Waltzing With Rome

A couple self-important Catlicks decided to take out after the Reformation mocking Martin Luther and insisting that the Reformation really wasn’t necessary.

My response?


Rome … forever protesting the Reformation despite the fact that they were

1.) Selling forgiveness
2.) Denying the plain meaning of Scripture
3.) Lifting the Church in its authority above Scripture’s authority
4.) Perverted nunneries and monasteries
5.) Grifting the rank and file with superstitious pablum
6.) Iconadules foisting idolatry on the Church
7.) Ubiquitous Simony
8.) Illiterate Priesthood
9.) Persecution of the Saints
10.) Anathematizing the Gospel
11.) Blaspheming Christ via dumbass Eucharist doctrines
12.) Mariolatry
13.) Multiple Papal claims simultaneously
14.) Turning Salvation into a human performance contest
15.) Laughable and idiotic elevation of relics to worship status
16.) Fundraising by purgatory
17.) Blending the Occult with the Faith
18.) The vile presence of the Bastard Jesuits

But, y’all go ahead with your bloviating about the Church not needing a Reformation. Whatever helps you keep your miserable Christ dishonoring lives together.

Cort Kirkwood continued the conversation

Father Martin Luther “reformed” nothing.

BLM responds,

Yeah right. Never mind the Reformation that came

1.) In the Table.
2.) In the number of sacraments.
3.) In the Priesthood of ALL believers
4.) In the Authority of Scripture over the Magisterium
5.) In the tyranny of the Church exercised over the laity
6.) In Ecclesiology
7.) In Soteriology
8.) In Anthropology
9.) In social order
10.) In the nature of the ministry (sacerdotal vs. ministerial)

The Reformation Reformed every area of life. For anybody to insist to the contrary just testifies to a willful blindness born of fish face bias.

CK wrote,

Hanging his hat on those abuses, he staged a revolt and invented a new religion to rationalize his sexual and other misbehavior, as well as to dispose of guilt owing to the sin of scrupulosity, which we know today in some cases to be obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Actually, Brother Martin staged a counter-revolution against the Revolt that was Rome. Rome had long revolted against Scripture and Martin revolted against that revolt.

Quite obviously then Martin did not invent a new religion but returned to the Christianity of Scripture.

And sexual behavior? I know you don’t want to get into the perverted sex habits of Rome’s finest. Give Luther credit… at least he wanted his sex in the proper boundaries of marriage, unlike countless numbers of Priests, Popes, Monks, and Nuns.

CK brilliantly wrote,

That is why he denied free will, fiddled with the text of scripture, and jettisoned scripture that undermined his new religion.


He denied Free Will because the Scripture denies free will. He fiddled with the text of Scripture in order to undo all the fiddling that the fiddlers of Rome had done.

And he jettisoned nothing of Scripture.

It never amazes me how stupid Rome continues to be on these matters.

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