Dostoevsky & McAtee On Christianity & Collectivism

The radical declares,

“Everyone belongs to all, and all belongs to everyone. All are slaves and equal in their slavery… Slaves are bound to be equal. Without despotism there has never been either freedom or equality, but in the herd there is bound to be equality…. The moment you have family ties or love you get the desire for property. We will destroy that desire; we’ll make use of drunkenness, slander, spying; we’ll make use of incredible corruption; we’ll stifle every genius in its infancy. We’ll reduce all to a common denominator! Complete equality!”

The Possessed
Fydor Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky was a 19th century Russian writer who explored the human psyche, particularly as that psyche was conditioned by ideology and religion. In the quote above we find that Dostoevsky understood the nascent proto-Marxist type ideology which he believed were Demon like ideas from Western Europe that was possessing Russia.

It is interesting that even in 1873 Russia, Dostoevsky could identify the heart of collectivism that remains with us yet today. Dostoevsky understood that the end of equality, absolutized, is slavery.

The thing I really want to tease out from this quote is Dostoevsky’s connection between collectivism and the destruction of family ties. The collectivist attack on property requires an attack on family love. If various forms of Marxist collectivism is to be successful in its desire to extinguish private property it must, at the same time, extinguish Biblical notions of family. The simple idea that a man and a woman come together and form a new, yet extended social unit that is itself strengthened with the blessed arrival of covenant seed is an idea that arises not from Natural law but from Scripture. So, when the collectivist wars against property, he must do so, if he wishes to be consistent by attacking the family structure, which is itself an attack on Scripture. This reality puts those “Christians” who insist that the Bible has nothing to say about social order issues on the horns of a dilemma. Either they concede that the Scripture does speak a word about the nature of the family or they are left with pulpits that are silent on these issues preaching to atomized individuals that Jesus died to redeem as isolated from any previous, current, or future familial identities. A very odd way of preaching for those who subscribe to covenant theology where “the promise is to you and your household” is a key cornerstone of Reformed Federal theology.

I submit Christians must enter into this great war that has been being waged since the garden. It was in the garden where the first successful salvo against Biblical Christianity was fired against the family as the Serpent attacked family ties, bypassing Adam’s authority to beguile Eve, in a successful attempt to sell the poison of man’s equality with God, which resulted in a collectivism against God. In point of fact the greatest need in the Church today is to realize the threat that egalitarianism is to Biblical Christianity. The drive to fuzz and deny all distinctions, to erase all notions of biblical hierarchies (Husbands w/ headship over wives, Parents w/ headship over children, women the weaker vessel compared to men, Employers w/ headship over employees,) and to flatten out all God ordained differences is the worldview that currently is the greatest threat to Biblical Christianity in the West.

Without Biblical distinctions regarding gender, roles, ethnic groups, and authority structure, we will be amalgamated into the herd reality that Dostoevsky warns about. It will be a herd reality where a few elite are, in essence, the Farmers over the undistinguished and undifferentiated mass herd. Those who advocate complete equality in terms of “equality of identity” are the enemy and they are the enemy because Scripture identifies them as such. They are the enemy who overthrow the 5th commandment where a distinction and hierarchy of parents is required before they can be honored. They are the enemy who overthrow the great commission where a distinction of nations is required before those nations can be baptized, discipled and taught to observe all things taught by Christ. They are the enemy who overthrow Galatians 3:28 where a existing distinction between Jews and Gentiles, Slave and Free, Men and Women, must exist before there can be comfort that all can be justified in Christ. They are the enemy who overthrow the 9th commandment where a distinction must exist between what is my property and what is not my property before any forbidding of theft can make sense. Egalitarianism is the enemy and egalitarians are the enemy precisely because their egalitarianism strikes at the heart of God’s revelation. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of the Father of egalitarianism is to erase the distinction and hierarchy between the Creator and the creature. They desire to make God and man a common denominator. That is the ultimate distinction that is under attack in all of these penultimate battles.

Temple Prostitution in These united States of America

1 Kings 14:21-24 Solomon’s son Rehoboam was forty-one years old when he became king of Judah, and he ruled seventeen years in Jerusalem, the city which the Lord had chosen from all the territory of Israel as the place where he was to be worshiped. Rehoboam’s mother was Naamah from Ammon. The people of Judah sinned against the Lord and did more to arouse his anger against them than all their ancestors had done. They built places of worship for false gods and put up stone pillars and symbols of Asherah to worship on the hills and under shady trees. Worst of all, there were men and women who served as prostitutes at those pagan places of worship. The people of Judah practiced all the shameful things done by the people whom the Lord had driven out of the land as the Israelites advanced into the country.

This problem with Prostitution in connected with the Temple Idols has been found in many cultures throughout the centuries. Not only do we find it in the Old Testament, but we find it as a issue in the New Testament. In Corinth for example, rising 1,500 feet above the city and to the south of the acropolis was a fortified hill upon which loomed the infamous Temple of Aphrodite or Venus. This pagan temple and its 1,000 temple prostitutes greatly influenced the city’s culture and morals. In the book of Corinthians Paul has to deal with the issue of Christians and joining themselves with idols and how that is inconsistent with being joined with Christ. Some scholars believe that Christians in Corinth were not only joining in Temple Feasts but they were also joining with Temple Prostitutes.

All this as introduction to my conviction that in the current news on the US Federal Government and free contraceptives for women we are returning to a culture characterized by Temple Idol worship that includes the perk of Temple prostitution.

If we agree that the State has become the Idol then the idea that the idol State is subsidizing single women’s sexual habits by providing or requiring the free provision of contraceptives it is not a leap to see the women who take advantage of the free contraceptives in order to have copious amounts of sex are in essence Prostitutes for the Temple God of the State. Now, it is true that we are missing a centralized location where all this Temple sex occurs but as we are far more Democratic than the ancients one might argue that we have decentralized our Temple sex so that our Temple Prostitutes lavish their whorings on any passerby in any place of convenience. So, the whoredom of America is connected to Temple Prostitution as required by and provided for by the Idol State.

The Idol state, in our modern expression of Temple Prostitution, plays the role of the Pimp by providing contraceptives for their temple Prostitutes for free AND by providing the required blood atonement sacrifice to themselves as the Idol State by paying for the abortions that occur among their stable of fillies, and this keeps agents of the Idol state (Planned Parenthood) profiting from the selling of whoredom. By providing free abortions along with free contraceptives the Idol State does a lucrative business that keeps their temple prostitutes turning more tricks.

So, Temple Prostitution is not a thing of the past and should not only be identified with ancient cultures. Modern man has his own version of Temple Prostitution and the current “contraceptives for free,” story that is all over the news is proof of that for those with eyes to see — for those who have not so identified with their culture that they can no longer see the culture for what it is.


The chief results of the feminist movement has not been the independence, equality and flowering of women that was promised, but rather the result has been a savage dependence of the oppressed woman, as she becomes, in the New Feminist order, the slave in the workforce, the concubine of a barely known partner in the bedroom, and a stranger to her own children who are raised in some foreign commune by some statist Nanny. Feminism has hardened and embittered many a woman who were flowers which never bloomed because of the blight that is feminism. Feminism has held and abused women in these New Feminist order roles by the brute force of “glorious liberation” from the beneficent order of scriptural marriage.

From Order To Chaos

The change in the West that gained steam especially in the 20th century in the realm of worldview is that Christian orthodoxy was replaced by an ideology of collectivism as the basis of a consensus intellectual frame of reference and system of values. World War I destroyed the old Christian world and the Christian worldview that had held that old world together. This new worldview of collectivism has become a ‘secular religion’ and with the propulsion of psychology to the fore as the Priests of the new secular religion we now have what might be called, in the terminology of the shrinks, and from the view of the older Christian worldview, a psychic epidemic that now afflicts our young people who end up going on to be University trained. This collectivism is dedicated to a leveling of all distinctions among men and in culture, which again is counter-intuitive to those who still hold to the older Christian Worldview where a God ordained soft hierarchy was characteristic among men and in culture. This arc of egalitarianism, typical of the collectivist worldview began with the Enlightenment but again, it especially gained steam in the 20th century.

There is another change though that is significant. There was a also a change in the West that began in the second decade of the 20th century in terms of money and that change found the constellations of finance-capitalism, which had been separate and nationally oriented being absorbed into a greater international constellation of finance – capitalism, shotgunned by the Rothschilds and dedicated to a different set of long term interests than the Nation – State interests prior to 1913.

These changes in money and worldview have drawn the peoples of the West into a Marxism dialectic where money is thesis, socialism is antithesis and the synthesis / new thesis is the Imperium of the New World Order.

Or if you prefer, the dialectic being put differently,

Money now incessantly concentrates power, socialism promises the total dispersal and distribution of that power, and the New World order offers the resolution of the contradiction by supplying the New Imperium with a ruling dynamic that will take the concentrated power that has been seized and by the great wisdom of the Elites, men will be ruled according to what is their best interest — even if they don’t realize what is in their best interest.

The Nature Of Marxism In All It’s Incarnations

Bolshevism, as Ouspenski boasted, had to destroy. It set out to destroy everything formerly in existence. This meant destroying people because people are indissolubly connected with things. It would mean, it was carried through to the end, destroying everyone, since people’s lives have their roots in the past, and in institutions, and customs and beliefs that have grown out of the past; and if the past is to be destroyed they have to be destroyed as well. The past and the people stand or fall together.

Even in Russia, however, the destructive force innate in Bolshevism cannot be carried through to the end. It gains impetus; proceeds more and more frantically and hysterically, but must at last spend itself. It cannot be carried through to the end because it depends on hate, or of class war. Certain individuals; sadists and some Jews and cripples; frustrated intellectuals, can hate all their lives; base their lives on hate; and a whole society can be propagandized into hating for the duration, say, of a war or a general election; but not whole society can hate indefinitely. There comes a limit. No whole society can hate long enough to destroy itself; and self destruction is the only conceivable end of Bolshevism and of the class war. Thus Bolshevism must, by the nature of things and by its own nature, be an uncompleted process.

Malcolm Muggeridge
Winter In Moscow — pg. 105

1.) Cultural Marxism has become our version of Russian Marxist Bolshevism. Like Bolshevism, it thrives on hate, and like Bolshevism in order to thrive it has to create a oppressor class upon which the locus of hate can focus. For the Bolsheviks it was the Bourgeois. For the cultural Marxist today it is the White European Christian.

2.) Cultural Marxism is likewise committed to destruction just as Bolshevism was. Bolshevism destroyed the Kulaks, destroyed the Church, and destroyed those who did not fervently enough support the party. Cultural Marxism has destroyed the unborn, destroyed the Church, and destroyed the whole notion of distinction or hierarchy. For the Bolshevist the goal of all the destruction was the creation of the “New Soviet man,” which is exactly the same project of the Cultural Marxist in the West.

3.) Marxism, in whatever its incarnation, must destroy the past for the past, with its customs, traditions, and stability, is that which is inimical to the agenda of the Marxist. Marxism desires Utopia and Utopia is only arrived at by sloughing off the dead hand of the past.

4.) I do believe however that Cultural Marxism, unlike Muggeridge’s description of Bolshevism, can be carried through to the end. Cultural Marxism has advanced by the whole ideal of perpetual revolution as it keeps right on marching through the cultural institutions. I see no spending of the vigor of cultural Marxism. We have gone from serial adultery, to no-fault divorce, to homosexuality and there is no indication that in this one area that any end is in sight for the normalizing of perversion. Because of that I do believe that as a culture we will destroy ourselves.

5.) The ultimate impetus behind Marxism is the host of the underworld with its Prince at its head. Jesus said that Satan came to kill, steal and destroy and Marxism is that social order by which Satan implements his agenda.