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“Democrats, in the Georgia Senatorial race to replace retiring Republican Senator Johnny Isaacson are trying to build a rainbow coalition of African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, and suburban women that is much easier to envision in theory than in practice.”

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In this one sentence we see that all our politics have become racial. This has actually been this way for quite some time though main stream media refuses to report on it, or if they do report on it they do so with crocodile tears lamenting that the Republican party is so “waycist.” This racial dynamic of our politics is one reason why the Democrats so earnestly desire more immigrants (legal or illegal). Democrats understand that their political future depends upon the voting prowess of the immigrant nation. When they open the borders they are building up their voting base. (Republicans cooperate with the Democrats on this issue because Republican donors desire cheap labor — see below.)

The coalition that the Dems are seeking to build in Georgia is the same coalition that they used for the election of Obama and the same coalition they have as their base going into the future. With the exception of white suburban women who are feminists the entire coalition of the Dems is non-Caucasian. Both Obama and Hillary completely wrote off the White Middle class traditional voting block in their campaigns and both of them won the popular vote in the three elections they represent.

This means that the only constituency that is left to wise Republicans is the Middle class White traditionalist vote. Republicans must seek to garner larger percentages of the White middle class traditionalist vote. To be successful Republicans must become comfortable with the reality that they need to be the party of the White Middle class traditional American. This means several things,

1.) Republicans, if they want to survive, need to understand that the immigration issue is the only issue. If Republicans fail to halt the swamping of America with the stranger and the alien, Republicans will no longer exist as an alternative party. They will have to become a “me too” party to survive.

2.) Republicans seeking to expand their constituency to include large swaths of the minority vote will lose since moving in that direction, politically speaking, will mean the loss of their base.

3.) Republican candidates have to decide at some point between their Wall Street / Corporatist donors or votes. The Republican Wall Street Corporatist donors don’t care about the White middle class traditionalist voters because said donors can retreat into their gated communities, sending their children to posh private schools where there are no minorities. All the while increasing their profit margin by hiring Juan and Pablo do to their cheap labor in their factories.

We are, demographically speaking, already at a tipping point. Some would say we are already over the falls and that it is just a matter of time before the demographics make us a majority minority nation.

This reality, is what Trump tapped into in election 2016. However, to date Trump has been largely all words and little action. Trump continues to sign huge budgets which represent a continual transfer of wealth from White middle class traditional Americans to the Democrat constituency. Trump continues to drag his heels on seriously dealing with the border / immigration issue. (Why hasn’t he sent the “Dreamers” packing?) Trump continues to surround himself with Wall-Street Corporatist advisers. If only Trump really were the President that the media hyperventilates about.

So, there is a divide between White middle class traditionalist America and the minority community. However, the divide is not only racial or ethnic but it is also between competing theologies, ideologies, and axiologies.

Unless a political party arises to serve as a carrier for the interests of the White middle class traditionalist voter, this country will become even more balkanized than it already is.

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