What About All Those “GAY” Christians Who Are Celibate?

“What does biblical repentance look like for someone who identifies themselves as a “gay Christian” (i.e., someone with same-sex attraction)?”

Question for Tim Challies
Toronto Conference

Of course Challies, like most modern Evangelicals / Reformed ducked and weaved through this question. Challies gave all the requisite nuances and qualifications and codicils so that everyone would know how he is in tune with modern sensibilities.

What drives me nuts is the underlying presupposition in this question that is never exposed. The underlying presupposition is that we have now risen above our former troglodyte position of noting that this attraction is the result of Scripture calls “God giving men up to their vile passions” (Romans 1:26).

Here is my question,

Why don’t Christians get grossed out any longer at the thought of males and / or females being attracted to their own sex?

If we are going to ask this question can we please be consistent and ask the following questions once the effeminate Reformed answer the question at the top with all their codicils and qualifications?

What does biblical repentance look like for someone who identifies themselves as a “necrophiliac Christian” (i.e., someone who is sexually attracted to dead bodies)?

What does biblical repentance look like for someone who identifies themselves as a “pedophilia Christian” (i.e., someone who is attracted sexually to your 6 year old son)?

What does biblical repentance look like for someone who identifies themselves as a “bestial Christian” (i.e., someone with a sex attraction to your milk cow)?

Will we really answer those questions with the serious qualification of;

“Well, as long as they don’t actually follow through on their attractions, then praise God they’re sinners just like you and I, only with different besetting sins.

No… we wouldn’t answer that way because we know to have those kinds of attractions, even if not acted upon, are SICK SICK SICK.

We would never communicate to people with sexual attractions for our dead Uncle Wilbur, or sexual attractions for our milk cow Bessie, or sexual attractions for our 6 year old son Jr. were normal as long as they didn’t actually act on those sexual attractions.

And yet when questions are asked about sodomite (not gay) Christians then suddenly we want to show how sensitive we are. In point of fact what we are showing is that we ourselves have accepted the whole category of sodomite (not gay) Christian.

It’s just a matter of time until we accept sodomite Christians as not really needing to be celibate as long as they are really really committed.

Having said that, of course there is grace for those who have all these attractions who also resist the devil. And that grace includes the grace to share these deviant attractions only with one’s Pastor and not make them the stuff upon which conferences are built.

Author: jetbrane

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