Sundry Observations on the French Revolution

I.)”By the time I got through with my research and I was ready to write this book I felt anyone who understands the French Revolution will understand all left-wing revolutions. And anyone who doesn’t understand the French Revolution will… is going to be doomed to be victimized by a left-wing revolution.”


Otto Scott

Lecture — French Revolution and Its Influences

Pocket College

This quote teaches us that Clergy who are unfamiliar with the French Revolution should get out of the pulpit until they familiarize themselves with the French Revolution because what is happening in the West is that Christianity is being reinterpreted through the grid of the French Revolution and the ignorant Clergy is complicit because they don’t know better, and in not knowing better they don’t understand the urgency of the times to bring God’s Word to bear. God’s Word teaches that revolution begins in the desire to revolt against God’s authority. Because of this Scripture is anti-Revolutionary.

II.) Robespierre was the head of the “Committee of Public Safety.” This is a perfect example of Statist euphemisms. “The Committee of Public Safety?”

LOL — This Committee of Public safety was that Statist agency that was responsible for the flow of public blood in the streets compliments of Madame La Guillotine.

This is the way humanist Government always works. Whatever title they put on something you can be damn sure that something will be doing just the exact opposite of whatever title they stick on it.

Obama Healthcare anyone?

III.) “What Marx was to the Russian Revolution of 1917, Rousseau was to the French Revolution of the 1790’s. Like Marx, he was a parasite who never worked an honest day in his life. He was an expert at leeching off his aristocratic buddies, and wrote a series of treatises which blamed the evils of property and civilisation for the corruption of man. He wrote these while living in the lap of luxury with the aristocratic women he seduced.”

Moses Apostaticus


IV.) The cry of the French Revolution was Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

It was all a lie.

As long as Equality is pursued neither Liberty nor Fraternity is possible. Equality negates Liberty because Liberty creates unequal stations, accentuates different abilities, and creates classes as some men use Liberty to excel while other men use Liberty to stagnate. Equality negates Fraternity because Equality breeds envy against those who have used Liberty to excel and envy always destroys Fraternity.

You can have Equality or you can have Liberty and Fraternity but you can not have all three together and the choosing of equality is the choosing of a mechanism, usually the state, as the means my which equality will be monitored and forced.

A Flurry of Wilmot Robertson & Friends Quotes

Back in 2016 I read Wilmot Robertson’s “The Dispossessed Majority.” Below are some quotes from Robertson along with some of those who shared his convictions. Before anybody informs me, I am well aware that Robertson likely was not a Christian. However, just as the Hebrew’s plundered the Egyptians so I often read outside of the believing community in order to plunder and I do so reinterpreting their mistakes due to my Biblical grid. These are only a smattering of the quotes that could be pulled.

1.) In 1970, Lindbergh published his Wartime journals, in which he insisted that his noninterventionist views had been fundamentally correct and that the US had actually lost WW II, since it had merely destroyed a lesser menace to help establish a greater one. He particularly stressed the irreparable genetic loss suffered during the war by the Northern European peoples. Lindbergh’s written word repeated, and did not modify his 1941 accusation that Zionists had been a major force in involving the US in WW II

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin apparently shared some of Lindbergh’s views as to the origin of the conflict. According to Ambassador Joseph Kennedy. Prime Minster Chamberlin told him, “America and the World Zionists had forced England into war.”

Wilmot Robertson

The Dispossessed Majority

Also recorded in

Herbert Hoover’s “Freedom Betrayed”

2.) Wilmot Robertson, in his book, “The Dispossessed Majority” was explaining anarcho-tyranny long before Sam Francis started writing about it. Robertson doesn’t use the phrase but it is clearly what he is articulating. Robertson called it, “The Adulteration of the Law.”

3.) 1965 Hart-Celler Renounced what had made America Great. It wasn’t huddled masses of every culture, creed and religion. The tide had finally turned. Talmudist were behind the Hart-Celler initiative.

Enoch Powell Grasped this truth in 1968 in his “Rivers of Blood Speech”. Few Listened.

Wilmot Robertson wrote a large book about the problem in 1971 called “The Dispossessed Majority”. Few read it.

Jean Raspail wrote of the impact of a “Borderless Babel” where people were guilt ridden by the word, “Racist” in his “The Camp of the Saints” in 1973. People were simply outraged.

Even Madison Grant was writing about the passing of “The Great Race” over 100 Years ago ( 1916 ).

The conversation is not new. We’ve only begun to see the implications of what we’ve gladly given up in Christ. It’s not pretty.Even Thomas Boston went all prophetic on this subject,

“There is not a natural man, but would contribute, to the utmost of his power, to the building of another tower of Babel, to hem it in. On these grounds I declare every un-renewed man an enemy to God.”

Thomas Boston
Human Nature in its Fourfold State

Early 1700s

Christ bearing peoples who give up their proclamation that Christ is the only way and that all the cultures and peoples of the world in their cultures and peoples must acknowledge that fact or else be guilty of “conspiring against His Crown rights” ( Psalms 2 ) are Alienists. To be at war with Kinism is to be at war with Jesus Christ.

4.) “The kind of learning that prepares a people to prevail and endure must be primed by centuries of common history and millennia of common ancestry. Desegregation kills it by destroying its binding force–the homogeneity of teacher and pupil. The disappearance of this vital bond from the American classroom may prove to be the greatest educational tragedy of all.”

Wilmot Robertson
The Dispossessed Majority

Think of public schools as spiritual kidnapping or Spiritual abandonment when done willingly by parents.

5.) “It is obvious that the chief result of a general confiscation of firearms would be the disarming of white Protestants. It is equally obvious that this is precisely the goal of the gun control lobby. If the Majority is disarmed, nothing will stand between us and the criminal but a massive, mushrooming police bureaucracy. Many of our cities have already shown signs of becoming the Praetorian Guard of the liberal-minority coalition.”

Wilmot Robertson
“Gun Control” (1975)5.) “As Communism waned and Zionism took its place as the dominant vehicle of Jewish Messianic politics in the latter part of the 20th century, the suspicion would grow that the Jews were interested in integration for every group but itself. The corollary to that belief was that Jewish organizations could attack both ‘black,’ and ‘white’ nationalists groups as ‘racist,’ at the same time that Israel promoted the same sort of apartheid.”

E. Michael Jones

The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit — pg. 813-814

“The only allegations of racial differences which do not provoke a bitter reaction from the intellectual establishment are those proposing the superiority of the Jew.”

Wilmot Robertson

The Dispossessed Majority — pg. 23

6.) (Those) “who stubbornly go on believing that a set of highly sophisticated institutions developed by and for a particular people at a particular point in time and space is operational for all peoples under all circumstances” (are delusional).

Wilmot Robertson
The Dispossessed Majority7.) “The kind of learning that prepares a people to prevail and endure must be primed by centuries of common history and millennia of common ancestry. Desegregation kills it by destroying its binding force–the homogeneity of teacher and pupil. The disappearance of this vital bond from the American classroom may prove to be the greatest educational tragedy of all.”

Wilmot Robertson

The Dispossessed Majority

8.) “The best hope for the survival of the white race in America is the peaceful fragmentation of the nation into ethnostates, separate and independent states based on geography and on the racial and cultural homogeneity of the various population groups. The Melting Pot failed because the ingredients refused to dissolve. A mosaic, defined in Webster’s Third International Dictionary as “an artificial patchwork,” has not succeeded because the individual pieces were seldom defined geographically, and their political and cultural autonomy was undercut by the integrationist tendencies of big government, the pernicious influence of the national media, particularly network television, and the rabid antiwhite racial leveling preached in the Halls of Academe. For more on this subject, see Chapter 39 and the author’s book, The Ethnostate, Howard Allen Enterprises, Inc., Cape Canaveral, Florida 32920.”

Wilmot Robertson
Dispossessed Majority Wilmot Robertson (Kindle Locations 1052-1058).

9.) “The institutional Christianity that flourishes today is no longer the same religion as that practiced by Charlemagne and his successors, and it can no longer support the civilization they formed. Indeed, organized Christianity today is the enemy of the West and the race that created it.

Samuel Francis

McAtee Analyzes Quote From “Conversations that Matter,” touching Soft-WOKE Churches

As long as seminaries fail to teach what the Bible assumes about nations and gender we will continue to have soft-woke pastors who think they’re just being biblical because “imago dei = egalitarianism” “every tribe, tongue, and nation = local church diversity telos” and “women can’t be in pastoral office = they can have any other leadership.”

The created order the authors of Scripture presumed is now universally forgotten in favor of blank-slate biblicalism.

We need history. We need reason. We need tradition. Not as final authorities but as tools and fences.

Conversations That Matter

1.) I’m sorry, but this not soft WOKEism. This is hard WOKEism. We have gotten so used to WOKE we ourselves are willing to call hard WOKE, “Soft WOKE.” Now, to be sure, doubtless there are even greater degrees of “WOKEness” but lets not allow ourselves to believe that the above is “Soft WOKE.” Churches and ministers that are that kind of WOKE should be abandoned with the purpose of saving your own soul.

2.) Of course Blank-slate Biblicalism is a non-thing. They really are not blank slate but are starting with WOKE presuppositions on their slate and so are finding it confirmed in Scripture. The problem is not that they are really “Blank-slate.” That is impossible. The problem is that their slate has scribbled all over it anti-Christ presuppositions.

3.) History, reason, and tradition are only as good as the theology they presuppose. They can not exist independently of theology. Our problem is not that we do not have history, reason, or tradition. Our problem is that Christian theology is not informing our history, reason, and tradition. Instead an alien theology is informing what we call “history,” “reason,” and “tradition.” History, reason, and tradition never exist independent of some a-priori theology. Therefore if history, reason, and tradition are going to help us at all we have to get our theology right, and we have to start explicitly connecting the dots between our history, reason, and tradition and our Biblical theology. If we don’t make those connections then history, reason, and tradition will not and can not serve as tools and fences.

4.) It is true that history, reason, and tradition can be tools but they are only useful tools if we see the connection between our history, reason, and tradition, and the theology that of which they are expressions.


Heinrich Bullinger on the Implications of the Unity of Scripture

“For the apostle Paul, speaking to the Hebrews, as concerning Christian faith, doth say: ‘These through faith did subdue kingdoms, wrought righteousness, were valiant in fight, and turned to flight the armies of aliens.’ Now, since our faith is all one, and the very same with theirs, it is lawful for us, as well as for them, in a rightful quarrel by war to defend our country and religion, our virgins and old men, our wives and children, our liberty and possessions. They are flatly unnatural to their country and countrymen, and do transgress this fifth commandment, whatsoever do (under the pretense of religion) forsake their country afflicted with war, not endeavoring to deliver it from barbarous soldiers and foreign nations, even by offering their lives to the push and prick of present death for the safeguard thereof.”

Heinrich Bullinger
From collection of sermons preached in Zurich entitled “The Decades”

Consider the implications of this quote from one of the Princes of the Reformation;

1.) Clearly David Van Drunen and Radical Two Kingdom theology would insist that Bullinger was being irresponsible (and probably sinful) as a minister of the Gospel to be enjoining that Christians fight to defend their homeland and religion. The clear implication here is that the country that is being fought for (defended) is a Christian country. For R2K, it is not possible to have a Christian country.

2.) Similarly, R2K would bring Bulllinger up on charges for implying that a people (nation) can be so Christian that the people of that nation are responsible to take up arms to defend it against those who would overthrow their land and their religion.

3.) Notice how Bullinger draws together country, religion, liberty, possessions and people into one net. They are distinct, to be sure, but they also are inter-related. There is no Christian country populated by Christian people without liberty and personal possessions. They  imply one another. For a Christian people (nation) to live without liberty and possessions is a giant oxymoron. A Christian nation is defined by the people therein having liberty and possessions.

4.) I am convinced that one implications of this Bullinger quote is that no Christian should be serving in the US Military since to serve in the US Military today would be to take up the cause to defend an alien religion and a people who have foresworn fealty to Jesus Christ. The current US Military is in the service of a god-state with aspirations to completely overthrow Biblical Christianity. It is in league with the New World Order.

5,) I am convinced that one implication of this Bullinger quote is that Christians should be taking up manly resistance against the current NWO State. We are now being forced  to defend, in Bullinger’s words, the enslavement of “our country and religion, our virgins and old men, our wives and children, our liberty and possessions.” If we do not rise up to resist the current NWO state we will be found to be violators of the 5th commandment, per Bullinger.

What Reformed Luminaries Are Saying Regarding What Constitutes The Essence Of Christianity

“Luther understood that the Christian life was a life of suffering. The essence of Christianity is to see one’s rights trampled and not demand them. To stand up and say I demand my rights, as a Christian, is precisely the violation of everything the gospel is about.”

High Profile Reformed Leader
Reputed to be a Pillar in the Church

I must admit that this drives me mad. I become unhinged at these kinds of statements.

1.) The Christian life is indeed characterized by suffering but the suffering arises out of Christians pressing for the crown rights of King Jesus in every area of life. Inasmuch as what we are contending for is consistent with the teaching of Scripture there is nothing evil about Christians demanding to be treated in the ways Scripture says that all men should treat one another.

2.) I am currently dealing with 3 marriages where one spouse is just being horrid to another spouse. Is the counsel I am supposed to give the spouse that is being tyrannized; “You know, Jesus loves it when you gladly accept the tyranny of your spouse. Indeed, The essence of Christianity is to see your rights trampled aby your spouse nd not demand them. You are most like Jesus when you are gladly embracing the tyranny of your spouse.”

3.) By this reasoning all the warriors of the Christian faith from Martel to Don Juan to Sobieski to Cromwell were all acting in a non Christian manner by standing up for their rights.

4.) St. Paul appealed to his rights as a Roman citizen in Acts 22-23.  Are we to believe that Paul missed the essence of Christianity?

5.) Luther himself stood up for his rights when he said “Here I stand. I can do no other.” He stood up for the rights of all Germans/Christians against Rome’s malfeasance. Indeed, the very reason Rome hated Luther, the Reformers, and the Reformation so much is that the Protestants were standing for their rights as revealed in Scripture. It was Rome who would have argued that the very essence of Christianity was to see the rights of the Reformers trampled. It was Rome who argued that the Reformers should just be quiet about their rights as taught by Scripture. It was the Reformers who wanted the right of letting the Bible speak without the Magisterium.

6.) This quote is the language of every tyrant.

7.) This kind of reasoning is the result of both Pietism and Amillennialism. No Postmillennial would ever talk like this. Amillennialism expects defeat in space and time and so they develop their theology so as to guarantee the defeat that their theology demands them to expect. Pietism on the other hand is a retreatist disposition that believes that Christians shouldn’t get involved in worldly things. Saying that Christians shouldn’t insist upon how God insists that they should be treated is consistent with both Amillennialism and Pietism.

8.) With this statement this leader condemns the Dutch resistance against Catholic Spain in the 16th-17th century. With this statement  he condemns action of the English Protestants against King Charles I. With this statement  he condemns Knox’s contretemps with Queen Mary. With this statement he condemns the American war for Independence. Per  our Reformed leader they all missed what the “gospel is all about.”

9.) This is doormat theology. The Christian is most holy when they are most abused. Certainly, Christians suffer. Certainly, Christians see their rights trampled when there is nothing they can do about it and they gladly suffer for Christ and the Kingdom when there is nothing they can do about it. However, to say that expecting that Elders, Magistrates, and Husbands, should never be resisted when they are trampling on the privilege afforded to Christians per God’s Word is just complete and utter bunkum.

And I don’t care the credentials of who says it.