Teasing Out How Ideological Worldviews Are Religions

Humanism is our God and Democracy is the religion. I would then say that the priests are the Government school teachers and the Psyschologists. The Kings are the magistrates and the Prophets are the Journalists in the main stream media. The Government school curriculum is the catechism that is taught to the youth. Top 40 music is Humanists hymns and Psalms. The sacraments are abortion (a bloody ritual that keeps the humanist God’s appeased) and the vote (the sacrament that we return to over and over again to proclaim unity with our humanist God). Entitlements are how the State as God provides for us and saves us. The teleology of our Humanist religion is the Babel State where all distinctions among men are eliminated.

We must keep in mind though that contemporary humanism is not a monotheistic religion. Contemporary Humanism has many incarnational variations. For example one variation would give us the feminist goddess Gaia. For Gaia and the Feminists the priestess-hood is the female professional woman (politician, minister, or bureaucrat). Her sacrifice is her femininity purchased through economic independence from men. She is incensed over the unforgivable sin of genuine male masculinity and she fights that sin with rabid support for Ritalin for little boys and by Lesbianism for herself. The teleology for Feminism is the achievement of the androgynous.