When Multicultural Means Monocultural

“But what does multi-culturalism mean? Some think it means a ‘multi-racial society.’ I do not agree. What multi-culturalism means in essence is a multi-religious society.”

Stephen Perks
Common Law Wives and Concubines — p. 144

Actually, Mr. Perks is wrong here on several counts.

1.) The “multi” in “multi-culturalism” is a mask. What multi-culturalism aims at is in point of fact a mono-cultural social order. This is so because in saying that all cultures are equal what is really being said is that all cultures are the same. If all cultures are the same then which ever culture that insists that it is to be treated as unique because it is superior to all the other equal cultures must be squashed and eliminated. Multi-culturalism desires a culture where all cultures share the common ground of outlawing cultures that insist that they are superior. In this regard multi-culturalism desires to build a mono-cultural world which excludes cultures that insist that they are superior to the multi-cultural mono-cultural model.

2.) Mr. Perks insists that what multi-culturalism means is a multi-religious society but this statement is a contradiction since a genuine multi-religious society would always produce a multi-cultural society since culture is religion externalized. Any genuine multi-religious society would by necessity be a multi-cultural society.

3.) However, it is NOT true that multi-culturalism means in essence a multi-religious society. In point of fact inasmuch as multi-culturalism pursues a mono-cultural reality (see #1) it also pursues a mono-religious program. Multi-culturalism may allow for a plethora of cults in the social order but insists upon only one religion. All the cults must pinch incense to the genius of the Emperor of Statist Pluralism. Any religion that insists that it is to be superior to the mono-religion that requires all cults to pay homage to Caesar will be a religion that will be persecuted. The last thing that “multi-culturalism” desires is multi-religions.

4.) Now, as to touching the race issue that Mr. Perks raises it needs to be understood that a multi-cultural (monocultural) and multi-religious (monoreligious) social order MUST, by way of necessity, have a multi-racial (monoracial) society. If all cultures and all religions must be in subservience to the Unitarian motif of multi-culturalism then all races likewise must bleed into one. Multiculturalism will ALWAYS pursue a cafe latte colored people, if only because such a people serve as the perfect reflection of the Unitarian vision of all religions and cultures bleeding into one.

Author: jetbrane

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