The Calabrian Butcher Wields His Clever Cleaver Against the Effeminate Soy Boy

Here I am trying to mind my own business while I enjoy my dogmatic slumbers and my name gets sullied and besmirched by a kid whose probably young enough to be my grandson. So much for an Elder being worthy of double honor. It is a tad frustrating that, in the words of Michael Corleone, just when I think I’m getting out they pull me back in. Ah well, I’m always up for another round of whack-an-Alienist.

Tait Zimmerman wrote, ( A shame he was too young to vote for Sarah Palin last time she ran for office),

They (the Kinists) start their argument with the claim that they only want to “love their kin.”

Bret responds,

Imagine the hutzpah in starting an argument with wanting to love our kin? What’s next? Kinists starting arguments that they love their place of birth? The cheek of it all.

Taiter continues,

When developed, though, the argument is they can only love their kin if separated from all other “kins,” which means that the final objective is racial separation and segregation, and declaring a “racially-mixed society” to be an evil society.

Bret responds,

1.) Kinists don’t have to have racial separation and segregation as an objective because it always naturally occurs when Government isn’t legislating that people do not have freedom to assemble, thus unnaturally forcing people together who otherwise wouldn’t gather. If Taiter had eyes wide open he’d notice, for example the self-segregating that happens as the Universities increasingly having graduation ceremonies for their Black students or for their Hispanic students. Maybe Taiter would notice organizations like the Black Congressional Caucus or, I don’t know … something like Black Lives Matter. Kinists don’t have to have as an objective racial separation or segregation because it happens naturally when both,

a.) Government quits legislating against freedom of assembly and
b.) When the Lugenpresse and Hollywood doesn’t jam integration down everyone’s throats. 

2.) I don’t know that I would say that a “racially-mixed society is an evil society,” though I certainly would say that a racially-mixed society is a unstable and unhealthy society. But then if I said that I wouldn’t be alone. I would just be parroting the conclusions found in sociologist Robert P. Putnam’s book “Bowling Alone.” But as Taiter probably doesn’t read much past his multi-volume graphic novel set he probably has never heard of this book or author. Putnam is hardly a friend of Kinism but his conclusions are that a racially/culturally mixed society is one where trust denigrates and people disengage. 

Taiter writes,

Needless to say, (kinists think) “inter-racial” marriages between Christians are sin, or, to put it more mildly, “not according to the original marriage,” where Adam and Eve had the same genetic composition.

Bret repsonds,

Not all Kinists say inter-racial marriage is always sin all the time. Many, like me, say, that inter-racial marriage is on the whole unwise and should not be entered into for the sake of both parties and for the sake of any future children. We look at the statistics for divorce for inter-racial marriages and see that it is even higher than for intra-racial marriages and seeing that we conclude that it is not wise and counsel against it. Kinists believe that two people entering into marriage ought to have us much common ground between the two people as is possible. This includes race/ethnicity, culture, faith, class, lifestyles, worldviews, etc.

However, like me, many kinists also say that once such a marriage is contracted that the Church should support such a marriage as much as possible. 

Taiter opines,

(Kinists think that) Culture is defined not by faith (Henry Van Til, “Culture is religion externalized”) but by the genetic composition of a nation.

Bret responds,

1.) I do believe that culture is religion externalized. However, the religion that is externalized is the religion of a particular people. Taiter is dealing in abstractions while I am saying that, “yes, culture is religion externalized but you can’t have religion externalized apart from a set people who are externalizing that religion.” Even the Scripture agrees with me when we see St. Paul talk about the Cretans. Just imagine the culture the Cretans created because of their religion. Paul said the Cretans were always liar. People who are always liars are liars because of their religion and as part of their religion externalize all that to create a culture of lies.

2.) Taiter is being all Gnostic here to suggest that cultures are made by faith and religion apart from the people — with all their genetic traits — who make up the cultures, faith, and religions in question. Culture isn’t created without people and people, I’m sorry to report to the Taiter, are who they are in their physical reality in harmony with their genes.  One simply can’t peel what a person believes apart from the person who is doing the believing. Culture is religion externalized as that religion is poured over the people God has ordained a people to be in their genetic reality. So, culture, like humans, has both a spiritual component (what we believe) and a physical component (the person who is doing the believing). If Alienists, like our Taiter, here cut off the genetic reality what else can that be but Gnosticism? 

Here I pause to go all C. S. Lewis and ask, “What do they teach these children in Sunday School these days?”

3.) Yes, Taiter I think a culture should be defined in part by the genetic composition of the nation since one can’t peel a culture away from the nation that in which it exists.   

Look, as an example in micro, when we consider the family culture of the McAtee’s we have to consider how what they believe interacts with who God has predisposed them to be by way of who God has made them to be per nature (genes). McAtees historically have been stubborn. Now that can be bent to God’s purposes by channeling it into determination or it can be bent to opposition to God by being pigheaded. Being regenerated doesn’t take away that disposition. However, grace can restore nature so that stubborness becomes a tool in God’s hand for God’s glory. Taiter, on the contrary is suggesting that grace destroys nature which is, as we have said, a Gnostic move.

Taiter writes,

Mixture of genes, then (or, as they call it, “miscegenation”), creates a “multicultural society,” which is anti-Biblical, they claim. They all teach segregation of society, and they all believe a “multi-racial” society is by default a “multi-cultural” society and therefore evil, even if everyone in that society is a Christian.

Bret responds,

I’m completely open to learning about all these multi-racial societies that are not multi-cultural. Let the Taiter march them before our eyes by giving us examples. At the same time let the Taiter give us examples of multi-cultural societies where everyone has been a Christian.   

Taiter, in my favorite part, writes,

Their main guru, McAtee (who, ironically, looks nothing like a Celt but rather like a Calabrian butcher) believes in the forming of segregated “Christian cultures”: Mongolian, Celtic, etc. Segregated by genetic composition, of course.

The Calabrian Butcher responds,

1.) I weep for the lack of originality in American utes. It’s been probably around a decade since a small alienist Bulgarian first dubbed me a “Calabrian Butcher.” Can’t Taiter come up with anything original? I mean I can come up with all kinds of metaphors of what he looks like. “Effeminate soy boy?” “Nightgown boy?” “Honey, how does this dress look on me boy?”  Still, I’m good with the Calabrian butcher title. Have you ever seen those Calabrian butchers handle a cleaver Taiter? Better not get to close Effeminate soy boy.

2.) McAtee believes that Christian cultures will self-segregate so that there will be no need to employ a plan to form these different Christian cultures. When people are left to themselves like will seek out like. But even if McAtee did think exactly what Effeminate soy boy says he would stand in good company with Abraham Kuyper;

“The Javanese are a different race than us; they live in a different region; they stand on a wholly different level of development; they are created differently in their inner life; they have a wholly different past behind them; and they have grown up in wholly different ideas. To expect of them that they should find the fitting expression of their faith in our Confession and in our Catechism is therefore absurd.

Now this is not something special for the Javanese, but stems from a general rule. The men are not all alike among whom the Church occurs. They differ according to origin, race, country, region, history, construction, mood and soul, and they do not always remain the same, but undergo various stages of development. Now the Gospel will not objectively remain outside their reach, but subjectively be appropriated by them, and the fruit thereof will come to confession and expression, the result may not be the same for all nations and times. The objective truth remains the same, but the matter in appropriation, application and confession must be different, as the color of the light varies according to the glass in which it is collected. He who has traveled and came into contact with Christians in different parts of the world of distinct races, countries and traditions cannot be blind for the sober fact of this reality. It is evident to him. He observes it everywhere.”……

Abraham Kuyper:
Common Grace (1902–1905)

3.) Although I would love to think it is true, it is manifestly not the truth that “McAtee is the main guru of the Kinists.” You could lop my head off tomorrow and the strength of Kinism would not diminish one iota. Kinism is a decentralized movement with more gurus then you can shake a stick at. In point of fact, anybody who is epistemologically self-conscious as a Kinist is a Kinist guru. They have to be since they are under such withering idiotic attacks. If a man is a kinist you can be sure he has thought it through to the point that he himself is a guru. I suppose I’d like to be “King of the Kinists,” but that is just nonsense. Every Kinist I know is as much as a guru as I am. Thanks to people like the Taiter that will continue to be true.

Taiter writes,

And no, most of them do not keep it generally to races and skin color, they do go deeper to genetic differences between ethnic groups, for they all use as their support verse in the Bible where the Jews were advised to divorce their non-Jewish wives. That passage, of course, is not about different skin colors but about different ethnicities within the same skin color, and many of the wives were of Semitic nations kin to the Hebrews. So, no, it’s not just general about skin color, it is much more specific about different ethnicities.

Bret responds,

First, race is more than skin color. Only a public school educated person thinks otherwise. Second, naturally kinist would advise that a second generation Italian growing up in New York city’s “Little Italy” would be wise to marry another second generation Italian growing up in similar circumstances. Remember, we kinists advocate that two people entering into marriage have as much common ground as possible. Just shoot us for thinking that way.

Second, in terms of the Ezra passage let us just note that not only the foreign wives were sent away but also the children of these unions. Obviously, as such, there was more than just different religions going on in the dismissal in the Ezra passage.

Now, Taiter, please allow me to return to my dogmatic slumbers.

Is the Great Replacement a Conspiracy Theory?

Recently, the Cultural Marxist Lugenpresse with their Corporate Political allies have been breathless in their ravings about the dangers of the “extreme right and their Great Replacement conspiracy theory.” They go on about this as if they themselves have not openly spoken of their desire to see the White man replaced.

Yet, it indeed has been the case that in the highest halls of power we have heard this desire for a Great Replacement articulated. Here are but two examples;

“This will arguably be the third great revolution in America . . . to prove that we literally can live without in effect having a dominant European culture. We want to become a multiracial, multiethnic society. We’re not going to disintegrate in the face of it.”

President Bill Clinton

1997 Boston Speech

“I’m proud of the American record on culture and economic integration of not only our Muslim communities but African communities, Asian communities, Hispanic communities,  and the wave still continues. It’s not going to stop. Nor should we want it to stop. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the things I think we can be most proud of. Folks like me who are Caucasian of European descent — for the first time in 2017 we’ll be an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolutely minority. Fewer than 50 percent of the people in America, from then and on, will be white European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.”

Vice-President Joe Bite-Me
2017 Conference Comments

Clearly, if the Great Replacement Theory is a conspiracy it is a open conspiracy. The fact that the Cultural Marxist left can hyperventilate about “The Great Replacement conspiracy,” can only be accounted by the fact that they are counting on the usual hebetude of their viewership.

Indeed, one could easily argue that Great Replacement is at the core of the designs of the NWO and the Great Reset. We see replacement everywhere. Everything distinct is being replaced by everything non-distinct so that the result is a interchangeable cog culture. Distinct races are being replaced by the mulatto and the mélange. Distinct genders are being replaced by the hybrid and the sexual amalgam. Distinct ages, if the pedophiles could have their way, would be replaced by the ageless child pursued for the purpose of bedding.  Distinct cultures are being replaced by the NWO uni-culture. Distinct faiths are being replaced by some retarded version of Bahaism and/or “can’t we all just get along-ism.” Instead of the idea of Great Replacement being a conspiracy theory it is the theme of our epoch and only disingenuous fools with an agenda want to tell you otherwise.

The saddest thing about all of this is that the “conservative” Christian church is leading the way in support of the Great Replacement. Whether by championing the browning of America by its refusal to listen, learn and speak out against our Replacement, or by insisting that if people really love them some Jesus then they will embrace the fact that it is a sin to prefer to worship with people who share a common race, ethnicity, and faith as if Jesus hates it when His worshipers have those matters in common. None of this is to say that it is a sin for a congregation to be multi-racial and/or multi-cultural so long as it is preaching the faith once and forever delivered to the saints. It is only to say it is not sin for a congregation to be uni-racial and uni-cultural as long as it understands that the Kingdom of God is made up of people from every tribe, tongue, and nation in their tribes, tongues, and nations. The “conservative” Christian church is doing more than any other American institution to advance the agenda of the Great Replacement.

In all this we must keep center before our minds that the greatest loss in the continued pursuit of the “Great Replacement” is not the loss of our genetic inheritance, as great a loss as that would be. No, the greatest loss were the Great Replacement to succeed would be the loss of Biblical Christianity for a untold number of generations. It is Biblical Christianity after all that the cultural Marxist proletariat most hate — pulling down the house of the White Man is just the means to that ultimate end.

Destroying Christianity, Christendom, Christ’s Lordship without Attacking Christianity, Christendom, Christ’s Lordship

“Narrative is central to cultural identity. The story of a nation as told by its members, and handed down to posterity, is determinative of its character, purpose, and continued existence. A folk without memory or love of their own history will not identify with their own saga. And if not, neither will they feel any particular onus to perpetuate their civilization.

The Frankfurt school and its Culture of Critique are, of course, infamous for having struck at this very thing. Conscious of the fact that Christendom could not be overthrown by frontal assault by arms nor theology, our enemies resolved to strike at the narrative of our civilization — the historic conception and expression of our Faith.”

Ehud Would

1.) Some people will rise up to defend their narrative and to rend and tear those who would attack and seek to destroy their precious narrative. That is what we are seeing with the ongoing Roe protests. SCOTUS is fixing to strike this portion of narrative / saga down and the left is rising up to defend their narrative. Would that Christians were as passionate about their narrative/story being attacked as the Left is passionate about defending their narrative from being undone.

2.) Of course what follows the destruction of the various incarnations of the prevailing narrative/story via the destruction of statuary, changing out of Institutional names, removing of art, lowering and removal of flags, etc. the next inevitable step is the removal of the descendants of the people responsible for the abundant wreckage of narrative change that has been pursued. A people who do not have a narrative incarnated are a people who themselves will not last long in terms of existence.

3.) Note the language of “frontal assault,” being abandoned by the Cultural Marxists in favor of a back door approach to tear down Christendom. Lucifer and his minions understood that they could never get away with directly attacking the Lordship of Jesus Christ, with directly attacking Christendom, with directly attacking Biblical Christianity. As such they went for the narrative knowing that if they pulled down the narrative they would at the same time pull down the Lordship of Jesus Christ, Christendom, and Christianity. This accounts for the Cultural Marxist attack on White People and their narrative. Attack White people by attacking their narrative, redefine Christianity along the way so you can continue to plead as you destroy the narrative that ‘Hey, I’m a Christian too,’ and seek to pile on the guilt upon those few white Christians who will not be moved. Voila … the end of Christendom, Christianity, and the historic carrier of the previous two … White People.

If one can view all this dispassionately (I can’t) it has been really quite brilliant the way we have been undone.

And it is the Christians who are ultimately to blame for all this with the chief amount of blame being shouldered by America’s clergy for the past two – four generations.

McAtee Notes Leithart’s Irrationality

It Goes Back for Almost 100 years Now

“George Kennan, former ambassador to the Soviet Union, wrote in his Memoirs that the penetration of the US government by Communists in the late 1930s ‘was not a figment of the imagination of the hysterical right-wingers of a later decade … it really existed … and it was quite extensive.’ Kennan recognized there was a subversion problem in the US in the 30s and during the wartime alliance with Moscow, and the Roosevelt administration addressed it ineffectively. The British government also experienced massive penetration by Soviet intelligence, especially from Cambridge and Oxford espionage spies.

Even Moscow eventually acknowledged the fact of Soviet infiltration into the US government. The Russians admitted this was the case in a Red Star (Krasnaya Zvezda) article by Vladimir Lota on May 5, 2006. Lota revealed that Soviet intelligence sources during World War II ‘obtained information from nearly 70 American ministries, departments, directorates, committees, and sub-committees in the governmental structure of the USA.’ As just one example, Red Star cited a meeting that the chief of the OSS station in Bern, Switzerland, Allen Dulles, had with a German SS commander in northern Italy that was duly reported back to Moscow.

J. Peters, head of the American Communist Party underground in the US, commented to Whittaker Chambers on the size of party of infiltration: ‘Even in Germany under the Weimar Republic, the Party did not have what we have here.’ The party could recruit agents within the US government by scores because, in the 1930s, the revolutionary mood had become so acute due to the Depression. Chambers maintained that Communists and fellow travelers who ‘staffed this Fifth Column’ were dedicated revolutionists whose primary allegiance was to international Communists, not the US.

Will this solid, well-established, corroborated, multi-sourced record of Soviet intelligence infiltration of the US government in the 1930s and 1940s put to rest the argument that McCarthyism was nothing more than right-wing fantasies about Communists having insinuated themselves into the American Government? Probably not.”

Christine Shelton
Alger Hiss; Why He Chose Treason — pg. 84-85

Shelton’s observations are not singular to her. It has also been observed by M. Stanton Evans in his book, “Blacklisted By History.” It was testified to back in the day by Major George Racy Jordan and is recorded in his Diaries. It has been confirmed by the Venona papers.

What we have here now, creeping nigh unto 100 years, is deep and sustained Marxist rot in the US government. The case could now be easily made that the US government is a Marxist government ruling against the interest of the American people and have been doing so for nigh unto 100 years. What this means is that anybody who trusts the American government is a dupe.

This means that Joseph McCarthy should have been considered a flawed hero instead of a bumbling rabid political clown. This means that you should probably believe most of the governmental whistle-blowers who expose the Federal Government, politicians, and bureaucrats at all levels. This means you should believe nothing you are told by Governmental apparatchiks or at the very least this means that you realize that if there is any truth in what they are saying it is subsumed in an ocean of lies.

Our government — at all levels — is as corrupt as the fallen men and women who are seated in the halls of power. Do yourself a favor and avoid these people at all costs. Do not associate with them. Do not get caught in the tangle of court proceedings. Do not campaign for them. Do not be fooled that your Congressman “really is one of the good guys.” He isn’t. He could not have got where he has gotten without selling his soul to Mephistopheles.

And what is true about Government officials is doubly true of Churches and clergy.