The Purpose of Critical Race Theory … and its Origins

Recently, I made the point that one of the purposes of Critical Race Theory is so that the putative oppressed have the means to go from alleged oppressed status to an oppressor status. Indeed, I would insist that is the main reason for the existence of Critical Race theory is to empower the weak so that they can dominate the strong. I do not believe the CRT has very much to do with “justice” or righting previous wrongs.

In response to this one of my more articulate and educated readers responded by writing,



If i’m covered in 10 layers of oppression I assure you i’m not advancing in anybody’s world. Where is this black, female, gay, handicapped, poor, under-resourced person that is “ruling” over whites??????


stupid **6ix9ine voice

One has to keep in mind that Cultural Marxism has replaced the proletariat class with the oppressed class and has replaced the bourgeoisie with the oppressor class. The reason for this switch is the Frankfurt School (Cultural Marxists) realized that the working class (proletariat) was never going to accomplish the long march through the Institutions since they themselves realized that they could be upwardly mobile in the Christian and Capitalist system. The Frankfurt school realized that they needed a new proletariat to accomplish Revolution and that this new proletariat had to be based not on an economic foundation but on a cultural foundation. That which needed to be attacked was not so much the economic bourgeoisie as the cultural gatekeepers. Christian culture was the object of destruction.

Like in classical Marxism the intent is for the proletariat (oppressed) to eventually overthrow the bourgeoisie (oppressor). In Cultural Marxism, the tool that is used to achieve that overthrow is Critical Race theory. The difference is that now whereas in the past the proletariat was the worker class, the current proletariat is comprised of minorities, feminists, LGBTQI, disabled, and under-resourced persons who have bought into the myth that they are victims of white Christian normies. Likewise, the current bourgeoisie class is now comprised of epistemologically self-conscious white Christian normies who refuse to embrace the Marxist narrative combined with a small handful of epistemologically self-conscious minorities who likewise refuse to embrace victim status. Minorites like Voddie Baucham, Candice Owens, Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell, and others are paying a huge price by standing up to the race pimps and new proletariat class. Similarly, white Christians who refuse to bow are being routinely bloodied by the hatemongers and racial gargoyles.

Now it is reasonable to ask where do we find the alleged oppressed class benefiting by their oppressed status as Mr. 6ix9ine inquires above. The examples are abundant;

1.) The alleged oppressed class benefits from their oppressed status by having SAT points automatically added to their SAT scores simply because they are part of a putative victim class.

2.) The whole quota system that is now characteristic in this country has been implemented with the vision of fixing centuries of oppression. Numerous white Christian males need not apply for promotions, terminal degree programs, or career positions because they are being displaced by members of the new less qualified Marxist proletariat.

3.)  The recent massive stimulus relief package proposes to pay billions of dollars to Black farmers while leaving white farmers to go pound sand simply because they are white.

4.) All of this that is pursued by the FEDS is accomplished from taking from white Christian Peter to transfer wealth to proletariat Ximinez. In the process, the whole former notion of a meritocracy has been eclipsed in favor of the bromides of Critical race theory.

Now, these are considered “hate facts” but facts they remain. It is an absolute truth that the purpose of CRT is to displace white Christian males with the new proletariat.

This kind of thing has been pursued in the past. When the Freedman’s Bureau was established in 1866 its purpose was clearly to accomplish what CRT is being used today to accomplish — and that is to keep Christian white people impoverished with high sounding language about how blacks were going to get ahead by Freedman’s bureau policies. Instead what happened is that both blacks and whites were impoverished while the FEDS and those sucking off the FED teat were enriched.

The dirty but not-so-secret truth in these pursuits is that these pursuits seldom advantage the hoi polloi that they are supposed to advantage but they are good at lining the pockets of the race pimps and grievance mongers — the professional bitch class.

Of course, all of this is very Nietzschian. Nietzche taught that the socially weak upon becoming aware that they would never overcome the strong by strength instead opted to seize the day by pursuing the transvaluation of all values. By this method, the weak play the Lilliputians to the strength of the strong Gullivers except in this version the Lilliputians tie Gulliver down not by cords but by grievance legislation. No Christian could ever agree with Nietzsche’s solution of the Ubermensch but we can agree that Nietzsche’s prognosis of the transvaluation of all values has descended upon us.

Now to all this the oldest Law Student in America, Mr. Joel McDurmon replied with his usual depth and clarity;

“apparently believe there is a black conspiracy to overthrow all whites.”

I do not believe that there is a black conspiracy to overthrow all whites. I believe that any such conspiracy has been cobbled together by a mind that has for millenniums hated Jesus Christ and Christianity and those who have been the primary civilizational carriers of Christianity. I believe this is Lucifer’s conspiracy as implemented by those who are of their Father, the Devil. The Cultural Marxist proletariat are themselves just the victims though they think that they will achieve bottom rail on top by all this tomfoolery.



Observations on Mike Horton’s Determination to Surrender Christianity — Part I

In a recent presentation on our favorite Christian heretic site that screams everyone else is a heretic, The Gospel Coalition, gives us an interview that includes the precious insights from a little-known “theologian” named Mike Horton.

I take some time here exposing Horton’s lack and my own frustration with Horton’s lack. Keep in mind that Horton is training young men for the Gospel ministry and that what he says here is going to in turn be said in pulpits all across America.

“Islam is not an external threat in the United State to Christianity but Christian Nationalism is a Christian heresy. It is, therefore, an internal threat both to the message and the witness of the Church.”

Mike Horton

1.) I dare Mike to come to Dearborn or Hamtramck Michigan and say that first part about Islam not being an external threat to the US.

2.) Are we to wait till Islam becomes an external threat to the US before we understand that as Americans and Christians Muslims are other than us and so should be restricted from coming here?

3.) Certainly, some forms of Christian Nationalism could well be a threat to the message and witness of the Church of Jesus Christ but to say in a blanket fashion that Christian Nationalism is by definition a threat to the Church is just bull fecal matter coming out of the mouth of a Christian heterdox.
4.) We should expect someone who touts the heresy of R2K to accuse orthodoxy (and Christian Nationalism practiced in a Biblical fashion is God’s model for social orders) of being heretical.

Horton also, in the “Christian Nationalism” podcast denounces the Crusaders for splitting the skulls of infidel while confessing “Christ is Lord,” saying that in that context the statement “Christ is Lord” is not faithful.

Horton thus shows, once again, that he is an idiot and knows nothing about History. The Crusades were a defensive war against a centuries-long unanswered Muslim offensive that had, by the power of the Scimitar, conquered and vanquished the Christian message, faith, and civilizations across the formerly Christian N. African Littoral, into Christian Europe, and across the formerly  Christian Middle-East. For Horton to suggest that it was wrong for the Crusaders to defend Christianity, the Gospel, and Christendom by splitting the skull of the infidel while chanting “Iesus Christus Dominus Est” demonstrates that Horton’s Christianity is a suicide pact. Maybe Horton would have preferred the Crusaders to chant “We love you and God loves you also.”

Horton here also violates the 5th commandment (as well as the 9th commandment) by running down his fathers in the Faith — the Crusaders.

As we move on in this interview we find this gem of an exchange;

Moderator: Let me ask a clarifying question, Mike. Would you say that Nationalism itself is a threat to the Gospel or only Christian Nationalism?
Horton: “If Nationalism is the idea that we have to be Americans more than anything else then yes it is a threat to Christianity. We are Christians more than anything else which means we are united not only here but with our brothers and sisters around the world and that is our first family.

BLMc responds,

1.) Clearly, Biblical Nationalism would never prioritize one’s home over one’s faith if that was the ultimate choice. To prioritize our homeland when in error over Christ would be idolatry. No Christian who advocates for Biblical Nationalism would ever place Christ over family and home when family and home are against Christ.

2.) I would say our first family is our blood family who is united with us in Christ. Horton posits a dichotomy between nation and faith that at times might exist but certainly isn’t necessarily the norm. St. Paul in Romans 9:3 gives us an example of what I am talking about.

“For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my people, those of my own race…”

Here Paul says of his blood kin what he says nowhere else about other Christians who are not his blood kin. Obviously, there is a kind of Nationalism we see here coming from St. Paul — a Nationalism that Mike desires to summarily dismiss as being heresy.

3.) Horton keeps decrying Nationalism but allow us to ask what other social-order form does Mik recommend? Internationalism? Marx would be happy. Empire? Empires don’t have that great of a Historical track record — especially if you belong to a people on the bottom of the Empire. The social order Mike wants because of his R2K theology is some form of pluralism or multiculturalism. Horton’s R2K forces him to denounce nationalism because R2K presupposes a social order common realm where peoples from all different faiths and origins are cheek by jowl.

4.) Fortunately, Biblical Nationalism doesn’t mean being an American before being a Christian. Biblical Nationalism, contra Mike, doesn’t mean “My country right or wrong but still my country.” That is more “Murica Bear-ism and not Biblical Nationalism.

Elsewhere Horton suggests that Christian Nationalism by necessity inverts the Old Testament by viewing Israel as presaging America as opposed to pointing to Christ. While certainly, that might be true of some versions of non-Biblical Christian Nationalism it is by no means true of all  Christian Nationalism that is Biblical.

Horton is already showing a habit of taking Christian Nationalism in its worst expression and making that the norm so that all Christian Nationalists are, in Horton’s book, “Murican Bears.”

Horton in this interview talks about how heresy is parasitical upon the Christian faith. He says heresy twists the Christian faith. Of course, he is correct but I find myself listening with jaw agape wondering if this man understands nothing of irony. Horton and his whole R2K school of “thought” is a parasite upon the Christian faith and here his Horton talking about heresy as parasitical on the Christian faith.

From The Mailbag — Define Marxism

I had a smart arse BLM dimwit demand I give her a definition of Marxism after I kept insisting that BLM was Marxist. It seems that she thought I was just throwing around words and didn’t know what I was saying.

So… I decided to indulge her. Here is my answer.


Marxism is based on a materialistic and atheistic philosophy that embraces the Hegelian dialectic (thesis/antithesis/ synthesis) as divorced from Hegel’s Idealism and uses the dialectic as its means to realize “progress.” Its intent is the arrival of Utopia and its effect is to level all distinctions into an egalitarian social order wherein there is no longer an oppressor vs. oppressed paradigm existing. Its result wherever it has been tried in history is rivers of blood as the state forces Utopia on unwilling men and women. Its chief technique in seizing power is terror. It is constantly at war with distinctions since distinctions violate their envisioned egalitarian order. Having no extra-mundane personal transcendent God Marxism practices moral relativism. Right and wrong are completely determined by the State in which men live and move and have their being. As such what is right today could very well be wrong tomorrow depending on the necessities of the State. (As seen during the WW II era when one minute the comrades are violently opposing the National socialists in Germany and then the next moment they are singing the praises of their Nazi allies and then flipping again to denounce the Fascists.) Marxism holds to the community of goods as seen in its maxim, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Historically speaking this has included women and wives so that women are considered property of the state to be passed around as needed. (See Alexandra Kollontai) The epistemology of Marxism is humanistic reason. The axiology of Marxism is the progress of the Soviet man. The Ontology of Marxism is time plus chance plus circumstance. The teleology of Marxism is the Kingdom of man.

Well, I could give you a good deal more but this should help you in your studies. I would recommend reading several books I have read if you want to learn more.

Francis Nigel Lee — Communist Eschatology

Fred Schwarz — You Can Trust The Communists to be Communists

W. Cleon Skousen — The Naked Communist

Alexander Solzhenitsyn — From Under the Rubble

Igor Shafarevich — The Socialist Phenomenon

When you get through with those come back to me and I’ll give you some more homework.

Or you could just get your undergrad degree in political philosophy like I did.

I trust your reading goes well.

OVERTURE 36 from Chesapeake Presbytery; “Appoint Study Committee re White Supremacy”

When it comes to Liberal and Mainline denominations I seldom bother anymore to point out the Cultural Marxism or anti-Christ practices or philosophy that they embrace. What with the PCA Revoice Conferences, the Feminism emanating from the OPC, the R2K seen in the URC, and  Federal Vision in the CREC I about at the point of not bothering anymore to point out the Cultural Marxism or anti-Christ practices or philosophy in the “Conservative” and “Reformed” denominations.

Find below an overture from Chesapeake Presbytery of the PCA. For those not in the know, a Presbytery is a group of Churches all belonging to the same denomination as located in a similar geographic setting. Now Chesapeake Presbytery consists of Churches in the Baltimore and Annapolis area. As such I guess we shouldn’t be surprised churches in this area of the country tilting to the left given how far left Baltimore and Annapolis are in general.

However, this overture rises right out of the worldview of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race theory. There is nothing biblical or Christian about it except the Scripture which they wrench out of context and misapply. I don’t even think the Southern Baptists in their various overtures like this have been this bad.

Let’s take a peek at the overture.

Chesapeake Presbytery Overtures (CPO)

4 Whereas, all of mankind, men and women, are made in the image of God (Gen. 1.27) and

5 all fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3.23); and

7 Whereas, Jesus invites all to come unto him (Matt 11.28); and
9 Whereas, there is no man, woman, Jew, Gentile, but are one in Christ (Gal 3.28); and


BLMc responds,

There are zero Biblical Christians in the world who disagree with anything that is said above. The problem isn’t in the citation of Scripture. The problem is the way these clerics are applying Scripture.

Let’s take the last one for example. The Chesapeake Presbytery is suggesting that because St. Paul writes what he writes there, therefore the Church is duty-bound not to notice race just as apparently the church is duty-bound not to notice the sex of the parishioners. After all just as there is neither Greek nor Jew neither are there male and female.

Here in Galatians 3 St. Paul DOES affirm the distinctions of class, race, and gender. Paul is saying that despite these very real distinctions that exist that when it comes to Justification the ground at the cross is even. The very real distinctions that exist don’t prohibit one from being justified in Christ. However, being justified by Christ doesn’t make the distinctions go away — no not even in the Church. Once redeemed in Christ we remain redeemed men and women, freemen and slave, and Jew and Greek. Redemption doesn’t make creational categories disappear.

CPO writes,11 Whereas, the Apostle James teaches that the Church should not be governed nor guided by

12 partiality, even more so that such partiality is a sin (James 2.1, 9); and


BLMc responds,

Do these clerics realize what they have said here? No partiality? No partiality ever…. at all? Partiality is always a sin?

Doesn’t the Church teach that boys should be partial to girls and girls should be partial to boys when it comes to marriage partners? Doesn’t the Church teach that its members should be partial to righteousness over sin? Doesn’t the Church show partiality when it disciplines one member for sinful behavior but not another when that sinful behavior isn’t present?

James’s point is NOT that Church should never be governed by partiality. James’s point, as seen clearly from the text, is that the wrong kind of partiality is always wrong. The fact that clerics from a group of Reformed Churches can’t get that basic exegesis right is shocking.


14 Whereas, racism, more generally, and white supremacy, more particularly, are forms of the
15 sin of partiality, and creates a constructed hierarchy that is not found anywhere in

16 Scripture, and wrongly cultivates castes of superiors and inferiors; and

BLMc responds,

Here we get to the meat of the matter. What we have going on here is the desire of the Chesapeake Presbytery to virtue signal. Can anyone really believe that there is one PCA church in America that has a problem with white supremacy? Oh… sure, if you want to define white supremacy the way the Cultural Marxists define it then it is likely the case that every PCA church in America has a problem with white supremacy. 

And therein lies one of the major problems of this whole overture. Chesapeake Presbytery never defines what white supremacy is. Neither does it define what racism is unless they are actually saying that partiality of any kind is by definition “racism.” Do they really believe that partiality equals racism? Jesus called 12 Jewish men to be His disciples. Was Jesus being racist in this partiality or maybe even a misogynist? The church in Acts set apart 7 men with Greek names to satisfy the complaint of the Greek Hellenist Jews about being shorted in the daily distribution. Was this an example of partiality and so racism? Jesus actually cast a racial epithet at a  Syrophoenician Woman (Mark offers “Canaanite woman”) calling her a dog and communicating that the children are to be preferred saying, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” Was Jesus committing the sin of partiality and so racism here? St. Paul in Romans 9 showing partiality apparently commits the sin of racism when he writes, “For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my people, those of my own race.” St. Paul doesn’t say this about any other peoples. Is St. Paul guilty of the sin of partiality and so racism? Is St. Paul, and Jesus both guilty of Hebrew Supremacism?

If partiality equals racism and the Chesapeake Presbytery desires to condemn all partiality as racism then we are looking at Jesus and St. Paul being condemned by the PCA. But as Jesus and St. Paul, by the Chesapeake Presbytery definition, were not white supremacists but only Hebrew supremacists then I imagine it is all good.


18 Whereas, we have position papers on groups like freemasonry, relationships between the
19 spheres of the church and state, and frameworks like theonomy; and
21 Whereas, we have more recent papers presented by ad interim committees on women in the 22 church, race and reconciliation and human sexuality; and
24 Whereas, our denomination’s history traces its lines through this difficult and complex issue 25 in the United States of America; and
27 Whereas, our recent national events reveal both the ripples of, existing tensions between, and 28 deep wounds within; and

30 Whereas, the historical roots and current tensions within families, churches, and communities 31 are causing disruption and discord in congregations; and

BLMc responds,

It is the Chesapeake Presbytery, practicing Cultural Marxist thinking that is the only one causing disruption and discord in congregations. It is the Chesapeake Presbytery as it has embraced Critical Race Theory (as seen by the mere existence of this Overture) that is causing disruption and discord in congregations. 

The usage of this kind of overture has one purpose and one purpose only and that is to continue the ongoing guilting of Christian white people. Oh, the CPO gives a requisite nod to “racism in general” but by going after “White Supremacism particularly” we see from the CPO that these clerics are really verklempt with how terrible white Christians are.


33 Whereas, we lack a cohesive theological exposition and clear pastoral advice on this topic for 34 the churches in our Assembly; and
36 Whereas, previous study reports encouraged presbyteries and sessions to consider how to
37 make progress toward racial reconciliation within their contexts; and
39 Therefore, be it resolved that the 48th General Assembly authorize the Moderator to appoint 40 a study committee, comprised of teaching and ruling elders, that would consider the
41 relevant biblical and theological materials and consult with knowledgeable persons
42 such as historians and social scientists, in order to:
44 a. Provide biblical and theological exposition relevant to the topic of White

45 Supremacy;

BLMc responds,

1.) Is it ok if we consult with theologians as well as historians and social scientists?

2.) You will notice now that the issue of “racism” has been completely dropped. It had earlier made an appearance in the overture. Now the issue is solely “White Supremacy.” Apparently only white Christians have this problem of Supremacy. Apparently there is no such thing as “Black Supremacy,” or “Brown Supremacy,” or “Yellow Supremacy.” Nope, only “White Supremacy” is a problem that has to have a study committee spending 15K to look at. This tells me that the Chesapeake Presbytery has already bought into the narrative that only white people have this problem because only white people have power plus privilege. If other races don’t have power plus privilege per the current Cultural Marxist narrative then it is not possible for them to be either racist or take Supremacists stances.

CPO finishes with details.

1 b. Consider the historical background and impact regarding this topic;

BLMc responds,

Here is where they can come back with historical distortions on “slavery,””lynching,” “Jim Crow,” “Segregation,” and “Red-lining.” On all these we will get the Cultural Marxist narrative that seeks to guilt white Christians into appeasement.

CP finishes this overture from Cultural Marxist hell,

3 c. Report to the 49th General Assembly the conclusion of their work and present any
4 relevant recommendations for the understanding and use of sessions and
5 presbyteries in the PCA;
7 d. Set the budget for the study committee at $15,000/year and that funds be derived
8 from gifts to the Administrative Committee designated for that purpose, of which
9 Columbia Presbyterian Church will contribute $1000 toward that proposed budget.
11 Approved by Chesapeake Presbytery at its stated meeting March 13, 2021

12 Attested by /s/ RE Timothy M. Persons, stated clerk


Aren’t there any other clergy members in America besides me sick of this bilge

Derek Chauvin’s Conviction and The Implication

The George Floyd apotheosis is now complete. The LEO who touched this demigod Floyd has been tried and found guilty on all counts by a jury that deliberated all of ten hours.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter when it is a fentynl junkie black demigod who has died — even when the demigod’s heart had more blockage than the 1964 Green Bay Packers running a fullback sweep. And let’s not forget that the demigod Floyd per the Coroners testimony had zero bruising on his neck. Despite all this justice must be done.

The black demigod Floyd who was also a porn star, with a violent criminal past who had a dosage of fentanyl in his system that could kill an elephant, and who was resisting arrest remains a demigod for the minority community and the old debil cracker Derek Chauvin got what all white people deserve.  After all, justice must be done.

Ah yes justice… sweet justice. The kind of justice that ignores jury tampering by the Mayor of Minneapolis, US Congress-creature Maxine Watters and Puppident Joe Biden. All who pitched in before the jury arrived at the verdict insisting that the jury could only reach one “sucks to be a white male” conclusion.  Judge Peter Cahill made sure that justice was done when he refused to declare a mistrial after clear jury tampering was enaged in by the Mayor of the City where the trial was taking place, a major leader in Congress, as well as the freaking Puppident of this bannana Republic.

We’ve seen this kind of justice before. In 1993 the demigod Rodney King’s old debil Cops were on trial and justice in that trial found all four Cops not-guilty. But not to fear, Justice be thinking about demigod Rodney King and via the FEDS swept in and in defiance of the illegality of double jeopardy tried them four old debil white Cops again in a Federal court and this time got the verdict they wanted for two of dem old white debil Cops.

Justice visited again in 1994 when that old debil white Cop Mark Fuhrman be tampering with evidence trying to frame demigod O. J. Simpson for killing two crackers. You gotta love how consistent justice is in our old debil white privilege and systemic racism culture.

If we take a step back from all this (or even half a step) it becomes clear that white people are having done to them now what was done to white people in South Africa before it finally succumbed to racial marxism. From a half a step back one sees the pattern that includes the history that belongs to white people being removed from the public square, the indicting and attempt to publicly shame white people for every real and manufactured incident imaginable, the infamous and completely bogus 1619 project, the intensifying of meeting affirmative action quotas in Corporate boardrooms, Government appointments, and Academic placement, and the blaming of white Evangelicals for being obstacles in the push to vaccine everything that moves. This is to  name just a few pieces of evidence that WOKE culture is open season on the Christian white man.

The guilty verdict brought in against Derek Floyd is a conviction lodged against white people everywhere in this country. The proof of this is seen in Puppident Biden’s proclamation following the verdict that “Systemic Racism remains a stain on America.” Chauvin is convicted and yet we White people remain guilty of systemic racism. Chauvin’s guilt is our guilt.

Non Marxist White people (the few that reamain) better wake up and see that the whole idea of justice is only a word used when dealing with white people. Due process is shot to hell as seen by all the jury tampering. Innocent before proven guilty is a non-starter. Does anyone really think that Derek Chauvin received the presumption of innocence? Can anyone believe in the quaint notion of “rule of law?” What we have instead is the kind of mob rule that Samuel Francis warned about when he coined the term “Anarcho-tyranny.” In the current country we are living in the criminal class is allowed anarchy while the law abiding is visited with tyranny. Woe be unto you white man if you fall in the hands of our “judicial system.”

None of what I have said above should suggest that I think Derek Chauvin was a model of police civility. Neither do I think that the cops that beat Rodney King silly were well mannered and erudite. However, when I compare all those LEO’s to the criminals they were dealing with I have to realize that constantly dealing with the criminal class is likely to harden a man against certain behavior that those who don’t work in the jungle find chilling.

In conclusion allow me to state the genius of the WOKE culture in all this. WOKE-ism has so successfully guilted the white man that it can now easily accuse white people of the very thing WOKEism is guilty. WOKE-ism is forever screaming “racism,” and “discrimination,” and they successfully do so as they are full of hatred for and discrimination against the non-Marxist white man. Saul Alinsky would be proud.