Homosexuals Resent the Word “Homosexual”

“The word homosexuality is still in wide use as a general term to describe same-sex sexuality; however, the word homosexual as a noun applied to persons is no longer considered respectful by the majority of those it once aimed to describe.  For that reason we do not use homosexual as a noun in this report.”

CRC Committee to Provide Pastoral Guidance re Same-sex Marriage (majority report) 

Yes, and Pedophiles resent being called “Pedophiles.” Necrophiliacs resent being called “Necrophiliacs.”

The unwillingness to use a perfectly legitimate word to speak of sodomites and lesbians is indication that the battle was lost before it was even started. Are we now going to allow the perverse to instruct how nomenclature will be used for everyone else? If it is not even allowed to use a perfectly legitimate word how can it ever be the case that the Church will stop the politically correct agenda in the Church?

Part of the problem here is the fact that Christians who remain chaste but are same sex oriented are still self identifying themselves in the same category as people who do not remain chaste and are also same sex oriented. Christians who are chaste but still struggle with a same sex orientation should just refer to themselves as “Christians.”

It is interesting to know that the word “homosexual” was invented by the early homosexual movement in 1860s Germany to accomplish the impossible goal of sanitizing the movement that was naturally associated with the word “sodomite.”  In order to escape the negative branding, a new word, “homosexual,” was invented to replace the term “Sodomite.”  “Homosexual” was intended to sanitize the lifestyle defined by the practice of sodomy, but instead the word “Homosexual” became so corrupted in the public mind that the movement eventually felt compelled to abandon it in favor of “gay.”

Keep in mind that whoever controls the language controls the conversation. This committee, with its instructions informing us that we must separate same sex marriage from homosexuality, and now informing us that they will not use the word “homosexual” (and so signalling that we should not either) because it is insensitive looks to be an attempt to control the language and so control thought.

Author: jetbrane

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