Transcendence — Objective and Otherwise

What are the implications for rejecting Objective Transcendence?

1.) The Elimination of the Creator-creature distinction

As transcendence is an inescapable category when we drop Objective Transcendence the only place left to lodge Transcendence is in man the creature. Man the creature thus becomes, functionally, man the Creator fully vested with Transcendence. God has been swallowed in anthropology.
2.) We make a “subjective” Objective and measure all by that

God alone is our absolute Objective. If God is no longer accepted as Transcendent then subjective man will provide the subjective Objective Transcendent and all will be brought before the bar of man to determine its usefulness, truthfulness, and legitimacy.

3.) We eliminate mediating Institutions

If there is no objectively Objective Transcendence none of our mediating Institutions can properly reflect Transcendence. This means family, Church, guilds, Associations, Schools all begin to lose their authority as the authority they were dependent upon is eclipsed.

This in turn leaves us naked against whatever subjective we have transferred Transcendence to — most commonly the State. No mediating Institution can stand against the new creaturely (subjective) Transcendence.

4.) Absolute Authority is vested in the New subjective Objective Transcendent (i.e. The State).

This explains, at least in part, why in the old USSR the early revolutionaries when falsely accused during the Stalin show trials refused to defend themselves. Those early revolutionaries had made the Soviet Communist State their God and if their God said they were guilty of crimes against the State then they were guilty of crimes against the State. One does not argue with one’s Transcendence.

5.) The Elimination of all justification for true Moral authority.

If there is no true Transcendence than no appeal beyond the subjective Objective Transcendent is allowed. All moral authority is creaturely authority. This of course births relativism in ethics. The Marquis de Sade becomes the norm.

6.) Man is absolutized, either in his individualistic expression or in his collectivist expression. Man is the new subjective objective Transcendent.

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