that we are even having this discussion suggests how far we have fallen as a people. It suggests also how mainstream sodomy has become. Sodomy has lost its abhorrence quotient (AQ). We still have an abhorrent quotient for where we might learn of a man’s sexual desire for a child … a man’s sexual desire for a farm animal … a man’s sexual desire for the dead but we no longer find a man’s sexual desire for another man to be abhorrent. No … instead we talk about sympathy and understanding and we advertise how noble and Christian we are by placing such men in the pulpit.

The pro celibate sodomites in the pulpit contingency now shout about Grace taking away guilt and shame without realizing that instead what we’ve done is we’ve covered our ongoing guilt and shame with the sinful fig-leaf of guilt justification calling it “grace.” When/if Christ – gracefully- removes our heart of stone; we realize how disgusting the natural man is in our Creator’s eyes … and homosexual lust becomes anathema to the heart of flesh. This is not to say that besetting sins instantly go away. It is to say that one never makes peace with their besetting sin. When a Christian goes around saying “I am gay and will never be other” it strikes me that one has made peace with their besetting sin.

Next, I wonder how long it will take “the pro celibate sodomite in the pulpit crowd” to go from saying, “It’s alright — he’s celibate,” to next saying… “It’s alright — he’s a strictly “gay” monogamist.” My money is on that next half step happening very quickly.

I don’t know what the PCA will do in a few weeks on this subject. In some sense, it really doesn’t matter if only because just the fact that the PCA is considering this goes a long way toward suggesting this battle is already lost in the PCA. I do know that God has promised that neither the gates of Hell nor by extension the gates of the soft pink celibate homosexual bathhouses will prevail. I do know that someday Greg Johnson — and our whole culture — will be delivered from the necessity of even having to have this conversation.

I look forward to that day. I’m sure Greg does as well.

One more word on this matter. I have viewed Johnson’s 5-minute presentation to the last PCA General Assembly on this/his issue several times. One might call it an apologetic for his position. One thing that is easily noticed is that Greg here is telling his story. The apologetic here is one that pulls on heartstrings and delivered in such a way to win sympathy.  Johnson, in this appeal, is very much saying when the matter is reduced to its essence… “Please feel sorry for me. I’ve been a victim all my life. As Christians, it is your job to feel sorry for people who have had a hard life.” After listening to Johnson one comes away thinking  … “If I don’t vote to sustain Johnson and his cause I am a hard-hearted blaggard. ” However the PCA has to realize that sympathy towards Johnson is a lack of sympathy towards God and His truth and it is a lack of sympathy towards the people of God.

Do Cultural Marxists Have A Plan To Rebuild?

“The family and civil society are preconditions of the state;… [which] emerges from the masses as they exist as members of the family and of civil society;” for “the social structures and the State always arise from the life-process of the individual.”

Karl Marx

Keep in mind that the goal of Marxism is the elimination of the State. If that is so, the State cannot be eliminated until the family is eliminated. This explains why our State is so hostile to the family.

Now, the question arises…. We know that historical Marxism naively believed there would eventually be no need for a State, but what of modern-day cultural Marxism? Does the Frankfurt School still desire the withering away of the State?

The best way to answer that I think is to recognize that the Cultural Marxists are Nihilists and have no plans beyond destroying all that they can. There is an ancient belief that I believe they accept and that is that out of chaos order comes. You see this belief in Evolutionary theory. It is posited that Evolution moves from chaos to order. So I believe the Cultural Marxists will provide the chaos via ongoing destruction of all Western Institutions and then will let order arise on its own. Alternately, once the destruction has descended it could be the case that only then will the Cultural Marxists start thinking about rebuilding.

Mark Chambers is helpful here by observing that;

Destruction is all part of the great reset plan of the oligarchy to “build back better.” But they can build nothing for they are servants of Satan and Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. The men of the oligarchy are delusional and quite insane. They believe themselves to be gods and intend to enthrone themselves. But their master hates mankind for man is the image of God and he (Satan), knowing his eventual and inevitable destruction, is bent on doing the only thing he can do and that is to attempt to destroy everything that reeks of that divine image including those who serve him as useful idiots. There are really only two principles involved in everything that occurs–light and darkness, i.e. life and death. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

The fruit of apostasy is death and darkness. There is, I fear a great darkness on the horizon. The night of punishment will come before the day dawns. Dear God strengthen those who are in Christ that they may stay well lit when the darkness arrives.

The Religion of Marxism

Marxism Is Theology

Marxism as a theology presupposes

1.) Ontology — There is no Supernatural extra-mundane God. All is time plus chance plus circumstance.

2.) Axiology — The State dictates ultimate societal values.

3.) Teleology v– Man is moving towards a man-made utopia — A Kingdom of man on earth.

4.) Epistemology — There is no such thing as revelation. Man knows by force of reason alone.

5.) Anthropology — Man is merely matter in motion. He has no set nature.

6.) Hamartiology — Sin is defined as that which transgresses the will of the Sovereign God State at any given time. Sin one day might be righteousness the next day depending upon the determination of the State.

7.) Ethics — Ethics are relative to the need of the State. There is no absolute right and wrong, good and bad, etc. Reasoning is not systematic but dialectic.

8.) Aesthetics — Art must serve the end of the State as it seeks to bring to fulfillment the Utopian order. There is no transcendent notions of “good, true, and beautiful.”

9.) Education — Children are owned by the State. The State is responsible to social engineer its children to fit its needs. In the state, we live and move and have our being.

10.) Family — Family is a social construct that can be amended and shaped to fit the needs of the State. Allegiances to the family are secondary to allegiance to the State.

11.) Economics — The earth is the States and the fullness thereof. Private property does not exist because for private property to exist would be to suggest that there is something beyond the State.

** As this is where we started we should note that Socialism as an economic system implies all these other tenants. Also, it should be noted that in classical Marxism Economics in many respects becomes their theology / their guiding fiction / their plausibility structure. This is true because all of reality is read through the prism of economic oppression and relief. Indeed, even their dialectic is largely committed to the Utopian triumph through Economic dialecticism. This overturns Curtis Eggleston’s original assertion that Socialism is not about theology. In point of fact, Socialism is theology. (Indeed any time you have a “ism” suffix ending there you have a theology.)

Editorially speaking, here I must add that for a good man to be teaching young impressionable minds that Socialism is just an economic theory and has no theology is like saying that Godzilla is just a lizard and is no monster.

The Effects Of Two World War Victories in 2021 In Three Stanzas

They delivered all mankind from the evil foreign Hun
Now Stockholm burns, London bleeds, and Paris is undone
Global Democracy, then defended, by bayonet in Battles like Verdun
Safe havens now for Mosques, and Minarets to reside in the West
And safe for Bankster tribal interests to swallow up the rest

Safe for the elimination of borders in favor of a New World State
Safe for the rise of the nowhere men the Money power will create
To serve as slaves on the grounds of the New World Order estate
So salute the Dough-boys, and G.I. Joes, who kept the world Free
So that their lands could be invaded by third-world refugees

Raise a cheer, and throw ticker-tape on this grand Memorial Day
The Boys of Normandy swarmed the beaches, so their grandsons could be Gay
They fought the Bulge, and Coral Ridge and the West turned Christ away
In favor of a melange hybrid faith suitable for the living damned
Fit for turning all the West into one Global urban London-istan