Recurring Themes in Spiderman and Shazam; Committing the Sin of Noticing

Recently released Shazam film.

1.) White Mothers abandon their toddlers leaving them homeless.

2.) Homeless toddlers find the real meaning of family by being adopted into a mixed race family by mixed race adoptive parents where real family love is found, unlike the cruel mean white mother who abandoned him and the cruel mean father who was a jailbird.

3.) Shazam’s adopted siblings are black, Asian, white crippled, south sea pacific, white female

4.) The chief wise man who gives Billy his Shazam powers is black.

5.) The chief villain who absorbs the seven deadly sin demons is white

6.) The wise social worker who puts Billy into a loving home is black.

7.) Shazam as a white kid cannot defeat the villain until he turns all his mixed race and crippled siblings into super-heroes like himself. Once he turns them all into super-heroes the villain white guy is defeated.

8.) The villain’s father and big brother twisted the villain when he was a child by being mean to them. This again shows how dysfunction white families are.

9.) The bullies in school who pick on and abuse the crippled adopted brother are both white.

Not to worry though … I am sure this is all just cohencidence.

Above I did something similar with the Film, “Shazam.” I have also done this same thing with the Films, “Yesterday,” “The Magnificent Seven” (2016) and the “Color of Water.” These are all the same movies. The distinct plot in each of them is irrelevant. The differing genres are irrelevant. Below is the meaning the film-goer is supposed to take away from each of these films.


Recently released Spider-man movie, “Far From Home.”

1.) Peter Parker’s love interest (MJ) is now black.

2.) Peter Parker’s best friend is a rotund Filipino

3.) Peter Parker’s rotund Filipino best friend takes to himself as his girlfriend the white over achiever female.

4.) The villain (Mysterio) is white

5.) Nick Fury, Peter Parker’s boss is Black

6.) There are two school teachers who are the Chaperones for the High School trip to Europe. The White teacher is a total doofus while the Black teacher while a little goofy is overall Mr. Cool when compared to his White counterpart.

7,) Peter Parker’s high school nemesis who is a fanboy of Spider-Man is an Indian for India.

8.) Peter Parker’s High-school classmates look like they attend “United Nations High School” (UNHS).

9.) The soundtrack consists of musical numbers of distinct ethnic numbers which likely match the countries they are traveling through on their high school trip to Europe.

10.) Twice in the film traditional male to female compliments are stood on their head.

a.) “Happy” tells Peter’s Aunt May that she looks lovely and May immediately responds with, “You do too.”

b.) Peter tells M. J. that “she looks pretty,” whereupon M. J. responds by bitterly asking, “therefore I have value?” She tells Peter she was “messing with him,” and immediately tells him “you look pretty too.”

Only a feminist or a SJW could’ve come up with this dialogue.

11.) Spider-Man’s initial fight with the villain Mysterio takes place in a pentagram.

12.) This movie is a HUGE revelation of the method. It’s main thrust is that perception trumps reality every time. It is communicating that reality doesn’t matter as long as you can create whatever perception you desire.

13.) The eye of Horus is prominently displayed in the initial fight scene with Mysterio as connecting Mysterio’s cape to his uniform.

14.) In the final fight scene we see that Mysterio’s costume is covered with Triangles.

15.) Movie theme is in the dying line from the villain Mysterio,

“People need to believe and now days they will believe in anything.”

Point being made is that people are suckers and want to believe in illusions and by extension that we are believing in illusions.


Meaning of all of these films,

1.) White people are either Stupid, Evil, or only have value if they are intimately connected to minorities.

2.) Occult sub-themes
3.) Multiculturalism is the only way to go
4.) Minorities are always the good guys
5.) Females are as strong as men
6.) Patriarchy is evil
7.) White people can only be delivered and rescued by minorities

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