Timbers Forcing On Us A New Slavery — Timber #1 New Plausibility Structure For Marriage, Sex, and Family

In 1858, in his “Housed Divided” speech Abraham Lincoln complained about what he saw as a conspiracy between Stephen Douglass, Roger Taney, Franklin Pierce, and James Buchanan to force upon the Nation slavery.

“When we see a lot of framed timbers, different portions of which we know have been gotten out at different times and places and by different workmen — Stephen, Franklin, Roger, and James, for instance — and when we see these timbers joined together, and see they exactly make the frame of a house or a mill, all the tenons and mortices exactly fitting, and all the lengths and proportions of the different pieces exactly adapted to their respective places, and not a piece too many or too few — not omitting even scaffolding — or, if a single piece be lacking, we can see the place in the frame exactly fitted and prepared to yet bring such piece in — in such a case, we find it impossible not to believe that Stephen and Franklin and Roger and James all understood one another from the beginning, and all worked upon a common plan or draft drawn up before the first lick was struck.”

We live in similar times where we are seeing a lot of framed timbers by different workmen being constructed to the particular end of forcing upon the Nation a new slavery. As Biblical Christians we view the current social order and see any number of social ills present. What we don’t tend to see, I think, is the fact that these social ills are all serving a unified purpose, end, and goal. That purpose, end and goal is the complete unraveling of what small residue of a Christian Worldview that remains among us as a people. The goal in this piece is to look at the timber of sexual perversion as one of many means of destroying the little remaining residue of the Christian West. In successive articles I hope to look at other timbers that have been cut and shaped as a new house to replace Biblical Christianity.

An overview of these cut timbers, beyond the issue of perverted sex and the reduction of marriage which I will consider here, are the erasure of borders as seen in the constant push for amnesty, Obamacare, overturning of the second amendment, common core curriculum, Agenda 21, and the co-conspiratorial role of the “Evangelical” and “Reformed” contemporary confessional and conservative Churches and its ministers in the destruction of Biblical Christianity. All of these are agreed in the purpose, goal, and end of overthrowing the shards of a Biblical Christian social order.

The bulwark of any Christian social order is the Trustee Family. In order to successfully overthrow a Christian worldview and social order the Trustee and even Domestic family must be attacked and overthrown in favor of the Atomistic family. Of course this attack has been undergoing since Women’s suffrage movement with the diluting of male leadership by the extension of the vote to women and then with WW I and II with the thrusting of women out of the home and into the heretofore prominently male work force (i.e. — Rosie the Riveter). It continued on with Margaret Sanger’s campaign of Birth control and on through as the revolution successfully unleashed the Birth control pill. Later we had the ugly Feminism as championed by the likes of Bette Friedan and Gloria Steinem. The destruction of the family in the West continued with the advent of No fault divorce and then with the push for gender destruction and sodomite marriage we have seen the extension of these earlier expressions of the constant Revolution of Modernity. Along the way we have seen the burning of the bras and women being set free from the putative drudgery of being a housewife and Mother.

Along the way we have redefined love, sex, and marriage and the relationship of each with the other. This rearrangement has served to largely destroy the idea of Biblical family. Whereas in a Biblical social order Marriage is the proper context where romantic love and sex are pursued and so find legitimacy, with the onslaught of Modernity and its Revolution against the family what we have now is Romantic love as the proper context where sex and possibly marriage are pursued and so find legitimacy. What this means is that “falling and being in love” now serves as the proper justification for sexual relations and then possibly marriage and “falling out of love,” or, “not loving you anymore” is all the justification needed for pursuing new sexual liaisons and divorce where marriage is in place. In other words in the social order of Modernity, sex and marriage are justified and given moral status by the nebulous and fleeting emotion of “romantic love.” This is in contrast to a Biblical social order where romantic love and sex are justified and given moral status by marriage.

Since romantic love is the sine qua non for the existence of sex and marriage, sex and marriage proliferate as the ephemeral idea of romantic love waxes and wanes. The commitment expressed in Marriage, before God and man, as found in a Christian social order, which gave stability to marriage, children, and the broader culture is now eclipsed in Revolutionary Modernity where commitment is to the sovereign self and its transitory sense of “romantic love.” The first consequence of this is instability and the proliferation of unbalanced “homes,” and “families” that are comprised of all kinds of weird and creative combinations of children from successive marriages which were derivative of “romantic love.” In Modernity, under one roof one can find half siblings in one direction, half siblings in a different direction, step siblings, full siblings and who knows what else. In a Christian social order this kind of thing might be seen but would be understood as not the norm. In our culture it is seen with great frequency.

Now, the next successive consequence that has come out of this is the push for sodomite “marriage.” (I use the word “Marriage” only as a means to communicate to the modern mind. In all actuality it is an impossible absurdity to use the word “marriage” as related to any other arrangement than a man and a woman.) With the removal of marriage as the legitimate context where sex and romantic love were to be legitimized and pursued in favor of romantic love being the proper context where marriage and sex can be pursued it was only a matter of time before the participants in this perverted arrangement would themselves be perverts. If Romantic love is the context wherein marriage and sex is to be pursued who is to say that two men or two women (or three women and one man, or one woman and three men, etc.) can’t be officially “married?” In Revolutionary modernity, Romantic love is what gives marriage and sex its meaning and if that is granted then the coupling of perverts is bound to eventually occur in this new perverted plausibility structure.

What is interesting about Romantic love, being required as the atmosphere wherein sex and marriage derive their meaning, is that what happens over the course of time is that the quotient of necessary Romantic love present for men to lose their integrity and for women to love their chastity continues to decrease. A sexual tryst between the unmarried two generations ago might have found Romantic love demanding a certain amount of time “dating,” certain gifts exchanged, certain promises given, meeting the parents etc. A sexual tryst between the unmarried today in what is popularly called “hooking up,” looks more like two random dogs coming together after a good sniff.

And with this new perverted plausibility structure Christianity is undermined in favor of some kind of Gnostic religion. I offer Gnosticism (in a weird combination with Cultural Marxism) as the religion of Revolutionary Modernity because Romantic love is a Gnostic reality. Unlike Christian marriage where you have corporeal legal covenantal and juridical categories and documents creating and sustaining marriage, in the new plausibility structure of Romantic love you have nothing but ephemeral feelings and any marriage documents that do exist, have no real substantive meaning.

A third consequence of Revolutionary Modernity against marriage and the family is the displacing of the command control structures inherent in Biblical Christian marriage and family. As the Romantic love plausibility structure for sex and marriage places its death grip upon the West the result is that the family no longer has the stability necessary to do anything but survive (and even that is questionable). The command and control, historically associated with Christian families in a Christian social order, does not disappear but rather is seized by some other social order institution. In our social order the institution that is absorbing for itself the command and control historically belonging to the family is the State (FEDS). Whereas in a Christian social order families leave an inheritance, businesses, and reputation legacy for subsequent generations to live up to. In Revolutionary Modernity the FEDS gobble up inheritance, cripple the ability of small family businesses to survive and by the FEDS policy regarding morality they themselves attack any possible trans-generational reputation legacy. Command and control, in Revolutionary Modernity, where Romantic love is the new plausibility structure for marriage and sex, works over the course of time to strengthen the God-State (FEDS) over against God’s design of the Trustee family as the foundation for Christian social order.

A fourth consequence of Revolutionary Modernity where Romantic love is the necessary context wherein sex and marriage find meaning is the diminution of individual character and moral fiber. Once sex and marriage are set free to find meaning in the fields of Gnostic Romantic love the result is a unwillingness of people who have embraced such a plausibility structure to stand against any immorality at all. Perverted, and uninhibited sex (and all sex outside of marriage is perverted and uninhibited) always works to diminish people as perverted sex tears at their moral fiber to resist all other immorality. If and when people are giving into their personal immorality the consequence is that they will have little morality left to stand against any other social order injustice. Being enslaved to their lusts they find no ability to resist the varied lusts of anybody else. This moral anarchy eventually leads to social order implosion which in turn leads to some kind of Tyrant coming to the fore.

Finally, as consequence, where Revolutionary Modernity leads where Romantic love is the necessary context wherein sex and marriage find meaning is the complete and final destruction of Biblical Christian marriage. If sex and marriage are merely the outgrowth of Romantic love then sex and marriage can exist anywhere and anyplace that any romantic love exists. As long as Romantic love exists all the components of sex and marriage are negotiable. Whether gender roles, the means by which children are secured (in-vitro with Lesbians?, surrogate Mother for sodomites?, dinner setting adoptions [get the whole set]?, natural children?, etc.) who takes who’s last name, or who pays for what, once marriage and sex is merely the creature of Romantic love Biblical Christian Marriage is dead dead dead. Similarly, once the legitimacy of sex is merely the creature of Romantic love then sex and gender are open game to any definition and arrangement.

The cure for all this of course is understanding and embracing that God alone is the one who gives meaning and definition to all reality. Once that is admitted then repentance must follow for our insisting that reality is a social construct that we can determine apart from God. Repentance is not just a turning from our sin of vain imaginations but a turning to Jesus Chris who is both God’s forgiveness and His Word reality.

The hour is late. To be honest I believe that the hour is too late. It is too late to turn back on a societal National basis. We are no longer on the precipice so that turning back might be possible. We have already fallen off the cliff and now we are merely waiting to hit bottom. Yet, for all my pessimism, I know with God all things are possible and that in Wrath God might even yet remember mercy.

I keep raising my voice in hopes that God might grant mercy to some.

Generations #1

Dear Ella and Lee

Except for the Triune God of the Bible, and one’s integrity in relation to Him, I’ve concluded that there is nothing more important than family. The macro culture that you will grow up in will tell you otherwise at every turn. The culture will tell you that your lineage, heritage and patrimony are insignificant. The culture will push you to despise your past and whisper constantly that you are wiser then your forebears. Don’t you believe them. While it is true that Family can become absolutized and so become an idol, it is also true that when family finds it’s proper place, under the Triune God of the Bible’s authority, there is nothing else that exceeds it in import. The importance of the heritage of a godly family is seen in something that John Calvin observes in his commentary on I Timothy,

“Accordingly, he (Paul) sets before him his grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice, by whom he had been educated from his infancy in such a manner that he might have sucked godliness along with his milk. By this godly education, therefore, Timothy is admonished not to degenerate from himself and from his ancestors.”

Grandchildren, when one is blessed to have been raised in Christian homes one can not abandon his Kin without abandoning their God.

Because God trumps all, in terms of our allegiance, there may be times when you will have to turn your back on family. This should almost be unheard of when raised in the context of a Christian people but love of God must rise above even the tenderest of family affections if it comes to having to choose between the two.

Having given this slight introduction, I would like to tell you something about your family. One of my chief regrets (and I have my share of regrets) is that I didn’t discover more about my generations while they were still alive. So, I am writing to you to leave you at least a glimpse into some of your forebears. I won’t suggest to you that you are the scions of some great line. You’re not. Still, this family, is the family that God has been pleased to have ordained to make us part of, and so, for good or for ill I welcome you to your people. It is my prayer that you will rise above all the previous generations in terms of understanding God’s character and so having a corresponding zeal for the God of the Bible who has made us who we are, via faith and blood and who has set us in our families.

I would like to tell you a very little bit about your Great-Great-Great Grandparents. I have only the barest of memories of your Great x 3 Grandmother and no memories at all of her husband. Eva Lorraine was born in 1878. Her maiden name was Reid, but any knowledge of the Reid family is completely lost to me. I can tell you that both Reid and McAtee are fairly popular Scottish surnames and so it is not surprising to see someone from Clan Reid marry into McAtee Clan.

She, like most of your people, came from Agrarian stock. Lee and Ella your people were Farmers in these origins. Of course my memories of my Great Grandmother are sketchy as she died in 1963 when I was only 4. She lived right across a dirt road from my Grandparents and I remember going to visit her when we went to visit my Grandma McAtee (her daughter-in-law).

I have been told that when, as a toddler, I had ear aches that Grandma Great would blow smoke in my ear from her pipe in order to alleviate the pain. I was also told that Grandma Great was a bit superstitious as she would prohibit anyone from disturbing a rocking chair that was in motion from the wind, believing that it was rocking to the sway of some supernatural presence of someone gone but now visiting. We should not make too much of this kind of matter because these kinds of superstitions were not that uncommon among some rural folk. I saw a similar kind of superstition again some 35 years later in the first Church I served in South Carolina.

The only other story I have to offer from this generation is what was found when Grandma Great’s belongings were cleaned out. It seems that her husband, Murl, your Great x3 Grandfather, (who had died in 1929) was affiliated with the Klu Klux Klan. We surmise this because a Klan outfit was found in one of the closets when the house was cleaned out in 1963. It is believable, because historically we know that the Klan had a presence in that area of the State at about that time. I’ll let you do your own research on what the KKK was. Keep in mind though that the Klan had several incarnations and you’ll want to keep your eye on which incarnation of the Klan existed in the North in the 1920’s. The Klan of Nathan Bedford Forest was not the Klan of later incarnations.

Grandma Great was 85 when she passed away. She lived to see her husband and two of her children and one daughter-in-law precede her in death. Even in the early 20th century death was much closer to men then it is today and she, doubtless, knew well the pain that death creates. It is interesting to think that she died just about a month before President Kennedy was assassinated even though their worlds were far far apart. She grew up in a world where the biggest innovation was the Railroad Train and she lived to see the advent of the automobile, telephone, light bulb, electricity, record player, and the atomic bomb. As such, most of her life would have been lived without running water in the house, without a telephone, without a bathroom in the house, and she cooked most of her life with a wood stove. When she was born Railroads were the big thing. When she died men were probing space.

My Father (your Great-Grandfather) loved her dearly. To this day his Bible has a pressed rose in it he kept from her funeral.

I don’t know a thing about your Great x3 Grandparents confession of faith in Christ alone or a lack thereof. The Christian faith is typically more consistent with the Farmer then with other occupations as the people who live off the land, generally speaking, have the opportunity to have a greater sense of awareness of Providence as they are so dependent upon the seasons and the weather. Certainly your Great x3 Grandmother had a Christian burial and that says a little bit.

This is all I know or remember about this generation on the McAtee side of the family. It is very little but it is something that you would not have had if I had not given you this little snippet.

By the way … here is a link that tells about where they are buried in Colon, Michigan and gives some bare facts.


The Eclipse Of The Family

Consistent with what Professor S. Y. Volfson predicted in 1929 in his work, “The Sociology of Marriage and the Family,” the family that existed in the context of Christendom, as given parameters by the Scripture of the Christian faith, has, because of the onslaught of anti-Christ Worldviews, completely lost its character and shape.

1.) Whereas in Christendom the Christian family had an economic/productive function in anti-Christ thinking such as International Capitalism and various stripes of Marxism the family is no longer a productive unit. With the loss of this economic function the family loses the sense of its interdependence and so loses its centrality. Now with the economic function of family stripped from the family other loyalties introduce themselves that could not have been as primary before the decline of the family as economic unit. In Marxist system that former family loyalty is shifted to the State in which we live and move and have our being. In Finance capitalist systems that former family loyalty is shifted to the marketplace which now replaces the family.

2.) Whereas in Christendom the Christian family was a integrated whole that operated as a joint household in terms of fellowship (as seen in shared communal meals, shared burdens, shared responsibilities) now the family is barely a bed and boarding outfit. Homes function now more as human Cattle Stalls for the State. Meals are seldom communal. Interests of the various family members are diverse and not integrated in the least. Parents are more chauffeurs for their children’s next extracurricular activity then they are fonts of wisdom for the children to learn from. The Christendom scenario of families together preparing the meals and then sharing the meals has been replaced by “catch as catch can” for each individual in the house. The sense of the communal thus has also shifted from members of the family finding their identity if the families corporate identity to members of the family finding their identity in some artificially constructed peer group to which they now belong. Each member of the family thus is integrated each into different “alien to the family” wholes.

3.) Whereas in Christendom the Christian family was primarily responsible for the rearing and educating of children which would eventually naturally arrive. However, now in our Brave New World, unaffected by the categories of the Christian faith, those who are now responsible for the rearing of Children are, with increasing commonality, State agencies. In the anti-Christ familial world children are just little cogs to eventually fit into the Statist machine. As such children must be set upon the lathe of the State in order to be shaped to fit the machine culture that they as cogs are going to fit into. Because this is so children are increasingly turned over at younger and younger ages to be reared by comparative strangers and aliens to the family. Children are often reared in state nurseries and kindergartens, state sanctioned daycare centers, or some other State approved facility. Because this is so, the loyalty of both children and parents is no longer to one another but to the State who provides for them.

4.) Whereas in Christendom the Christian family was designed to be inter-generational so that it not only cared for the young but also for the aged, now, with the destruction of the Christian family, the aged are farmed out to centers licensed and monitored by the State just as the children. Thus the sense of continuity between the generations is eclipsed and each family and each member of each family stands as an atomistic individual easily picked off by the machinations of the Zombie State. Both the care of the children and the care of the aged are cut off from the family as limbs might be cut off of a once mighty tree.

So, in all this the family is purged of its social content with the intent that it might wither away in favor of the State. Indeed, in light of all this it is not difficult to see a day coming when the family will be completely un-necessary as a distinct unit as the motto returns “everything within the state, nothing outside the state.” Already, with the State creation of artificial family social constructs (consider the recent example of California law wherein more than two people can be considered parents of a child) the reality of the Christian family continues to whither away.

Obama and the “Morning After Pill.”

“Exquisite little creature!” said the Director, looking after her. Then, turning to his students, “What I’m going to tell you now,” he said, “may sound incredible. But then, when you’re not accustomed to history, most facts about the past do sound incredible.”

He let out the amazing truth. For a very long period before the time of Our Ford, and even for some generations afterwards, erotic play between children had been regarded as abnormal (there was a roar of laughter); and not only abnormal, actually immoral (no!): and had therefore been rigorously suppressed.

A look of astonished incredulity appeared on the faces of his listeners. Poor little kids not allowed to amuse themselves? They could not believe it.

“Even adolescents,” the D.H.C. was saying, “even adolescents like yourselves …”

“Not possible!”

“Barring a little surreptitious auto-erotism and homosexuality–absolutely nothing.”


“In most cases, till they were over twenty years old.”

“Twenty years old?” echoed the students in a chorus of loud disbelief.

“Twenty,” the Director repeated. “I told you that you’d find it incredible.”

Aldous Huxley
Brave New World
Chapter 3

With Obama’s decision to allow the “morning after pill” to be available over the counter for all ages without question or Identification we find ourselves pushed one step closer to Huxley’s “Brave New World,” where sex is a indiscriminate past-time and casual recreation.


Random thoughts on the Obama administration allowing children to access the “morning after” pill.

1.) The State pushes indiscriminate sex because such sex destroys the ability of young people to properly bond and form familial loyalties. It is in the interest of the Totalitarian State to destroy all loyalties that might compete with loyalty to the State. By pushing casual sex the Progressive Marxists ensure that no interpersonal loyalties will be formed that will challenge their ability to rule.

2.) The end effect of encouraging meaningless sex is to destroys the whole idea of attached intimacy and dehumanizes the participants by reducing sex to a physical and animal act. The spiritual component of sex being destroyed, the destruction of man’s spirituality is significantly advanced. Man himself begins to think of himself only in terms of his physical lusts and desires. Men who have lost the sense of their spiritual significance are men who think of themselves as no more than cattle. Cattle are easily herded and controlled by the Elite Farmers.

3.) When sex becomes meaningless, and emotion drained out of the act by virtue of the impersonal nature and randomness of the sex act the sense of moral oughtness is seared so that the State can advance other immoralities that will go un-protested by those whose emotional life is barren. It does not take much to convince those, for whom unattached serial sex is morally inconsequential, that any number of other moral outrages as endorsed by the State are acceptable.

4.) The casualness of sex that is being pushed communicates the idea that everyone belongs to everyone. There is a strong strain of communalism in all this. But of course if everybody belongs to everybody then nobody belongs uniquely to anybody. The sense of belongingness is not accentuated but is diminished in the pursuit of sex as a meaningless function of reductionistic human physicality.

5.) Keep your eyes peeled for an increase of rape in our culture because of these kinds of actions. We are already seeing rape on the rise in our military,


If it really is the case that everybody belongs to everybody then it can hardly be considered a crime or even unusual if some begin to take that idea seriously.

6.) The advocacy of normalizing random, regular, and routine sex has the advantage of keeping the Goyim’s mind preoccupied with where he or she will find their next sex opportunity. Minds that are preoccupied with sex are minds that are not preoccupied with thought that is not approved by the State. Fixating the minds of the citizenry on sex is part of the bread and circuses routine that insure independent thought does not arise.

7.) Of course this is all about the Transvaluation of values. The time is coming when being monogamous or perhaps even heterosexual will be seen as pornographic and obscene. Taboos will be reversed so that a young lady who holds her virtue will be mocked and a man who respects women will be lampooned.

8.) A significant part of what makes for Christian categories of Male and Female gender roles is the idea that men are to respect women and women are to be protected by men. When sex is a random commodity men have no incentive to either respect or protect women. Protect them from what? Respect them for what reason? Indiscriminate sex thus goes a long way towards destroying gender roles thus again ensuring the destruction of Christian culture in favor of the unitary Marxist God State.

9.) All of this is suggestive of the anarcho-tyranny that Samuel Francis warned about years ago. In anarcho-tyranny states the FEDS encourage anarchy for libertine and criminal behavior while punishing the law abiding for non-criminal actions. As such we live under the rule of an anarcho-tyrannical Government that desires to, and in some cases has successfully criminalize(d) the ownership of guns, hemp, raw milk, and eggs, while at the same time encouraging and making provision for Mothers killing their babies by a pill and a glass of water.

Of course if your religion is R2K you can’t speak to this as a minister because these kinds of matters are not within the bailiwick of the ministers calling. Instead, you must tell your people that the Christian faith was never intended to transform or impact culture.

My favorite Memorial day story from my Grandfather who fought in WW II

My Grandfather Jacobs spent much of his life as a dairy farmer in Indiana. He was as rough hewed as one might expect given his less then tender upbringing. The man had a work ethic like no one I’ve ever met or known since. My Uncles (His Sons) tell me that his work ethic was even more intense when they were growing up then when I knew him and when I was around he was still working 16 hour days.

Grandpa Jacobs won a bronze star in Europe for disobeying orders while with the Big Red One. He was ordered to wait for ground support before moving forward. Instead, he cleared an obstacle from the road and continued to push on. I suspect there was more to the story then that but like most war vets he tended towards understatement when it came to these kinds of war stories.

However, the story I want to tell from Grandpa Jacobs was about another episode of his disobeying orders. He did not earn any medals for what I am about to tell. However, he may have slept better at night because he disobeyed these orders.

This story was told to me on Lake Michigan sometime in the late 8o’s or early 90’s. We were all on my Step-Father’s large fishing boat and were fishing. This is a story about the nobility of a man in disobeying orders.

My Grandfather was in WW II fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. As some of you know the Germans were at this point in the war so short on man power they had taken for soldiers those men who had seen too many winters or alternately too few winters. The German ranks were bolstered by the too young and the too old.

My Grandfather’s company captured some of these men (boys) in the midst of battle. He was ordered by somebody in the Chain of command to “take them out back and shoot them.” I can imagine that this was a fairly common order and in the heat of a intense battle such a order, from a certain perspective, is understandable. One can easily imagine that there was not enough man power to assign men the task of watching and keeping prisoners.

As he told the story Grandpa Jacobs told us that he told the officer who gave the command that, “I have boys not much younger than this age at home. I can’t do that.”

And he didn’t.

I don’t know what happen to those boys. He probably didn’t either. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if others were found to obey the order. There is a reason that someone once said, “War is Hell.”

But the fact that he disobeyed that order is the proudest live story I am somehow connected with from WW II.

And it also reminds me that War is such a terrible terrible reality that it should be pursued only as the last possible option and only in the context of Christian Just War Theory.