2018 James White & Anabaptist Reasoning As Fighting Against Cultural Marxism

“Concepts of “whiteness” or “blackness” are DESTROYED by the radical equality of every sinner’s need and Christ’s perfect provision. Our identity is NOT determined by our ancestors—we have been transferred out of the kingdom where such relationships rule and divide.”

Dr. James White 
Twitter feed –05 May  2018

Now it is entirely possible that Dr. White has changed his views since 2018 on this subject. One can always hope but as this quote stands it is difficult to understand how White’s position is an improvement upon Duke Kwon’s view which White is seeking to overturn.

The Reformed position has always been that grace restores nature but here White is telling us that grace destroys nature. Once someone is converted they may well be no longer left-handed…. they will not need to deal with familial traits like anger. It seems once coming to Jesus, God makes us a blank slate for Jesus to write on.

While no one would disagree that our identity (either unconverted or converted) is not absolutely determined by our ancestors. No one would disagree that once being in Christ our identity is altered. Our affections are changed incrementally. Our evaluating situations are incrementally changed. Our thinking is changed incrementally. However, one does disagree that after conversion we become a human being unrelated to the human being we were before conversion.

To see how utterly foolish White’s quote is, consider what it looks like when we just alter it slightly with an alteration perfectly legitimate;

“Concepts of ‘maleness’ or ‘femaleness’ are DESTROYED by the radical equality of every sinner’s need and Christ’s perfect provision. Our identity is NOT determined by our sexuality —we have been transferred out of the kingdom where gender identity rules and divides.”

If this ideology were followed before this generation, there would only be one race today: meaning it is new theology.  Christians have had two thousand years to eradicate all the race distinctions: how are we just getting around to it? This is Anabaptistism redux. This is James White type logic.

But we are not done.

“We cannot look back upon ethnic histories when speaking of our relationship within the one body of Christ.”

James White
Anabaptist Extraordinaire

Why could we not equally say,

“We cannot look back upon family histories when speaking of our relationship within the one body of Christ.”

If we said that it would be Taps for covenant theology. Methinks White is being consistent here with his anabaptist presuppositions.

Or what about saying,

“We cannot look back upon our gender histories when speaking of our relationship within the one body of Christ.”

There is more from Dr. Gnostic

“The renewal that is the reality of true Christians is one that obliterates social, ethnic, and historical connections.”

So… when I am saved, per White, my relationship with my Mother and Father are obliterated.

How can this man not realize the Gnostic tarbaby which he as embraced?

We end with this one from Dr. White,

“We who are opposing this very American, very sociological, but (we believe) very unbiblical movement (Cultural Marxism) do so because we see it requiring a new paradigm, a new way of interpreting the entire gospel message.”

James White

Honestly, if White is the Dudley Do-right coming to the rescue of the fair damsel in distress that fair damsel is hosed no matter if the evil Snidely Whiplash (Duke Kwon) keeps her in his possession or whether Dudley Do-right “saves the day.”

There are very few good guys in the Reformed church today.

Author: jetbrane

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