National Pinko Radio Does Lugenpress Investigation on Dorr Brothers

National Pinko Radio (sometimes mistakenly referred to as National Public Radio and hereafter labeled as NPR) has a new podcast series out called “No Compromise.” It is a series of radio broadcasts serving as a vehicle by which to smear the Dorr Brothers and their work championing the cause of the 2nd Amendment. I have just finished the third installation and so am now up to date with this hit piece. I thought I would offer my observations.

Complete disclosure here… I have a daughter and grandchildren who have the last name Dorr, consequently I do have a dog in this fight. I know one of the Dorr brothers fairly well. Having said that, while I am aware of some aspects of the business I am in no way a chap who has inside knowledge of the business. However I do share the Dorr Brothers commitment to the 2nd amendment and have preached, more than once, on the fact that God’s Word (Bible) supports the duty to keep and bear arms. I also grew up around guns for the purpose of hunting but learned at a tender age that the right to keep and bear arms was not primarily about hunting but rather was about the ability to check the appetites of a potentially tyrannical government.

One more disclosure. Like most Americans I’m weary with the American Lugenpress. NPR is no exception as these broadcasts substantiate.

The following analysis of the NPR broadcasts is not intended to be exhaustive. I recommend all folks to listen to the broadcasts for themselves. The setting forth of the claims are not sequential as brought forth in the broadcasts.

Claim #1

The Dorrs don’t talk to legislators therefore they are not really doing their job.

I’m pretty sure the Dorrs would dispute this but even if the Dorrs never darkened the door of a legislator that would not prove they not doing their job. The very fact that Iowa legislator Matt W. Windschitl is losing his cookies over the Dorrs is suggestive that the Dorrs are making an impact on legislators and legislation. There are more ways than one to influence legislators and even if it were true that the Dorrs weren’t taking the beaten path of lobbyists by wining and dining legislators it doesn’t mean the Dorrs are not doing their jobs. The Dorr methodology in regards to legislators instead is to bring the pain. The Dorrs expose the hypocritical nature of legislators who promise one thing but who refuse to hold the line when push comes to shove. The Dorrs don’t allow legislators to get away with compromise on the legislation that gun owners hold dear.

What all the bitching about the Dorrs not visiting with legislators really amounts to is sour grapes over legislators being held accountable on every detail of behavior in regard to gun legislation.

Claim #2

The Dorrs keep funky financial books.

There is a great deal of innuendo and angst by the NPR journalist hacks over the Dorrs 501-c4 non-profit status and how they keep their books. However, in the end, after howling like bloodhounds hot on the trial of their prey Chris and Lisa end up admitting that while the Dorr books in their opinion and the opinion of their expert are irregular there is nothing illegal. Lisa and Chris insisted there was fire but it turned out that all there was, was NPR smoke.

A slight addendum here. I find it hilarious that NPR, which is funded by the American Taxpayer as well as by donations has the chutzpah to complain about the fund raising of another non-profit organization. If I had my way NPR would have the tax-payer tap turned off.

Claim #3

People from other gun rights organizations don’t like the Dorrs.

I’m shocked that the owners of McDonald’s don’t like the owners of Burger King or that the owners of Hershey don’t send Christmas cards to the owners of Nestles. Shakespeare made his fame out of noticing that the Capulets and the Montagues didn’t like one another. And let’s not even mention the Hatfield and the McCoys. Obviously the point is that other gun rights organizations are competitors with the Dorrs. They compete for the same dollar, the same potential membership, the same growth in their respective companies. It is not unnatural that competing organizations in any industry don’t particularly care for one another. Why, I’ve even been known not to care for ministers of competing denominations.

Claim #4

NPR uses a interviewee to say that the Dorr’s raise a call to violence by their activism.

On this score my conviction is that if government is going to deny our God-given right to keep and bear arms then there needs to be violence. However, that’s just me.

The idea that the Dorrs are raising a call to violence is what people who don’t like icky guns say about those who are convinced that weapons are a necessary tool to keep tyrannical governments at bay. Without direct quotes in context this claim is just someone’s girly opinion.

Claim #5

NPR uses interviewee to say the Dorr’s are anarchists not wanting any Government.

NPR uses interviewee to say the Dorr’s are political anarchists.

This is what I would expect from NPR types. NPR types are suckling at the Federal teat and so anyone who wants to reduce the size of Government is an anarchist. Those of us who desire genuinely limited Government look like bomb throwing anarchists to those who desire total Big Brother Government. Again, this is pure NPR subjective opinion passing as journalism. Thank you lugenpress.

Claim #6

NPR intimates that Dorr’s have raked in millions over the years from all the membership fees collected. Hints that the Dorrs are gun-rights Magnates who are filthy rich.

Well, maybe this is true. I hate it when my daughter shows up here flashing all her diamonds and fur coats from the Dorr money vault. (Sarcasm off)

This NPR slander by innuendo is filthy. There is zero proof of this and yet the lugenpress can get away with this indirect slander. Ah well, I suppose there is a reason that they say that all is fair in love and war.

Claim #7

NPR compares Dorr Bros. w/ traveling salesmen who have a woman in every port.

I’m not even sure what the point of this comparison was.

Claim #8

NPR reporter named Chris hinting how dishonest Aaron Dorr is because he talks to several states at once. Later claims deception because Aaron Dorr does more than one video a day at the capital wearing different suits.

There are three brothers covering several states. How else are they supposed to run a multi-state business without using their time as effectively as possible? And NPR lugenpress complaining about people being deceptive and dishonest is like Madonna complaining that Miley Cyrus has loose sexual morals.

So the Dorr brothers change their suits to do different videos? So they address states at the same time while covering one particular rally? So, hang them.

Claim #9

NPR subtly mocks the belief of members of Dorr gun groups that God is the one who gives us our Second Amendment rights with the Constitution merely recognizing the right.

I guess this is OK, because I confess that I subtly and not so subtly mock lugenpress institutions for their belief that second amendment is not a God given right. It’s just that I hate seeing middle class Americans mocked by people who themselves desperately need to be routinely mocked. I really hate the Lugenpress’ smarmy and condescending attitude toward Conservatives.

Claim #10

NPR reporter named Lisa claims she is really nervous about talking to the Aaron Dorr. Lisa’s whole shtick suggests that the Dorr’s are scary.

I’d be willing to bet top dollar that the only thing Lisa is afraid of is the Dorr’s agenda being successful. The whole shtick that she thinks the Dorr’s are scary is just to help the lugenpress create an ambiance of overbearing-ness and meanness when the Dorrs are considered.

Claim #11

The Dorr Brothers were once caught up in political chicanery as existing in the 2016 campaign organizations between Michelle Bachman and Ron Paul thus intimating that the Dorrs were engaged in criminal behavior.

The thing is… no Dorr was charged with a crime. No Dorr was brought before a judge. No Dorr was incarcerated. From this I can only conclude that the Dorrs were not guilty of ANYTHING. More smoke but no fire on the part of the lugenpress.

The below are my impressions after listening to the first two episodes.

Finished episode #2 of NPR hit piece on the Dorr Bros. Episode #2 spent most of the time characterizing the Dorr Bros. followers. By the end it is clear that NPR think these followers poor gullible fools. More Lugenpress sniffing contemptuously at the hoi polloi. Episode #3 has been set up so as to expose how the Dorr Bros. are horn-swaggling their fan base.The Dorr Bros. have succeeded at what Talk Radio does and that is combining information with entertainment. The only difference is that Talk Radio, generally, covers politics while the Dorr Bros. cover gun rights. Alternately, a way to view what the Dorr Bros. are doing is an ongoing version of the TV game show, “The Family Feud.” The Dorr Bros. are one family and they are opposing the State as the other family. The survey questions have to do with gun information with the extra advantage that the Dorr Bros. are seeking to neuter the State. People identify with the Dorr Bros. the way that sports fans identify with their local professional sports team. NPR and other media will never be able to break the bond that exists between the Dorr Bros and their fan base. Only the Dorr Bros. could do that. The media didn’t make the Dorr Bros. and so the media won’t be able to break the Dorr Bros. In point of fact the media when it attacks the Dorr Bros. only increases both their fan base and the ardent support of the existing fan base. It’s difficult to believe that the media doesn’t get that. I already know where NPR is going to go with this series. By innuendo and by damning with feint praise NPR is going to seek and tarnish the image of the Dorr Bros.It won’t work because the American Bears who support the Dorr Bros. are smarter than the Lugenpress.

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