Re-Open Or Die

While we only have projected deaths for the Wuhan virus, (based on models that have sucked better than your favorite Hoover vacuum cleaner) we also have the reality of the known deaths we are facing if we don’t get the economy up and running again.

Former New York Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey laid out the deaths of Americans we are looking at if we don’t quit with this silly leftist Wuhan drama,

“Job losses cause extreme suffering. Every 1 percent hike in the unemployment rate will likely produce a 3.3 percent increase in drug-overdose deaths and a 0.99 percent increase in suicides, according to data from the National Bureau of Economic Research and the medical journal Lancet.

These are facts based on past experience, not models. If unemployment hits 32 percent, some 77,000 Americans are likely to die from suicide and drug overdoses as a result of layoffs. Deaths of despair.

Then add the predictable deaths from alcohol abuse caused by ­unemployment. Health economist Michael French from the University of Miami found a “significant association between job loss” and binge drinking and alcoholism.

The impact of layoffs goes ­beyond suicide, drug overdosing and drinking, however. Overall, the death rate for an unemployed person is 63 percent higher than for someone with a job, according to findings in the journal Social Science & Medicine.

Now do the math: Layoff-related deaths could far outnumber the 60,400 Wuhan virus deaths predicted by University of Washington researchers. This comparison isn’t meant to understate the horror of the Wuhan virus for those who get it and their families.”

So, if this really is about saving every “precious soul” (a sentimental phrase copped from New Jersey Gov. Murphy intended to prejudice the discussion) possible from contracting the Wuhan virus we need to start thinking about the “precious souls” who are going to die because of the current dumbassery that our elites are pursuing.

This is not a matter of on the one hand we keep our economy closed thus saving the lives of people who would have otherwise died if we had kept our economy open vs. keeping the economy open and so carelessly letting people die. No … this is a matter of keeping the economy closed and so one set of people die vs. opening the economy and other people die. Like it or not, we have to decide, based on the best evidence possible which death numbers are going to be more grievous. Frankly, it is already obvious that keeping our economy closed is going to cost far more “precious souls” than opening our economy.

The fear-mongering is not going to stop and so Christian you have to decide for yourself to ignore the fear mongering. You have to ignore your Political Leaders. You have to ignore the current “expert” Doctors who are being made the face of this Wuhan crisis. You have to ignore the little Joey Clergy’s who are telling you from the pulpit during your online services that you need to stay home. You have to do your own research (I can point you in the right direction if you ask) and realize that your being trolled by the Marxists, experts, fellow travelers and a constellation of “Ken & Karen Dumbarses.”

If you refuse to ignore these people … if you refuse to push-back against the current fecal narrative then you alone are responsible for the controlled economic crash that we are currently witnessing. You alone will be responsible for all the shinola they sneak into these stimulus bills — everything from squashing your 2nd amendment rights to giving your tax dollars to Federal agencies and programs. For example of the 2.2 Trillion dollar stimulus bill that passed a couple weeks ago, 600 Billion of that 2.2 Trillion is money going to federal agencies and departments.

Wake up America. Your existence as you have known it hangs in the balance.

It Hurts So Bad When Michigan Gov. Whitmer Talks

Press Question to Gov. Half Whitmer: How are you going to go about deciding when to re-open Michigan? What factors are you going to consider?

Whitmer responds: I think the same factors you’re hearing from Governors across the country right? It’s knowing we have a decline in the number of tests coming in positively. It’s that we have got robust testing and that is still a struggle across this nation. We need some assistance from the federal government when it comes to swabs and re-agents and making sure we have got the kind of robust testing that we need so we have got data we can actually rely on. These are two of the most important factors but as we are making this determination it has got to be centered around public health and mitigating spread knowing that our hospitals are equipped the PPE they need to meet the needs of the people who need help desperately and not in crisis mode but in a manageable way.

Key in on the phrase above, “so we have got data we can actually rely on.

Whitmer has shut down the whole state and admits here that she has done so on the basis of unreliable data? If she doesn’t have data she can rely on then what else can she be making her decisions upon except unreliable data? This is a mind boggling admission. “Well, I have no reliable data to support doing what I’m doing in closing down the whole state but hells bells it feels like the right thing to do.” I guess that is what they call “women’s intuition.”

Second, Typhoid Gretchen says that Michigan isn’t opening up until we have “robust testing.” Do people realize how far away we are yet from “robust testing.” (Whatever that might mean to our dear Gretchen.) By this standard it may well be that we all finally learn what the phrase, “When hell freezes over” means.

Secondly it would be nice to know ahead of time just exactly what the standard for robust testing is so that we all can know it when we arrive at the status of “robust testing.”

Later in this same interview Whitmer said that Michigan was “successfully flattening the curve.”

Now wait a ding dong minute.

Dear Gretchen … Babe … Honey … If you don’t have reliable data how could you possibly know if you’re successfully flattening the curve? In point of fact, Dear, how could you even know what the curve is that needs flattened if you don’t have reliable data?

Honestly Gov. Sweetheart, when you go on like this you have me screaming at the screen upon which I’m watching this display of 100% prime, top of the line, rarely seen idiocy.

Methinks somebody in Lansing is educated beyond her intelligence.

Elsewhere Michigan’s Babe Governor said,

“I support your right to free speech and I respect your opinions. I just urge you, don’t put yourself at risk and don’t put others at risk either. I was really disappointed to see people congregating not wearing masks. I saw someone handing out candy to little kids bare handed. We know that this rally endangered people. We’re all in this together. I am the Governor for all 10 million people of this state whether you support all the policies I’ve championed or not and we’ve all got do to our part.”

Once again … if you don’t have reliable data to date how could you possibly know that people were endangered any more than any other time when they are congregating on the Capital grounds?

Note also the insufferable Grandma tone in all this. You’d think Whitmer was addressing a bunch of errant grandchildren;

“Now Tommy, I saw you when you weren’t wearing your mask. Naughty boy.” “Susie, how many times have I told you to stay six feet away from Jenny? Must I have you sit in the corner even longer than you already are?” “Steve, if I catch you handing out candy again to the little ones with your bare hands I’m afraid I’m going to have to get the leather whip out.”

This is taking the Nanny State a bit to literally.

Ahh, well Gretchen… you keep doing your part in saying magnificently stupid things and I’ll keep doing my part pointing out how irrational you’re being.

To wrap up, I had an epiphany late last night. I realized that the reason Gov. Half Whitmer stung the whole state of Michigan instead of the three overwhelmingly infected counties of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb, is that those counties taken as a unit have a disproportionate percentage of the Black population in Michigan. If Whitmer had only focused on those counties, where the Wuhan virus is most intensely present in Michigan she would have had to deal with the screams of “RACIST.”

And so to avoid that Grandma Gretchen shut down the whole state.

Eyewitness Report on Michigan Rising Protest

1.) Cars backed up into every entry derivative into the State Grounds as far as the eye can see. Amazing.…/rpp.847929181…/3242289355837197/…

2.) We were there early enough that in God’s providence we found a prime parking spot .25 mile from the State Capital grounds. We parked and walked up and around the grounds where there were probably a couple thousand people.

3.) Cops on bikes were frequently seen but they were on their best behavior. They were leaving people alone but clearly wanted to demonstrate a presence. I was especially amused by the female LEO’s. Of course it is my conviction that having women as “warriors,” is like using Rose Petals as fire kindling.

4.) In God’s providence I “accidentally” bumped into the State Rep. who had a key hand in organizing the protest. We chatted awhile. He said that it was everything that they hoped for. Put the number at Tens of thousands. I thought that number a bit high.

5.) Downside was everybody saying Pledge Allegiance. I let my feelings be known to all who would listen about the Pledge.

a.) The Pledge was written by a Socialist
b.) America most certainly is NOT indivisible
c.) Let the State pledge allegiance to us
d.) The USA was never one Republic but a Republic of Republics
e.) Liberty and Justice is not pursued for the unborn.

I loathe the “Pledge of Allegiance.

There was also chanting of USA. I chanted instead … “CSA… CSA.” Definitely a large number of American Bears present. It is what it is. I will never chant USA as long as American abortuaries are operating full steam.

6.) People were in high spirits. A good number of citizen chaps walking around with their assault weapons on the Capital grounds.

7.) It was a very White event. Very white. This bespeaks the cultural divide that exists in the country. Why should liberty and advocating Constitutional duties be a white affair?f

8.) It was encouraging to see the Grey heads out. A good number of older citizens and yet there was plenty of youth as well.

9.) Funny signs everywhere.

a.) “Governor Whitmer is Non-Essential”
b.) Governor Whitmer is a Murderer. She is killing small businesses
c.) The Government that hooked us opiods is now telling us to get Vaccines?
d.) You can buy grass but you can’t mow it?
e.) Shutdown the Lockdown
f.) Joe Biden Doesn’t Remember You
g.) A traced outline of the Upper Peninsula followed by “your Arse” (think about it)

10.) Bumped into

a.) Bob Weinart
b.) Alex Larner
c.) Stephen Pribble
d.) Dennis Kanaga
e.) Chris Martens
f.) Bill Martens

11.) Flags everywhere

a.) Molon Labe
b.) Gadsden flag
c.) Stars & Bars
d.) American
e.) Trump
f.) Betsy Ross flag (Stars in a circle)

12.) People from all over Michigan. We talked to folks from as far North as Traverse City, as far West as Holland Mich. and as far East as Detroit.

13.) Bob and I walked against the basically stand still traffic for a good 1.5 miles. Bob was waving his flag and telling people to honk their horns while I gave the thumbs up and would say to those with their windows open, “God Bless Michigan.” People returned the thumbs up and often repeated the Blessing. Horns were deafening.

14.) Every type of vehicle you can imagine. Semis, RV’s, Pickups, Sedans, Motorcycles, Refrigerated boxcars, Lawn businesses pulling their trailers with all their currently unused equipment on it. It was a spectacle. Even saw a drone flying. We gave it a proper greeting in case it was the FEDS.

15.) Media was EVERYWHERE. Cameras, microphones, reporters, it was all there.

16.) Social distancing? What social distancing?

Martians, Wuhan, Lugenpresse, and the New World Order

It seems pretty obvious now. What Americans have been through the last several weeks and what they continue to go through can only be considered a hoax. We have been living the 2020 version of H. G. Wells, “War of the Worlds,” only as on Adderall.

“The War of the Worlds” broadcast in October of 1938, was, as you may recall, a Orson Welles radio dramatization of Martians invading earth. The effect that it had on a significant portion of the US population was jarring. Mayors from Midwestern towns were calling into the program in New York City outraged because they were having to deal with mobs in their Midwestern streets panicked over the impact of the news that “The Martians are coming, The Martians are coming.”

But the thing that really set off the panic was the arrival of the New York City press. Just as it is true now it was true then,“if it bleeds it leads,” and so the Lugenpresse of 1938 like the Lugenpresse today couldn’t get enough. Orson Welles and the “War of the Worlds” staff at the CBS studio were being peppered with questions,

“How many deaths have there been so far.” (Thus assuming there were any)
“Could you give us insight into the fatalities stampeded in Jersey Hall”
“How many traffic deaths have their been so far?” (Assuming there were any)
“How many suicides to report?”
(Assuming there were any)

In 2020 those responsible for the models which predicted ridiculous numbers of deaths (IHME in the States and Neil Ferguson in Britain) are playing the role of H. G. Wells and the Dr. Fauci and Birx types are playing the Orson Wells type putting on the dramatization. The only difference is, is that H. G. Wells and Orson Wells were not trying to stampede the rubes while one is suspicious that there is more than story-telling going on in the work of the modelers, lugenpresse, doctors, media, and politicians in this story. To put it bluntly unlike Wells and Welles the current performers desired exactly the response that they have ginned up.

Just as there were no Martians invading planet earth in October of 1938 so there is nothing unusual happening with the Wuhan virus. The recent “new and improved” modeling tells us that the death toll from the Wuhan virus isn’t going to be that much of a variation from 2017-2018 when 61,099 American lives were ended by the flu virus. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Washington state is now projecting at the high end 68,841 potential deaths in America. It is also estimating lower ranges than that. The Wuhan Martians are all in your head America.

This is what has inspired us to copycat the freaked out citizens in 1938? Our version of Wells “War of the Worlds,” though has done far more damage than that little dramatization in 1938. We have fear mongered our country out of 17 million jobs, bled off trillions of dollars from the economy (some are guessing as much as 40% of our economy is gone with the wind), revealed tin-horn dictators as far as the eye can see, shut down businesses which will never re-open, closed putative places of worship, and generally played havoc with our everyday civic life. Yet despite all this and despite that it is a well known fact that nobody knows the numbers on the Wuhan virus because nobody can collate the numbers in order to be able to authoritatively say what’s what still we have high profile public politicians telling us that this is the new normal.

Then, of course, there is the issue of the lugenpresse. Our lugenpresse has been Marxist owned and run for decades now and so when we read the press we read the the rantings and ravings of either outright Marxists or at the very best fellow travelers. The lugenpresse clearly wants to use the Wuhan virus in order to,

1.) Take out Trump (No big loss there as the Big Orange is offering little in way of resistance.)

2.) Create an environment which makes it easier to implement the “Green New Deal.”

3.) Enact the Globalist agenda. Remember, the Globalists agenda has long included lifting third world nations while believing that the USA had to be brought down in order to socialize and unite the economies of the various nations into one Global whole.

So, the lugenpresse is doing all it can to spin the Wuhan virus story and the consequent economic free fall that will bring to fruition their long envisioned New World Order.

Finally, we consider the political beasts. Our politicians don’t care about the American public. They care about feathering their own nests and if those nests have to be feathered by the means of Chinese bribes than it is what it is. We are a people bereft of political leadership. It is now well known that this whole Wuhan virus hypochondria was not what was threatened, and yet even now the political establishment is dragging its heels in opening up America for business again.

One would like to believe that Americans have learned their lesson about being spooked and so stampeded. In the 1970’s it was Paul Ehrlich announcing the end of the world via “The Population Bomb,” with his prediction that “hundreds of millions would starve to death.”Didn’t happen. In the 1980’s Gary North was warning that the world was going to come to an end due to the AIDS virus. Didn’t happen. The 1980’s also found people convinced that Nuclear Winter was just around the corner. Didn’t happen. Gary North was back in 1999 insisting that civilization was going to be swallowed by Y2K. Didn’t happen. In the 1990’s straight through to Greta Thumberg we have had to listen to constant “end of the world as we know it” tripe due to the boogie monster of “Anthropogenic Climate Change.” Isn’t happening. How long are we going to keep letting ourselves be spooked and stampeded by the chicken littles in the leftist activist communities as supported by their “woe is me, we’re all gonna die” lugenpresse, politicians, and expert class?

Enough is enough already. I’m tired of all these Wells and Welles “War of the Worlds” reruns. Is it really so difficult to just say, “Yes, dearies, it is flu season again and if your co-morbidities are high and if you are just a touched aged, you’ll want to be extra careful this year,” as opposed to shutting the whole fricking country down thus killing ourselves with the decreased lifespans that invariably come with immediate and severe economic contraction.

Quit being a Lemming. Just assume from the outset that the Government, the Lugenpresse, and the experts are lying to you.

Characteristics Of Communist States

“In fact, the history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is one that has severed people’s memories, a history in which children do not know the true experiences of their parents, a history in which hundreds of millions of citizens endure the enormous conflict between despising the CCP’s bloody past and holding out hope for the CCP’s future.

When the evil specter of communism fell upon the human world, the Communist Party unleashed the scum of society and utilized the rebellion of hoodlums to seize and establish political power. What it has done, by means of carnage and tyranny, is to establish and maintain despotism in the form of a “Party Possession.” By using the so-called ideology of “struggle” that opposes nature, heaven’s laws, human nature, and the universe, it destroys human conscience and benevolence, and further destroys traditional civilization and morality. It has used bloody slaughters and forced brainwashing to establish an evil communist cult, creating a nation of warped minds in order to rule the country.

Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party — pg. 312

1.) All tyrannical governments work to sever the people from their past. USA public schools excel at this project.

2.) The idea that the scum of society is the leadership that rises in tyrannical governments is an of noted them. Hayek teases it out in his “Road to Serfdom.” RJR often refers to it in his writings. Fred Schwarz in his “You can Trust the Communists to be Communist” points it out. A tyrannical State can only be “successfully maintained by a Criminal class. Those who fill Government positions are, an exception here and there notwithstanding, are typically the most dumb and the most wicked people you will ever want to meet.

3.) The idea of the “struggle” requires the codification of the idea of the conflict of interests. Communism Governments cannot exist apart from setting people at each other’s throats. It is only by keeping the populace at each other’s throats can they keep the populace from being at the State’s throat. This is the simple “divide and conquer” technique.

4.) Tyrant Governments can’t exist except by creating a criminal citizenry. Tyrant Governments need a citizenry that is comprised of the snitch, the cheat, the adulterer, and the pre-eminently selfish. E. Michael Jones makes this same point about tyrannical governments in the West in his book “Libido Dominandi” and how the Tyrant State uses the promotion of promiscuity and sexuality as among the citizenry in order to maintain their existence.