The Ongoing Validity of God’s Law

Romans 6:14 For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.

The Gospel is temporary, but the law is eternal and is restored precisely through the Gospel. Freedom from the law consists, then, not in the fact that the Christian has nothing more to do with the law, but lies in the fact that the law demands nothing more from the Christian as a condition of salvation. The law can no longer judge and condemn him. Instead he delights in the law of God according to the inner man and yearns for it day and night.”

Herman Bavinck

When St. Paul writes about being “free from the law,” he is not at that point teaching us that being Christian means being antinomian. The “freedom from the law” that Paul is referencing here has to do with the freedom from the condemnation of the law. This is a condemnation that is a reality for all those outside of Christ. Man, as being mortal is always governed by some law and so it is literally not possible to be free from law in the sense of having a lawless existence.

Freedom from the condemnation of the law is the good news the Gospel brings. Outside of Christ, we are forever burdened by the accusation of God’s law that we are guilty of not keeping God’s law. In Christ, we are free from that accusation and condemnation that we are guilty of because of our violating God’s law, and we are free from the condemnation of God’s law precisely because Christ is the one, in His crucifixion, who, as our substitute, already received in Himself the penalty and condemnation that was properly designed for us due to our breaking of God’s law.

Having been set free from the condemnation of God’s law we are now at liberty to walk in terms of God’s law without any fear because there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus and who no longer walk consistent with our sinful former appetites but who now walk according to our law honoring desires as we are new creations.

How Sodomy Is Being Mainstreamed in the “White Hat” Reformed Churches

1.) Introduce a whole new category of sexual orientation

2.) Create a distinction between perverted sexual orientation not acted upon, which people are not responsible for and perverted sex for which people are responsible.

3.) Continue to fuzz the line between perverted sexual sexual orientation not acted upon, which people are not responsible for and increasing intimacy between people of the same sex as long as they are not involved in sexual activity.

a.) For example, two same sex oriented people could conceivably live together as Bunkies as long their bond excluded active perverted sex. Keep fuzzing that line so that eventually the affirmation of perverted sexual orientation becomes the affirmation of perverted sex.

b.) For example… allowing people who affirm their sodomy to become members in church and who do so without making the distinction that only their sexual orientation is queer.

4.) Twist the Scriptures that deal with sodomy so as to teach that the sin of sodomy was either,

a.) As pursued by heterosexuals who by engaging in sodomy were sinning again their sexual orientation

b.) As pursued by people involving themselves with Temple sodomite prostitutes

5.) Insist that people who continue to stand with God’s Word on sodomy are self-righteous Pharisees who are damaging “the least of these.”

6.) Point out that sodomites are victims who are being persecuted by Oppressors and that Christ came to raise up the persecuted while bringing low the Oppressor.

7.) Remind people that Christ was accused of eating with Tax-collectors and Publicans and that if Jesus were here today the very people He would dine with would be sodomites.

8.) Remind people that as all people are sinners therefore people (sinners) have no business pointing out the sin of sodomy. Since we all sin, nobody should be talking about the sins of others. We don’t want to be hypocrites after all.

9.) Insist that God’s law has no role when dealing with sodomites. God’s law must be set aside in favor of winning sodomites by Hospitality Evangelism. Studies show that sodomites don’t convert if they are told that God’s law forbids sodomy. Win sodomites by having them over for Brunch.

10.) Point out that Jesus talked much more about greed and never about sodomy thus implying that the sin of sodomy is not that big of a deal in comparison to greed.

11.) Emphasize that we are to love our neighbor thus communicating that it is not loving to stand directly against sin.

12.) Organize conferences where “Christian” sodomites can find one another and be affirmed in the normativity of their psychological injury.

13.) Hire Psychologist Dr. Mark Yarhouse (PsyD) to write a white paper (A Christian Perspective On Sexual Identity) defending sodomy and then have that paper unofficially adopted by the Gospel Coalition, making that white paper the gold standard for at least some Seminaries.

14.) Confront and demand for the inclusion of queers in the ministry on the floor of denominational gatherings. Shame people for their lack of Christian charity if they oppose you.

15.) Rinse and repeat as long as necessary.

Keller; The Evils Of White Nationalism & Slogans

“Christians should look at the energized and emboldened white nationalism movement, and at its fascist slogans, and condemn it — full stop.”

Tim Keller

Keller is once again burnishing his SJW credentials here. I’d love to know what white nationalism he is talking about that isn’t already recognized as a fringe movement. Where is this white nationalism in the “bowing and scraping before the cultural Marxist” Evangelical and Reformed denominations? I wonder if the Dr. Rev. Keller could give five or so well known fascists slogans? It should be easy to do so since they are so prevalent. I wonder if the Dr. Rev. Keller ever raises the same warning against the Minority Nationalism so prevalent in the minority community? LaRaza anybody? Black Muslims? The Black Congressional Caucus?

But what am I thinking? Everyone knows that minorities can’t be racist since in order to be racist one has to have power plus privilege and no minority has power plus privilege despite the reality of affirmative action, hiring quotas, University admission quotas, stipulated point additions for minorities taking the SAT or ACT admissions test, etc. So naturally, the Dr. Rev. Keller groans and moans about something that is almost a non-entity.

White Nationalism? Well, just last week I couldn’t get around Lansing, Michigan because of that damn KKK march. And the week before that it was the burning in effigy of an oriental. I hate crowds.

And the slogans? They’re just horrid

two, four, six, eight
White people are only great


Hey Hey, Ho Ho
All you minorities need to go

(I always get that one mixed up with,

Hey Hey, Ho Ho
Western Civ has got to go)


Go ahead and try to get ahead
You scumbag minorities

Yep, freaking White Nationalism is everywhere. Why just last week on the way home from Church I counted ten (TEN) burning crosses on minority lawns. The lumber mill is doing a bang up business but I don’t mind as the owner attends the church I serve and he gives generously.

But before the Rev. Dr. Keller’s indignation gets too righteous, he just might want to consider that white people (either real or imagined) not have a corner on ethnic or racial pride.

Below is just a Whitman’s Sampler. Much more could be easily adduce.

(But remember… nothing below is “racist,” because it is not possible for minorities to be racist since they do not speak out of power plus privilege.)

“If God is white, kill God.”

James Cone Black Liberation Theologian

“There will be no peace in America until whites begin to hate their whiteness, asking from the depths of their being: ‘How can we become black?’”

Jeremiah Wright Black Minister

“Elijah Muhammad, is the one who preached that the white man of America, number one, is the Devil!”

Cassius Clay (Mohammed Ali)

 “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.”

Noel Ignatiev
Harvard Magazine

“So then when we talk about white identity, then we have to talk about what whiteness is. Well, the reality is that whiteness is rooted in plunder, in theft, in slavery, in enslavement of Africans, genocide of Native Americans… Because we have to understand something – whiteness is wicked. It is wicked. It’s rooted in violence, it’s rooted in theft, it’s rooted in plunder,  it’s rooted in power, in privilege.”

Ekemini Uwan — M. Diva
Public Black Female “Theologian”

“For some the Church has become the least safe place for people of color.”

Duke Kwon
PCA Elder

The church’s refusal to de-center whiteness is the primary reason we have failed to address its cultural impact.

Michelle Higgins

The Poison Of Feminism

The love of a mother is no more or less important than the love of a father. We all know this. But then, in general, mothers should be under no greater burden than fathers to abandon their callings for the sake of their children. The asymmetry in our responses to working mothers and fathers, then, suggests that other factors are in play. In an evangelical Protestant context, the context I have in view here, there is good reason to suspect that these other factors include a tendency to devalue the gifts and contributions of women particularly in positions of teaching and leadership.”

Michael Rea
Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame

Why, instead of the conclusion that Rea draws in his last sentence above, don’t we conclude that the reason Evangelical Protestants don’t want women in social order leadership is,

1.) The Scriptures forbid it.

2.) We so value women and their role in hearth and home that we don’t want to treat them like roses used as kindling to start a fire by exiling women from hearth and home in order to embrace the curse of men to till the ground by the sweat of their brow?

3.) We understand and affirm that men and women were not created to be interchangeable cogs as if both sexes were created to do the same thing.

Overall I would say it is Rea, and people like him, who are devaluing the gifts and contributions of women. It is people like Rea who are taking from children their Mothers who are to be the leaders and teachers of the most impressionable in our social order.

Look, the hidden goal of feminism, as a created tool of the NWO, since it’s rise at the turn of the 20th century and its acceleration in the 60’s and 70’s was to destroy the family. By getting women out of the home and into the workforce (i.e. — Rosie the Riveter) via the NWO’s instigation of WW I and especially WW II multiple ends were served, one of which was getting women out from under their husband’s authority and another was separating Mothers from their children — their instinctual impulse. In such a way two things happened. First, children would more naturally become defacto wards of the state (from daycare to Government schools) as two income families increasingly predominated across the landscape of America. Second, women would become less dependent upon their husbands and so have the resources to leave at the smallest provocation. In all this the family would become more destabilized and the State would expand in power where the family decreased in power. Feminism serves the end of the rapacious state. Indeed, it might be well said that state legislation that supports feminism is a case where the State is raping women. For those women who support feminist legislation one might rightfully say that, metaphorically speaking, “those women enjoy rape.”

So, it is in the interest of the tyrant State to breathe life into feminism because by doing so the tyrant State breaks down a potential adversary insuring that the family, as a potential alternate power center does not arise to challenge the tyrant State. This explains why the we have gone from the Trustee family model in the West to the Trustee family model and now ever increasingly to the Atomistic family style. The elimination of the family is life for the tyrant state.

The tyrant state does not want a Christian home where wives and mothers as homemakers are paid and amply taken care of and provided for by a loving Christian husband. Unless there were extenuating circumstances, why should a Christian wife and mother want to work for a different covenant head in the workforce when she can take care of her covenant head and family at home?

I have no doubt that situations will arise where women have to work outside of the home in addition to their work as caring and nurturing wives and mothers in the home. Further, I am convinced where women can do the same work as men they should be paid commensurate with their work.

Having said that, and having worked for the Airlines industry for 15 years I know for a fact that in many career occupations that require strength, women, on the whole, (again exceptions probably exist) can not do the work that a man can do and so shouldn’t be paid what a man is paid.

Men are not women and women are not men and to say that they automatically should be paid equally reinforces the egalitarian agenda.

Now, there are industries where women should might well be paid more than men. Nursing, for example, were predominated by women early on and this because women were seen as natural nurturers and caretakers.

Having conceded that, the best and safest place for a woman is in the home. Women being forced outside the home are being cheated.

There was a time when this kind of thinking was not controversial in the least and was embraced, above all, by women.

No system of philosophy has ever yet worked out in behalf of woman the practical results for good which Christianity has conferred on her. Christianity has raised woman from slavery and made her the thoughtful companion of man; finds her the mere toy, or the victim of his passions, and it places her by his side, his truest friend, his most faithful counselor, his helpmeet in every worthy and honorable task. It protects her far more effectually than any other system. It cultivates, strengthens, elevates, purifies all her highest endowments, and holds out to her aspirations the most sublime for that future state of existence, where precious rewards are promised to every faithful discharge of duty, even the most humble. But, while conferring on her these priceless blessings, it also enjoins the submission of the wife to the husband, and allots a subordinate position to the whole sex while here on earth. No woman calling herself a Christian, acknowledging her duties as such, can, therefore, consistently deny the obligation of a limited subordination laid upon her by her Lord and His Church.

Susan Fenimore Cooper

Making The World Over Again

“The intelligentsia often divide people into those who are for change and those who are for the status quo.”

Thomas Sowell
Intellectuals and Society

“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”
Thomas Paine

This is the progressive battle cry from time immemorial. The progressive desires to always start from scratch. He consistently desires to completely ignore the successes that our Fathers passed on to us in terms how we lean into life. All of that must be scuttled for instantaneous and dramatic change. The world must always be made over again. The old boundaries that our Fathers lived by for centuries must be cast down and new borders drawn. Let us begin the world over again by redefining marriage, by redefining gender, by even redefining public bathrooms. Let us begin the world over by making health care a right, by requiring everybody be vaccinated, by shipping our children out to be intellectually mauled by intellectually impoverished government school teachers. Let us being the world over by pursuing solar energy, wind energy, and fubar energy, while shutting down the energy sources that have expanded our life spans and accelerated Western civilization for over 100 years.

Beginning the world over again was the battle cry of Obama in 2008 when five days before the election he boasted that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” It was heard again just a few days ago when Bernie Sanders, upon winning the New Hampshire primary chirped, “Our campaign is not just about beating Trump, it is about transforming this country.” One never hears a conservative talk this way… not even when there is a need to change in order to undo the random flotsam and jetsam resulting from the “change” wrought by the progressives.

A concomitant of this need to begin the world over is a crisis. It is always the case that the demand for change that fundamentally transforms is because some kind of crisis is upon us which the ways of our fathers cannot handle. In FDR’s era it was the manufactured crisis of the banks failing that demanded that FDR’s brain trust fundamentally transform America. Today it is the manufactured crisis that is global climate change that has the “changers” doing their best chicken little imitation crying that “the sky is falling,” “the sky is falling,” and so we must fundamentally transform America. In the end it is not really change that is needed, but instead the genesis of this cry for change is a combination of desiring to line one’s pocket with the will to power and desire to control populations (you and I).

The people who cry for the world to begin anew are demons loosed from the pit. Listening to them and yoking with them by voting for them is a sure way to impoverish yourself and the generations behind you.

Besides, positive change never comes by the social engineering that these doomsayers always offer as the cure-all for the crisis. You’d think by now mankind would have learned this. Fundamental change comes by winning hearts and minds, and not by giving the keys of legislative authority to a group of people who have more in common with Svengali, Rasputin, de Sade, and Kinsey then they have in common with the values handed down to you by your Christian Fathers.

Changing yourself will do more to make the world over again than empowering these madmen by voting them into office.