Returning Fire on Ft. Sumpter

“On the other hand, I do think that Kinism is playing with a species murder – hatred and pride in the heart based on race and ethnicity. And murderers end up in the Lake of Fire. I’m not talking about love of family, love of tradition, love of your home, love of your nation, love of your culture, love of baseball and hotdogs and cold beer – all good and godly things, ordered by God’s Word. If that’s what you’re eager to recover, that’s great, just don’t call yourself a “Kinist” and don’t share White Boy Summer memes like some kind of fathead. To traffic in racialist categories is to take the bait of Critical Race Theory and all its ugly bastard children. You don’t beat Dialectical Materialism with your own materialistic dialectic. You don’t beat feminists by ordaining women to pastoral ministry. You don’t beat fire by pouring gasoline on it….

God requires us to honor our fathers in the faith, and sometimes when our fathers stumble into sin or error, they must be admonished and sometimes we walk backwards into the tent to cover their drunken shame. 

Toby Sumpter

As Possessed by Doug Wilson

So, our enemies think they get to dictate the language? Because Doug and old Toby thinks that we need to quit calling ourselves “Kinists” therefore we should quit calling ourselves “Kinists?”

I have an idea. Why don’t Toby and Doug and Darren and Foster etc. etc. etc. quit calling themselves “Reformed.” I mean these guys are Reformed the way that Michelle Duggar is a “virgin.”

Fathead Sumpter casts aspersions about how Kinists are trading in “Critical Race Theory.” Tell me Old Tobe, are all those quotes in the Achord & Dow book from all those Christian Fathers through the centuries who were clearly kinist as the leading kinists have defined Kinism also guilty of thinking in racialist categories and of having a materialistic dialectic?

Honestly, I don’t think Fathead Sumpter would know a materialistic dialectic if it came up and bit him on his fat head.

But hey… knock yourself out with all your slander and libel Toby boy. I mean, Jesus said that we are to rejoice when we are persecuted for righteousness sake and as Kinists are the ones with a Biblical anthropology and axiology, I’m partying pretty hard right now with all your insults Old Fathead Tobe.

See… I can play that card just as well as you can.

Honestly Doug Jr. (Is it alright to call you Doug Jr. Toby? I mean your writing style makes me think that Dougie is trying to possess you.) do you really think that Kinists are dealing with a species of murder with all the hate and pride in our heart?

Notice again though the seeming assumption on Fathead’s part that all kinists are white. Would Toby really accuse one of our Black or Brown Kinists brothers, who overwhelmingly agree with us on the necessity to prioritize one’s people, of being racialist fatheads who traffic in the hatred and pride that comprise murder?

Honestly, Old Tobey complains in the piece this quote is pulled from about people not excelling at reading comprehension and yet this fathead thinks this is what Kinists believe.

That’s ok… let him continue to try to break records for maxing out the Asperger’s scale. I’m too busy enjoying my latest Boilermaker while watching the classic, “Birth of a Nation.”

Oh… and that bit about honoring our Fathers?

You might want to consider this link Fathead and then ask yourself… how your slander and libel against Kinists and Kinism is honoring our Kinist Christian Fathers in the Faith.

And if after all that, you’ve missed the point let me quote one of your detractors;

“Counter signaling the only socio-political movement that is talking about the blight of white people, all while chanting Christ is King, seems like a smooth brain move.”

So Say We All … A Protest To Dr. Sproul 2.0’s Comments

The Totalitarian State & Its Wreckage on Community

“The totalitarian state … wages war against the community, because the community is a powerful rival government. It works to weaken the community, the family, the church, and vocation in order to strengthen its own power.”

R. J. Rushdoony
Inst. of Biblical Law Vol. II – p. 82

Whether it is sodomite marriage, the encouragement of trans-genderism the exploitation of our children, or the pushing of pedophilia, you can be sure that the tyrant state is behind it all pushing the destruction of community, family, and church so as to be without competition in the matter of ruling and governance. It is in the interest of the tyrant state to pursue a social order that maximizes atomistic individuality for where there is atomistic individuality there is no other corporate or covenantal entity which can challenge the god-state.

The pushing of multiculturalism fits in this agenda. Multiculturalism destroys previous community boundaries leaving the individual naked to understand and identify themselves only as against the backdrop of the God-State. Likewise postmodernism and post-postmodernism pushes this agenda for if there is no unifying transcendent truth then each man by their autonomous self decides what is truth for them. This destabilizing of the concept of stable transcendent truth thus feeds into the climate that demands the atomistic individual.

If you believe in family, church, and community the State is your enemy. Not only that but everyone who works for the State is your enemy inasmuch as they keep the beast operative.

This problem now though is complicated by the fact that the Church in the West is just as compromised as every other of our Institutions. Further, the clergy, exceptions notwithstanding, are likewise part of the problem and not the cure.

The flip side of the RJR quote is the necessity to build strong families in strong churches and so being a contributing member to strong communities. This of course requires a shared Christian faith as the adhesive that glues the family/church/community together. There will be no resisting the degenerating and dissolving work of the State or Corporate America or the Lugenpress without a shared faith informing these covenant entities. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Either we hang together or we hang separately.”

In the context of all this remember you are going to be a minority. If you want to fight against atomistic-individualism as coming from all comers in the culture you’ll have to determine you’re going to do it as a member of Gideon’s small army. The fact that they we’re outnumbered by the Normies should not concern us and should only serve to strengthen our brotherhood and reputation in the future.

Keep in mind the well-known lines from the rousing St. Crispin’s Day Speech given by the king in Shakespeare’s Henry V;

‘We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.’ 

McAtee Contra Littlejohn

“The fact is that “race” is largely a constructed category, with infinite variations of genetic difference across the whole glorious spectrum of the one human race. Whatever differences that millennia of in-marriage might have produced between South Koreans and West Africans, they can be dissolved in just one generation by the loving marital union of a Korean man and a Liberian woman.”

Brad Littlejohn

Online Article – Nationalism must reject Racism

1.) Keep in mind that Littlejohn insists that “Racism” must be rejected and yet he never gives a definition in this article as to what “racism” is so that we can reject it. Frankly, the word “racism” has just become a scare word invoked in order to defeat a Biblical Christian/conservative.

2.) Nobody ever talked about race being “largely a constructed category” until Franz Boas came along in the 1930s. Boas was one of the Fathers of Cultural Marxism. In my estimation Littlejohn (and his Davenant Institute) has adopted one of the planks of Cultural Marxism by insisting that race is a largely constructed category. Try telling a bi-racial patient waiting for a bone marrow transplant that race is a largely constructed category.

3.) It is the height of ignorance to claim that one marriage between a South Korean and a West-African can be dissolved in one generation by one marriage between a male and a female from each people. First, we have to assume that this marriage does not end in divorce, which miscegenated marriages, statistically speaking, more often do end. Second, we have to assume that the offspring of said union will find a way to fit in. One of the key founders of the Presbyterian Church of America warned about this;

“No human can measure the anguish of personality that goes on within the children of miscegenation… Let those who would erase the racial diversity of God’s creation beware lest the consequence of their evil be visited upon their children.”

John Edwards Richards

One of the founders of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

Littlejohn in this article is merely seeking to sanctify one of the main tenets of Cultural Marxism. He should be called out on it.

A Few Words on Egalitarianism

An infatuation with Enlightenment egalitarianism by necessity requires a protest against God. God ordained and commanded hierarchy. God ordained and commanded patriarchy. God ordained and created family relationships with the clear intent, seen via the 5th commandment, that egalitarianism would be the ethos of the wanderer and the cosmopolitan. All men are not equal and those men who are the least of all are those men who insist they are equal to their betters.

This was Lucifer’s fall. Lucifer demanded equality with God and could not accept that God was and remains His better. We should not be surprised that Lucifer seeks to convince his minions that they are every bit the equal of anybody else who walks the planet. Promising egalitarian status with God was the bait he hooked Eve with — “You shall be as God…”

Egalitarianism is, then, the primeval sin of all sins and yet it is the sin that lies behind screams of racism, screams of homophobia, screams of transphobia, etc.

I am not the equal of many better men than I and many lesser men than myself are not my equal. And it would be a lesser world if all men were equal in the Enlightenment sense of that word.

The Equality of the modern has no continuity with the Equality of the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta argued for equality before the law of all according to their franchise and station. This is the equality which is thoroughly consistent with that wide diversity of natural capacities, virtue, station, sex, inherited possessions, by which no social order can function without.

No, the equality of the modern is the equality of the Jacobin — of the Sans Culotte — which absurdly claims for every human the same specific powers and rights. This modern equality is the equality of the Leveller and the Anabaptist. This absurd equality overturns all ability to build a coherent social order because it overturns all ability to make proper distinctions between people according to their diverse abilities and roles.
God save us from equality.

Impact of Immigration on National Cohesion & Identity

The main effect of the massive immigration that continues apace is to fracture the psychological bond of nationality leaving citizenship a hollowed out pseudo-legalism. That is because the diversity that massive immigration brings is associated with not only rising violence such as with terrorism or civil war but also the general loss of social cohesion. This general loss of social cohesion is sometimes referred to as “Balkanization.” It is the idea that, with the introduction of vast and sundry immigration, what occurs is a Hobbesian warfare of all people groups against all people groups. At this point there is no longer any “National Identity” left but only “People Group Identities” of the varied people who are part of the internal empire’s rule. This occurrence leads to intense civil stress as all policy pursued by any National Government is going to be measured according to the differing standards of each interest group.

Then when one adds the reality of a welfare state  one finds that these balkanized special interest groups quickly learn that if they can manipulate the government, they can use its power to enrich themselves at the expense of the other groups. The “intense civil stress” mentioned above thus includes intense economic warfare as each people group struggle for a larger and larger share of the welfare state pie.

Clearly, then, unlimited immigration is pursued with a view of deconstructing the country that existed prior to the wave of unlimited immigration.

Of course, all this also gives the lie to the idea that “Diversity is our strength.”