A Brief Explanation for why Ministers Should Read Books on Deep State Activity — From 2017

Just completed Daniel Estulin’s “The Tavistock Institute; The Social Engineering of the Masses.” I read this back to back to his “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group.”

Why are these kinds of books important to read for the minister?
1.) It forces him out of pietism and forces him to see that retreat into pietism has meant the advance of Christ’s enemies in the public realm.

2.) It delivers us from R2K thinking inasmuch as we see that when Christians withdraw from the public realm false Gods claim ownership over that realm.

3.) It causes us to see that the corporeal enemies of the people we serve are intent on destroying them and their families via set policies pursued by nations, corporations, and agencies.

4.) It gives us insight into how spiritual forces in high places communicate themselves into this flesh and blood world in which we live.

5.) It casts us back on Christ who alone is able to defeat His enemies. But defeat them he has and so will. It thus gives us a roadmap on how we might be involved to that end.

6.) If we are called to resist we have to know who and what to resist. Books like this give us insight into that end.