McAtee contra Layfield Pt. 1

Some chap who is a Brit and whom I don’t know recently decided to try and disprove Kinism. This Steve Layfield wrote a paper titled “Kinist Contentions.” This paper is about seven pages long. I will be rebutting some significant portion of it for the next few days. This will start slow but hopefully will build as the series continues.

SL starts,

Good Creation

First, God created the world & it was very good. The UNFALLEN progeny of Adam & Eve would have spread out across the globe and built civilization to the glory of God. There would have been distinct family heritage all the way back to Adam but no necessity for successive generations to remain closely bound among their near blood relatives.

BLM responds,

There is obviously no absolute necessity now for successive generations to remain closely bound among their near blood relatives and yet they do. SL merely offers an assertion without any proof. How does he know that blood relatives would not have remained closely bound to their blood relatives if the fall had not occurred? He doesn’t know this. It’s a mere assertion on his part.

SL writes,

Mutations most likely would not have occurred (?) but a simple, providential shuffling of genes & chromosomes would have taken place allowing for a diversity of progeny with differing physical, mental and perhaps even emotional/psychological characteristics. Geographical and environmental locations might have impacted the visible differences also – e.g. melanin + sunlight intensity generating various shades of skin colour.

BLMc responds

This is just more cursory speculation on Steve’s part about what life would have been like if the fall had not happened. But the fall did happen and this is all merely empty assertions and guessing. Anybody can guess.

Notice here also the subtle suggestion on SL’s part that race can be reduced to melanin.

SL writes,

But, there would have been no moral basis for restricting marriage across families. Rather, due to the rich diversity of genetic material and the inherent potential for various genotypes to express themselves in a multitude of different phenotypes, a host of amazing talents, abilities and aptitudes would have emerged!

BLMc responds

There also was no moral basis for not marrying your sister before the fall either but after the fall there came a point where there was a moral basis for not marrying your sister. What is Steve’s point here?

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One thought on “McAtee contra Layfield Pt. 1”

  1. SL’s argument assumes an evolutionary mindset. The Scriptures say, each species was to bring forth “according to their kinds.” (Gen. 1.21, 24, 25) This would seem to vitiate his entire evolutionary assumption of human “diversity.” There would be no death, so everyone born would look like Adam and Eve their first-parents. The evolutional assumption of “genetic drift,” “environmental pressures,” diversity,” would not exist in a pre-Fall world.

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