Judaism Thy Name Is Revolutionary

In the Jewish rejection of Christ we see the full flowered expression of Judaism as a false religion at war with God. In the rejection of the Messiah they embraced, as a people, the role of the social order revolutionary who chooses chaos in hopes that order might come. Wherever you see the acts of the social order revolutionary (The French Philosophes, The Russian Bolsheviks, The 1848’ers, the Abolitionists, the Alinskyites, etc) there you see once again the religion or Spirit of Judaism raising it’s hoary head and there you see played out once again the act of metaphysical rebellion with its insistence that man will de-god God and enthrone himself as god.

Consider how the Scriptural text points to this idea as Judaism confirmed its cosmic revolutionary position by choosing Barabbas — the Revolutionary — over the Logos, the one, and that which provides order to all things. Together they cried out, “give us Barabbas, give us Barabbas,” and that cry has continued to be uttered throughout history by the practitioners of Judaism and by those who have the Spirit of Judaism. In the choice of Barabbas, the Jewish faith revealed a streak that throughout history has chosen the Revolutionary over people’s who cast their lot with Christ.

Judaism thy name is revolutionary.

In light of this historical fact it is a marvel that much of Christianity seems to believe that Christianity and Judaism serves a common god. Nothing could be further from the truth. True Judaism was first expressed in the garden when Adam abdicated his role as God’s steward and entered into league with Satan against god. Ever since that time Judaism has continued its warfare against the God of the Bible and against His Messiah, and against His people. Combining the idea of Judaism and Christianity, such as we often find in the term, “Judeo-Christian,” is an abomination that seeks to combine Christ with Antichrist.

We rejoice when Jews convert to Christ and call them “Brother,” but Judaism as a religion, like all anti-Christ religions is a gutter religion which leaves in its wake death, destruction, and untold hardship. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and do so by praying that God would open the eyes of all people, including the Jews, to vileness of that religion which Christ referred to as a “Synagogue of Satan.”

Teasing Out How Ideological Worldviews Are Religions

Humanism is our God and Democracy is the religion. I would then say that the priests are the Government school teachers and the Psyschologists. The Kings are the magistrates and the Prophets are the Journalists in the main stream media. The Government school curriculum is the catechism that is taught to the youth. Top 40 music is Humanists hymns and Psalms. The sacraments are abortion (a bloody ritual that keeps the humanist God’s appeased) and the vote (the sacrament that we return to over and over again to proclaim unity with our humanist God). Entitlements are how the State as God provides for us and saves us. The teleology of our Humanist religion is the Babel State where all distinctions among men are eliminated.

We must keep in mind though that contemporary humanism is not a monotheistic religion. Contemporary Humanism has many incarnational variations. For example one variation would give us the feminist goddess Gaia. For Gaia and the Feminists the priestess-hood is the female professional woman (politician, minister, or bureaucrat). Her sacrifice is her femininity purchased through economic independence from men. She is incensed over the unforgivable sin of genuine male masculinity and she fights that sin with rabid support for Ritalin for little boys and by Lesbianism for herself. The teleology for Feminism is the achievement of the androgynous.