The Usage of Race & Class To Pursue the New World Order

In the recent past, I’ve seen both Tucker Carlson and Gary DeMar argue that what is going on in America is not about a Racial divide but rather is about class warfare. I view this as a false dichotomy. It can be both a race war and class warfare. Clearly, as the Cultural Marxists advocated long ago, Minorities have been successfully recruited to be the new proletariat in the neo-Marxist scheme of the Gramscian Marxists. However, combined with majority swaths of minorities making up the new proletariat (replacing the worker class of Marx’s classical Marxism) we also find white perverts, white feminists, white academics, and “white” Talmudists. This combination allows enough white people in that it can be argued that our current social upheaval isn’t really about race. However, that is not accurate. The White people in the groups listed above, as part of the new proletariat, have the same interests as the minority element in this new proletariat coalition. Indeed, one could easily argue that the whole cross-section of this new proletariat is merely that which Saul Alinksy said was required to make a revolution. What they each and all have in common is a hatred for Biblical Christianity.

So, the current Revolution does remain a matter of race. but not without at the same time being a matter of class warfare. The mega-Corporatists are using the new proletariat to make war on America’s middle class with the goal of eliminating the middle class so that we have a have and have-not society. The irony of this is found in that many in the Revolutionary new proletariat vanguard will end up remaining among the have nots so that the Revolution they are chanting and rioting for will not advance their economic standing one whit.

We can see all this as existing in the base of each party. The Democrats are appealing to the minority base as well as a base of the victimized (White Feminists, perverts, Academics, etc.) seeking to cobble together a coalition of Saul Alinsky voters while at the same time being bankrolled by the mega-Corporatist of Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and Wall Street.

The Republican Party in the meantime is appealing to white voters and is hearkening to middle-class issues (Payroll Tax cuts, Law & Order, America First, etc.).

So, what we see brewing here is the worst of all storms. The Revolution in our streets is both a race war and the pursuit of class warfare and anybody who tells you it is one to the neglect of the other just hasn’t pondered long enough on the matter.

Most often, the polite Right says “race war is merely a proxy for class war.” But reading the Marxist architects themselves, it is plainly just the opposite — class war is actually a proxy for race war.

Obviously underneath all of this class warfare and race war reality is the fact that greater fact that all of this is first and foremost a religious war. Race and class are merely tools being used by the Christ haters to pull Christ off His throne. If racial and class harmony could pull Christ off His throne you can be sure the Christ haters would champion for racial and class harmony at every turn. However, in these times the way to imagine that one can dethrone Christ is by ginning up race and class warfare. Only by setting men at each other’s throats is the opportunity afforded to completely rid social orders of any remnant of Christ as King.

Wherein We See How Horton & McDurmon Leave Us Shipwrecked

“… it’s a good thing that we no longer live in an era where Christianity is a culture.”

Dr. Michael Horton — Reformed Seminary Professor
One of R2k’s Architects

Keep in mind that Mike, if he was consistent, would say that mankind has never lived in an era where Christianity was a culture. This is the case because Mike Horton, like all R2K mobsters, does not believe it is possible for any culture to be Christian since culture by definition, like Education, Law, Family life, Arts, etc. cannot be “Christian.” Per R2K, only Churches and individuals can be Christian. So, per R2K, all those centuries of Christendom were not really Christendom. Per R2K, those cultures in the era of Cromwell, or in the era of the Puritans in the “New World,” or in the era of Alfred the Great when his Kingdom was ruled by excerpts taken right out of God’s Law, or the era of Charlemagne, etc. were never Christian in any sense in their culture. Per R2K culture can only be common and of course, if a culture is not Christian but is only common then the only category left for that R2K common culture is “non-Christian.” Unless, of course, the R2K lads are arguing that common culture is a neutral culture. However, given the fact that the bastion of R2Kism is Westminster Seminary – Cal. where all the papers of Cornelius Van Til are held, I know the R2K lads could not be arguing that the common realm is a neutral realm. Or could they be arguing that?

There is some irony here for those with eyes to see. The Reformed world is not caught between the hammer of R2K and the anvil of Alienist Cultural Marxist “theonomy” as promoted by the likes of Joel McDurmon (he of “the oldest law student in America” fame) and his hacks over at “The Lamb’s Reign.” On the one hand, the uber Amillennial R2K teaches, as seen by Mike’s quote above, “... it’s a good thing that we no longer live in an era where Christianity is a culture,” while the uber postmillennial Alienist Cultural Marxist “theonomy” teaches CRT, WOKE, and Intersectionality. Indeed for the Alienist Cultural Marxist “theonomists,” any cultural era preceding the CRT era was not Christian. So, boiling it down the amil R2K hammer lads are telling us that “it’s good Christian culture is gone,” while the postmil Cultural Marxist theonomists anvil lads are telling us that “only Cultural Marxist culture is Christian.” Not surprisingly Biblical Christians respond with, “a pox upon both your houses.” 

Sundry Observations On The Regnant Follies

1.) Per the Associated Press the Biden Administration is considering mandating Deep State virus quackzines for interstate travel.

This leaves us in the curious position wherein comparatively healthy American citizens would be restrained from traveling in America while strangers and aliens from points all across the third world are allowed to illegally enter into America with the potential of all kinds of STD’s, Bat scat viruses, and every other contaminant known to mankind.

2.) So a major Corporation (United Airlines) has mandated the quackzine for all employees. Now, the largest city in America (NYC) starting today is requiring quackzine passports.

How far behind can other Corporations and cities be?

3.) Well, the good news about Afghanistan is that unlike Korea and Vietnam American soldiers did not leave a large number of Amer-Afghani children behind. US soldiers now being LGBTQ no longer have the capacity to reproduce children wherever they go.

4.) “A Taliban automatic takeover is not a foregone conclusion.”

Four-Star General Mark Millie
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Speaking in a Press Conference Three short weeks ago

5.) In the almost 20 years that the American Empire ruled in Afghanistan did they ever press on the Afghani people what they press upon us here? Did the Empire press abortion upon Afghani women as they have pressed abortion on American women?

6.) Did the American Empire press upon the Afghani military Lesbian Generals? Did the American Empire press the policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” on the Afghani Military? Did the American Empire run military recruiting ads seeking to lure the daughters of Lesbian mothers into the US Military? All this the Empire as done here. Did the Empire do that in Afghanistan?

7.) Did the American Empire ruling Afghanistan ever form Lesbians for Allah chapters in the local mosques? Did the American Empire ruling in Afghanistan ever turn Afghani women into whores and Afghani men into cucks?

8.) Did the American Empire ruling Afghanistan ever delete the Afghani borders and then ship in millions of Africans looking for a better life?

9.) How many statues of famous Imams and Holy Prophets did the American Empire ruling Afghanistan allow to be torn down and desecrated?

5-9 forces me to conclude that the American Empire hates White Christian Americans more than they hate brown Muslim Afghanis. The occupation of Afghanistan by the American Globalist Empire was far more benign than the current occupation of America by the American Globalist Empire.

10.) The leadership of the visible church today thinks of itself as akin to the Judenrat during the Nazi era. The Judenrat of yesterday was appointed by the Nazis to be the mechanism by which the Nazis would rule the Jews. The Judenrat thus became kind of a glorified Judas goat. Although the modern Evangelical-Reformed leadership has not been literally appointed as the visible Church’s Judenrat that is the way they act. They are forcing on us the foulest policy of our enemy in order to save their own unconverted skins. They are more than glad to give up the faith of their rank and file just so long as they can hobnob with our current Tyrant ruling class. They are glad to shove us in intellectual ghettos as long as they can get one more article printed in the New York Times or Washington Post.

Keller, Sauls, Sean Michael Lucas, DeYoung, Ron Burns, J. Liggon Duncan, Matt Chandler, Piper, David Platt, Joe Carter, Russel Moore, Al Mohler, Mike Horton, R. Scott Clark, David Van Drunen etc. form our new Judenrat and they will sell Biblical Christians out every time.

Sports Illustrated & Its Pervert Tranny Swimsuit Issue

Imagine longing for the good old days with SI gave us heterosexual soft porn with Christie Brinkley as opposed to trans-sexual soft porn with an Equatorial male tranny on the cover.

The homosexual agenda used to reveal itself by making the mark of beauty in women to be revealed in glamorizing androgynous women with breasts. Androgynous women with breasts were the closest the homosexual agenda could get to straight-up offering men as sex objects. Now, with the tranny beauty queen winning the Miss Nevada contest and with the tranny named “Bloom,” being featured on the cover of SI the sodomite agenda has expanded its reach so that they no longer have to feature androgynous type women with breasts they can just give us straight-up men.

The interesting thing is that inside the swimsuit edition the sodomite agenda is attacking female beauty as well by giving us “Plus” sized women in blankets cut to look like bikinis. (A normal size man could probably survive a hard frost using those bikinis as blankets.)

Now the next interesting thing about the SI swimsuit issue is that all the “beauties” (cough cough) on the cover (they sell 3 different cover issues with 3 different women on each cover) are minorities. The plus-size (gargantuan?) woman very proudly proclaims how her Asian-American life has been made so difficult by people being prejudiced against plus-sized Asian women.

So… what the elite are doing in terms of changing the standards for what constitutes beauty is that they are telling us that;

1.) Tranny men should be the object of male desire
2.) Minority tranny men should be the object of white male desire

3.) Minority women should be the object of white male desire

In this fashion, SI is pushing both sodomy and miscegenation. If successful in either predictive programming the result is the incremental continuation of genociding white people.

Keep in mind that the demographic target of Sports illustrated is men between the ages of 18-34 who are upper-middle class. Clearly, that is, in the majority, going to be a white demographic target. Keep in mind also that SI could not exist on the money they might make appealing to a tranny audience of men wanting men who look like women. As such, the motive for this kind of gender malfeasance bespeaks an agenda that is other than just profit. SI is pushing this in order to push the social order increasingly in an anti-Christ direction.
“Eventually, the end came to the hard years of the Soviet Russian Bolshevik Revolution and with the end of the hard years, there came an ethos that seemed to endorse more freedom in sexual matters. The radical intelligentsia of the Revolution had originally viewed women as an exploited group; the family, an extension of Capitalism. In this context, the husband was considered the bourgeois, his wife the enslaved proletarian. Laws had been passed ‘that made divorce easily attainable, removed the formal stigma of illegitimacy, permitted abortion, and mandated equal pay and rights for women.’ A chance remark by Lenin that ‘the act of love should ‘be as simple as drinking a glass of water’ had become the rationale for unlimited promiscuity, causing free sexual relations to become one of the fringe benefits of the Revolution… The Soviet state had even shown a desire to assume unprecedented responsibility for the country’s youth.”

S. J. Taylor

Stalin’s Apologist

1.) Like the Soviets after the Bolshevik Revolution, we have easy divorce laws.

2.) Also, the quote above explains why women are prioritized over men in this culture. (White) Men are seen as the hated Bourgeoisie that must be punished while women in our Marxist template are automatically virtuous because they are the oppressed working class. As such women must be freed from the dreaded patriarchy of Christianity.

3.) Illegitimacy is no longer stigmatized. We no longer speak of “bastardy” or of bastard children.

4.) Abortion is as easily attainable now as it was in the USSR after the Revolution.

5.) More freedom in sexual matters … yep
6.) Unlimited promiscuity … yep
7.) The State taking over the raising of youth … yep
Is there any reason for me to not think that America is Communist?
Seriously, I believe that our social order is communist.