Sheol and Egalitarianism

The Hebrew word “sheol” occurs 66 times in the OT, 58 times in poetry. The frequent prepositions with it show that it refers to the grave. The biblical poets use rich and varied figures to depict it. Sheol has a mouth (Ps. 141:7) that “enlarges” (Is. 5:14), and it is “never satisfied” (Prov. 27:20, 30:16). It is so powerful that no one escapes its grip (Ps. 89:48 [49]; Song 8:6). It is like a prison with “cords” (II Sam. 22:6) and a land that has “gates” (Isa. 38:10) with “bars” (Job 17:16). Here corruption is “the father,” and the worm “the mother and sister (Job 17:13-14). It is “a land” of no return to this life (Job 7:9), an abode where all social and religious distinctions cease. Rich and poor (Job 3:18-19), righteous and wicked (Job 3:17, Ps. 49:10) lie together. It is a land of silence (Ps. 94:17), darkness (Ps. 13:3 [4]), weakness and oblivion (Ps. 88:11-18 [12-19]). The destructive nature of this realm is intensified by “Abbadon” (Job 28:22; Parov. 15:11; 27:20; Gk. Apollyon, from apoleia, “destruction” [Rev. 19:11]. Pity Job — he finds the prospect of the grave better than life! (Job 10:18-22)

Bruce Waltke
An Old Testament Theology — pg. 965

Note especially, concerning Sheol

“… an abode where all social and religious distinctions cease. Rich and poor (Job 3:18-19), righteous and wicked (Job 3:17, Ps. 49:10) lie together.”

Sheol is where egalitarian utopia is finally fully implemented. Those who advocate for Egalitarianism are the advocates for Sheol (the grave) and the only thing Egalitarianism can produce is a grave social order. In Sheol we find perfect equality and the perfect equality that the Cultural Marxists (both “Christians” and non Christians) are aiming for will yield a grave like existence.

And the ironic thing is that the egalitarianism that is being pursued isn’t even serious. Egalitarianism is a smoke screen to put a global Elite into ascendancy over all the rest of the cattle mankind.

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