Redemptive History Testifies that Pentecostalism is in Error

The question is asked why we do not continue to see these kinds of healing and miracles today since the Kingdom is still present and for the answer we have to consider the place of all this in God’s redemptive History. The reason that all this is happening is that a very particular time in Redemptive History has arrived. All of this activity is giving testimony that this unique time in History has arrived. All of what is happening here and then later with the Apostles after Pentecost is part of a single, comprehensive crescendo part of history. All this is done in light of the Historical coming of the Kingdom and it is done only with the arrival of the Messiah and His Kingdom and the establishment of His Church. Here, in this point in History, the cornerstone and foundation is laid. From the close of the canon forward the superstructure is built upon this unique point in time history. To ask for more of this Historical uniqueness is like asking to be 25 again. That historical moment has passed. This is not to say that remarkable providences or inexplicable healings don’t still happen as God ordains. It is to say that we are at a different time of Redemptive History. Do keep in mind that were it the case that we were to have the same kind of demonstration of authority and power as we find in this Redemptive time, this time would no longer be seen as a time that was unique and Historically epoch. That time of Christ would be “just another” day.

While the Pentecostals and Charismatics are full of good intentions they sully the record and uniqueness of Redemptive History with their insistence that 2018 and every year must be the same Historical Epoch as the 1st Century when Jesus and the Apostles ministered.

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Charlotte Reformed Church
Morning Service — 04 February, 2018

Calvin on Social Hierarchy and Inequality as Christian Doctrines III — Christianity is Anti-Egalitarianism

I acknowledge, indeed, that there is not enjoined upon us an equality of such a kind, as to make it unlawful for the rich to live in any degree of greater elegance than the poor; but an equality is to be observed thus far — that no one is to be allowed to starve, and no one is to hoard his abundance at the expense of defrauding others. The poor man’s homer will be coarse food and a spare diet; the rich man’s homer will be a more abundant portion, it is true, according to his circumstances, but at the same time in such a way that they live temperately, and are not wanting to others.

John Calvin
Commentary on 2 Cor. 8:15

For the system of proportional right in the Church is this — that while they communicate to each other mutually according to the measure of gifts and of necessity, this mutual contribution produces a befitting symmetry [belle harmonie], though some have more, and some less, and gifts are distributed unequally.

John Calvin
Commentary on 2. Cor. 8:14 

We have seen already, how that to live well with men, we must obey our superiors. For it is the first thing that God commands us in the second table of his law: because the mean in descending from him to men, is to honor those whom he has set over us. Indeed when we speak of men, there is some equal fellowship: for we come all of Adams race: we be all of one kind: and all this imports an equality among men. Nevertheless forasmuch as it has pleased God to set certain degrees: we must hold us thereunto, and keep that order, so as the party which has any preeminence and dignity, may be acknowledged for such a one as is to be honored. And in this case we must not allege, why is he more esteemed than I? For that comes not of any worthiness that is in one more than in another: but of Gods will, who will have them so honored to whom he has given any preeminence.

Johnn Calvin —  Sermon 37 on Deuteronomy 5

From the Mailbag … “Is America Great or What?”

Dear Pastor,

“I believe in & love America. America is still the best country in the world to live in. I love it too. And I refuse to give up on God’s ability to call out His elect and build His church. We are the most fortunate people in history.”

Are my sentiments on the right track?


Dear Rudy,

I guess it depends on what America you believe in and love.  When it comes to American many people believe and love a myth. Americans, notable exceptions notwithstanding, are not a wise people. They are sheep who know more about the box score of the recent big basketball game then they know about the gazillion dollar deficit problem. They know more about their movie stars then they know how Hollywood is corrupting their thinking and morals. Americans tend to care more about Israel than they do their own country. They don’t realize that all the big media is owned by a handful of people who are feeding them propaganda day and night. They would rather be mesmerized by a talking head then put the effort in to pick up a book that gives background, detail, and which exposes the propaganda. They support a University system by sending their children to Institutions that are committed to indoctrinating those children into an anti-reality Marxist worldview. AND those parents get the privilege of paying for their children to be indoctrinated into Cultural Marxism. They trust in shrinks who by in large are themselves, psychopaths. Americans send their little children to schools that are staffed by teachers trained in these very same University Institutions with the purpose of training the little ones to be as brain-dead as the teachers are. Americans can tell you all about Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift but they know nothing about Samuel Davies, Johnathon Edwards, or John Taylor Gatto. Americans consume SSR’s in epic amounts not knowing the long-range damage figuring that long-range damage doesn’t matter as long as they are “happy.” Then they turn around and feed their children Ritalin to make Johnny and Suzie happy not knowing they may well be killing their own children. Americans insist that their children are vaccinated not knowing what poison is in the vaccines. They get the flu shot every year not knowing or caring what’s in the flu shot. Whatever history they know they get from the all-wise “The History Channel.” The clergy they listen to on Sunday may be even more indoctrinated than they are. A feat that is by no means easily arrived at. We are indeed a people who, in the words of Neil Postman, are Amusing Ourselves to Death.

But not to worry. As long as Americans can have all the sex they want with whoever or whatever they want, they will go to their graves as stupid people happy to be stupid.

I’d like to think that I love America also but my love requires me to see how America needs to repent and return to the God of the Bible who once made America truly worthy of love. Right now America is pretty ugly and my love for America requires me to plead with her to return to the only one who can make her lovely again.

Praise God for the remnant who are red-pilled and so are despised at every turn.  Perhaps it is they who are the America you say you love?

Thanks for writing Rudy,

Pastor Bret

p.s. — Of course, I believe in God’s ability to call out His elect and build His Church. I wouldn’t be a Biblical Christian if I didn’t believe that.

p.p.s. — Regarding the bit about being the most fortunate people in history … well, certainly the 60 million children who have been tortured and murdered in their mother’s wombs probably don’t think they were part of the most fortunate people in history.

Calvin on Social Hierarchy and Inequality as Christian Doctrines III — Christianity is Anti-Egalitarian

Celebrity of name is not in itself condemned; since it is necessary that they whom the Lord has adorned with peculiar gifts should be preeminent among others; and it is advantageous that there should be distinction of ranks in the world.

John Calvin
On Genesis 6:4

Hence as the world will have an end, so also will government, and magistracy, and laws, and distinctions of ranks, and different orders of dignities, and everything of that nature. There will be no more any distinction between servant and master, between king and peasant, between magistrate and private citizen.

John Calvin
On 1 Cor. 15:24 

“Let us suppose all to be on one equal level, what would such anarchy bring forth? No one would wish to yield to others; every one would try the extent of his powers, and thus all would end in prey and plunder, and in the mere license of fraud and murder, and all the passions of mankind would have full and unbridled sway. Hence I have said, tyranny is better than anarchy, and more easily borne, because where there is no supreme governor there is none to preside and keep the rest in check.”

John Calvin
on Daniel 4:13-16

God does not delight in changes, or elevate in mockery to a lofty station, those whom he has determined immediately to throw down. It is rather the depravity of men that overturns the state of things, because nobody acknowledges that the disposal of every one is placed in His will and power. 

John Calvin
On Luke 1:52

In a well-ordered society the distinction between master and servant must be observed. In like manner, no public government can be lasting without the transactions of commerce; and therefore, when the distinction between rich and poor has been taken away, every scheme for gaining a livelihood among men is destroyed.

John Calvin
On Isaiah 24:2

It is God who appoints and regulates all the arrangements of society.

John Calvin
Ephesian 6:5-9 

Servants must also be cognizant of their rank and station; and everyone must apply himself in the thing which he has been called. It certainly accords well with Christianity that the rich man should enjoy his wealth (provided, of course, that he not devour everything without attending to the needs of his neighbors), and that the poor man should endure his station patiently, and beseech God, not desiring more than is proper.

John Calvin
Sermon on 1 Cor. 11:11-16

Freudian-ism in Micro Format

Freud insisted that that man’s basic problem is the sense of guilt and in this much, the Christian would agree.  This guilt arose from the Oedipus complex where sons killed their father, sexually possessed their mothers and daughters, and then ate the father. According to Freud, the Eucharist arises out of this reality as a means by which the sense of guilt is assuaged by the sons for doing what they did to the father. Millions of years of this pattern and the genetically passed along irrational guilt from it make guilt part of man’s DNA.

However, Freud’s concern was to disassociate guilt from sin and make guilt a problem for science rather than religion. Freud’s means for dealing with guilt was psychoanalysis which in Freud’s world was never intended as the cure. Freud did not believe a cure was possible. In psychoanalysis, Freud was looking not for the cure but for the patient to arrive at the self-understanding that the presence of guilt was not due to a ‘god’ nor was guilt the function of any religious impulse, rather guilt was merely part of man’s evolutionary instinct. Guilt had been bred into man over man’s evolutionary cycle and it was just part of man’s makeup.

Therefore, Freud’s goal, in light of not being able to deliver man from his guilt was to make man comfortable with his guilt. Man may indeed feel guilty but man can come to the point where through the self-understanding arrived at via psychoanalysis he realizes that the sense of guilt is no indicator of the need for either behavioral adjustment on his part nor a petitioning of any deity for forgiveness. Per Freud, mental illness was found not in what was previously considered maladjusted or perverted behavior. Mental illness was found in worrying over wrongly considered maladjusted or perverted behavior. Psychanalysis was entered into in order to make one comfortable with their biologically bred inescapably irrational guilt.

Remember … there is no God so there can be no sin and if there is no sin there can be no objective guilt.

Freud realized the danger of this thinking and so he advocated a totalitarian state in order to keep the self-aware man in check. The total freedom of man from the admonishments of guilt required the necessity of total control by the scientific planning State and its scientific planners. This, in turn, meant that the Scientific planner’s role, while being free from the ravages of guilt themselves, would be required to leave the hoi polloi in their guilt if the hoi polloi did not conform to totally arbitrary behavioral diktats of the governing scientific elite.

Freud understood the anarchistic dangers present in his system and so he reserved the total release from guilt to the scientific planners while giving those same scientific planners the leverage to heap guilt on everyone else in keeping with the scientific plan of the totalitarian state and their scientific planners.

Freud taught us again either God will be God for us, or men will play god over us.

If you’ve ever come, cheek by jowl, up against the Psychological / Psychiatric industry you will easily realize just how true all of this is, particularly the idea that the mentally unbalanced Shrinks set themselves up as the god to whom the patient must conform in order to be considered mentally healthy.