Irrationality and R2K

Colossians 1:13 For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves

So, Christians believe that with Regeneration the Christ believer has been placed in the New Creation (the age to come). That New Creation is, of course, distinct from this present evil age. This is so much so that the Believer and the unbeliever reside in two different Kingdom with two different Lord’s and two different standards as to what constitutes right and wrong. There is, as such, an inevitable and inescapable anti-thesis. Yet, despite all this commonly accepted Reformed thinking, R2K wants to suggest that those who live in the age to come and those who live in this present wicked age as two contrasting and competing Kingdoms still share a common source of truth and a common ethic as they each, as belonging to two different Lords, interact in what R2K calls the “common realm,” and abide what they call “natural law” a law that is neutral and so can rule both believers and unbelievers in the R2K’s common realm.

Note here also that while R2K insists on two Kingdoms they identify the two Kingdoms as the common realm and the grace realm. But what of the two Kingdoms as identified in Scripture? In Scripture we see the Kingdom of God and the Dominion of Darkness. Has R2K wrongly identified the two Kingdoms in their innovative theology? I think so.

This means that for R2K the one who resides in the new creation vis-a-vis the unregenerate who reside in the un-renewed creation suffer no antithesis in the standard by which their lives are governed in the R2K “common realm.”

How can this be?

Author: jetbrane

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