BLMc vs. TGC

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) continues to be the outpost for cultural Marxism as seen most recently in this column

TGC Mistake #1

“As I reflect on the unjust deaths of these black image-bearers.”

BLMc corrects

It has not been established by a jury that either of these deaths were unjust and for Holmes to make this bald assertion means the man desperately needs a Watson to keep him on track. The Arbery case is especially dubious as being characterized as “unjust,” and the Minneapolis case finds us agreeing that the death sure looks unjust but as we know video is seldom the whole story. Is it too much for Holmes to wait for a jury to have their say on what case is and is not just?

TGC Mistake #2,

“While so much progress has been made over the last decade, we still have such a long way to go.”

BLMc responds

This has become such a trope that it is accepted without push back. I’m pushing back. First, I disagree that much progress has been made over the last decade. The last decade has seen racial relations in the US become as raw as they have been since the race riots of the 1960’s. The last decade as seen Barack Obama fanning the racial flames at every possible turn, from Obama’s “The Cambridge Cops acted stupidly,” (before even knowing the facts of the case) to Obama’s “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin.” (Hopefully if Obama had had a son he would not have acted like Trayvon Martin who a jury decided was justly killed. Then in the last decade where all this progress is supposed to have been made we have the whole Michael Brown incident where a young thug was justly shot by a white cop Brown was seeking to pulverize. There are other examples but to suggest that we’ve made progress in race relations over the last ten years is a knee slapping howler.

Second, if this is progress, you’ll excuse me if I also disagree with TGC that we “still have a long way to go.” Actually, I might agree that we have a long way to go but I’m pretty sure the long way I want to go is the opposite direction of the long way to go in which Holmes wants to go.

TGC Mistake #3

While it certainly has its place in some commentary, we won’t experience progress if the only people we listen to are the people who “take race out it.”

BLMc corrects

Right … because how would the Cultural Marxist agenda ever continue to advance if race was taken out of it? If we take race out of it then we can’t blame Whitey. If we take race out of it then we will not be able to practice liberation theology.

But let’s leave race in it and then break down our crime rate in the states. Let’s leave race in it and then look at the per capita abortion rate per race. Let’s leave race in it and examine our inner city urban problems. Let’s leave race in it and …. you get the idea.

TGC mistake #4

“it (racism) is still threatening black lives across this country.”

BLMc corrects

1.) Notice the cultural Marxist technique of trying to laden white people with false guilt.

2.) The racism that is threatening blacks across this country is the soft bigotry of low expectations routinely practiced by leftists who don’t think blacks can get jobs based on ability and so they create affirmative action programs and set aside quotas … who don’t think blacks have the native ability to get into Universities and so instantly have added a couple 100 points just for being black on the SAT entry admissions test… who don’t think blacks can reach the character required for civilized behavior and so look the other way when black on black crime is committed. This is the only racism that is threatening blacks across this country.

3.) What about the racism that is still threatening white lives across this country? Ever heard the name of Jesse Smollett? Mohamed Noor? Try reading the book, “White Girls Bleed A Lot,” and tell me again about the racism that is still threatening black lives across this country.

TGC author Holmes continues on in this vein seeking to subtly foist false guilt on white people while refusing to take a look at the other side of the coin in terms of the problems of race relations in this country. He tells stories about how scared his wife is for the possibility of their son being killed by some evil white Cop. Pregnant through the rest of the article is the idea that Whitey is a demon that minorities need to spend all their lives designing how to escape.

I utterly reject this Cultural Marxism narrative.

Keep in mind that Holmes is some muckety muck working at Reformed Theological Seminary. He likely got the position based on some affirmative action program or due to some WOKE White liberal “Christian” feeling guilty about his own position at RTS and how unfair it is that more unqualified minorities don’t have jobs in “Christian” Seminaries.

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