Seminary Course — Multiculturalism And The Displacement Of Biblical Culture

The purpose of this course if to make you familiar with what Multiculturalism is, how it has come about, and the methodologies that it uses to advance its agenda.

Main Texts

The Calvinistic Concept of Culture — Henry Van Til
The Gagging of God — D. A. Carson
The Politics of Guilt & Pity — R. J. Rushdoony

These three main texts will tell you

1.) What Biblical Culture is and where it comes from (Van Til)
2.) How it is that Biblical Culture is being displaced by multiculturalism (Carson)
3.) The concrete methodologies that are being pursued in order to implement multiculturalism (Rushdoony)

On line documentary

Agenda; The Grinding Down Of America —
CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America —

In this course I am recommending watching the documentaries first because they do a good job over-viewing and highlighting what Multiculturalism is, and where its threat lies.

Supplemental Required Reading

The Supplemental reading will require an ability to read critically. Most of what is said in the bibliography provided is quite good but there are also some strains that need to be set aside. At the very least the list will provide the tools necessary to see what multiculturalism is doing.

The following books should be read in the order suggested.

1.) Cry Havoc — Ralph de Toledano
2.) The Poverty of Multiculturalism — Patrick West, Kenneth Minoque
3.) The Vision of the Anointed — Thomas Sowell
4.) Alien Nation — Peter Brimelow
5.) Suicide Of A Superpower — Patrick Buchanan
6.) Everyday Theology: How to Read Cultural Texts and Interpret Trends — Kevin J. Vanhoozer
7.) Hollywood vs. America — Michael Medved
8.) The Menace of Multiculturalism; Trojan Horse In America — Alvin J. Schmidt
9.) Christ & Culture — H. Richard Neibuhr
10.)Christ and Culture Revisited — D. A. Carson

If the order is followed sequentially as suggested the weaknesses in the later books will be more easily recognizable. The later books still have a treasure trove of necessary information but they also are afflicted with weaknesses as well.

Books #1-3, along with the main texts and documentaries, give a good foundation for what multiculturalism is and why it should be despised by all right thinking Christians. Book #4 deals with how Immigration patterns contribute to multiculturalism. Book #5 gives a plethora of concrete examples of multiculturalism in the works. Book #6 provides more Theological grounding along with that provided by the main texts. Book #7 reveals how Hollywood and the movie industry advances the agenda of multiculturalism. Book #8 has some presuppositional weakness but still provides some good information. Books #9 and #10 are important. Neibuhr gives a template for understanding the relationship between Christ and Culture. Carson challenges Niebuhr on some matters. Carson’s Baptist background shows through. The reader needs to be aware of that. As long as books 8-10 are read in light of all that went before the student will be able to strain out the errors in those books.

The Student will write 15 page book reviews on the three main texts.

The Student will make chapter notes at the end of each Chapter and summarize the thrust of each book in their supplemental reading.

The Student will mark down 15 time sections of each of the Documentaries that they view and discuss the importance of that time section with the Teacher.