Manly Hall on Masonry … McAtee on Manly Hall

“No true Mason is creed-bound. He realizes with the divine illumination of his lodge that as a Mason his religion must be universal: Christ, Buddha or Mohammed, the name means little, for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer. He worships at every shrine, bows before every altar, whether in Temple, Mosque, or Cathedral, realizing with his truer understanding the oneness of all spiritual truth… No true Mason can be narrow, for his Lodge is the divine expression of all broadness.”

Manly P. Hall
20th Century Mason

1.) All true Masons are bound by the Creed that there is no Creed to be bound by except their Creed of no Creed.

2.) The Mason religion is NOT universal because it excises all religions which insist that the putative universal religion of the Masons is sin.
3.) If light-bearers come bringing different lights then it is the height of stupidity to say one only follows the light and not the light bearer. I must conclude Masons are stupid.
4.) Does the Mason recognize the oneness of the Spiritual truth that insists that Spiritual truth is not one?
5.) All Masons are narrow because they eliminate all those faith expressions which insist that their way alone is one true way… just the same as Masons.
The first Church I ministered had Masons in the congregation. They were an elderly couple. She was also a member of the Order of the Eastern Star. I wish the Southerner Reformed folk worried as much about Masons as they do about White Supremacy.

Diversity’s Dirty Little Secret Exposed

“When considering the broad theme of Oneness, it is important to note that this is not about imposed cultural sameness for the crushing of expression or creativity. Tolerance and openness exist for cultural, ethnic, social, personal, sexual, and religious identities. Diversity is encouraged, so long as divisive exclusivity — ‘separateness’ or ‘two-ness’ — does not threaten the fabric of anticipated harmony. In fact, distinctive cultural sensitivities and personal tastes are respected so long as they remain within the mosaic.”

Carl Teichrib
Game of Gods; The Temple of Man in the Age of Re-Enchantment – p. 13

Understand what is being said here. The Monistic Uniformity that we are headed for will allow the appearance of diversity but only if that diversity contributes to the major theme of Monism. You can be sexually perverted in any direction you like (hence Diversity) but you will not be allowed to say anything that insists that such a thing as sexual perversion exists because that would be to interject a Separateness or Two-ness of right and wrong into the Monism that can not be questioned. So, people will be allowed diversity in perversion and abnormality but they will not be allowed any diversity that suggests that there is a standard by which all diversity must comply. In such a way the opponents of Two-ism can claim diversity while all the while pursuing Monism (Oneism).

Marriage as Mirroring Partners

Dr. Anthony Flood explains in a very simple fashion why marriage across religions, race, culture, or even class is not a good idea;

“Aquinas’s principle states that the greater the similitude, the greater the stability and permanency of the love. The greater the permanency of the love, the greater the real union the lovers seek and likely obtain. Thus, a greater similitude prima facie affects a greater real union between friends. The ultimate rationale for this principle draws from the relation between unity and union. As unity is the principle of union, the closer two things are naturally, the closer they can be through love. At the level of persons, the closer a relationship with another person comes to unity the stronger it will be. Since self-love arises immediately from substantial union, we can say that the more of a lover’s love for the beloved approaches one’s own self-love (and vice versa), the greater the loving union between them will be. In other words, the most stable and permanent love relationship will be the one that approximates most each person’s love of self. “

Anthony Flood
The Metaphysical Foundations of Love — p. 35

Kinists do not discourage marriages across racial lines because they hate people. They discourage marriages across racial lines because they love people. They know the lack of racial similitude between bride and groom will likely be a future friction point and so fracturing point of the marriage. The goal of entering into marriage is for each partner to have a partner who is in a multitude of respects a reflection of themselves. The more harmony of interests between the one male and one female marriage candidates the more likely that the marriage will be a success. Introducing vast differences in race, or class, or religion, or culture, or values as in each party coming to the marriage altar is a sure-fire means to guaranteeing that the marriage will fail or at the very least not be as happy as it otherwise would have been if those differences had been taken into account before the marriage was entered via covenant.

Now let me anticipate an objection to the quote as coming from earnest Christians. I can hear many protesting at Dr. Flood’s recommendation of the necessity of self-love. I will only say here that if you want a guarantee that a marriage will fail marry somebody who doesn’t have a healthy and Christian love of themselves. When Dr. Flood talks about “self-love” he is not talking about narcissism. He is merely saying by way of metaphor that people who are comfortable in their own skin should marry people who would likewise be comfortable in their skin if they had to be.

Doubtless, there are inter-racial marriages that work, as well as marriages across class lines and culture lines and religious lines that work. Praise be to God for those marriages. However, I’ve also seen healthy three-legged dogs who run well, but that doesn’t mean that we should promote either inter-racial, inter-religious, or inter-class marriages or the cutting off of the legs of dogs. The fact that something odd or unusual works isn’t a recommendation for continuing to pursue the odd and unusual.

God Owns The Land

“God is cast in the roles of Creator and ‘supreme landlord’ in the Pentateuch. The land owes its existence to Him, and he creates its inhabitants, continually monitoring and supervising their behavior. He allocates land to people: *Adam is placed in *Eden (Gen. 2:8), Canaan is promised to the *Israelites (Gen. 15:16-21) and there are references to the allocation of land to the Edomites (Dt. 2:5), Moabites (Dt. 2:9), and Ammonites (Dt. 2:19). Conversely, He removes people from land when they do not behave in a worthy manner: he expels Adam and *Eve from Eden (Gn. 3:23-24), scatters the tower builders over all the earth (Gn. 11:8), and earmarks the Canaanites for expulsion from their land when the level of sinfulness warrants it (Gn. 15:16).”
Dictionary of the OT Pentateuch
Entry under “Land”
From “Who is My Neighbor”

As God does not change this has prompted me to consider;

1.) The fact that each of us lives where we live is not by chance or happenstance. We are where we are physically located by God’s ordained decree. We can find comfort in this truth when we end up in zip codes that we loathe. I remember when we first moved to Charlotte I kept waiting for God to send us an unexpected check in the mail so we could move from what I thought then was a God-forsaken location. I should’ve taken more comfort that God wanted me in Charlotte for reasons that were His own even if inscrutable to me. Saint, you are where you are because God has placed you there.

2.) Of course, there is a macro application here as well. People groups inhabit where they inhabit because of God’s ordination. Further, people groups are removed from their homelands and places often (not always) due to disobedience. Traditional WASP Christians are being removed from their homelands and who could argue that it is not because they have rebelled against God’s Law-Word and sown the wind with their gross covenant violating immorality.

Our removal is internal. By that, I mean God is removing us though we remain in our homeland. God is removing us via the recruit and dilute methodology combined with sub-replacement birth rates.  Western man has sown the wind and now is reaping the whirlwind. We are being slowly genocided and genociding ourselves and so are being removed from the land.  Scripture underscores this phenomenon when God warned Israel that the results of disobedience would be,

43 “The alien who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower. 44 He shall lend to you, but you shall not lend to him; he shall be the head, and you shall be the tail.

3.) Overall this reminds us again of that stout Reformed doctrine of God’s exhaustive sovereignty. Our whole lives are structured and ordained by the Omnipotent God. Every breath we take, the very ground we inhabit, the tightness of our family units, the careers and jobs we have; all this is from the hand of a sovereign God. To God’s people, all of it is to our good. To those people who oppose God all of it is for their judgment.

In conclusion, the only way that Western man finds an end to God’s judgment of removal from our lands is to repent of our sin of rebelling against God and His Christ. We have need to repent of rebelling against God’s clear Law-Word. Only National repentance as led by repentance among God’s people will end the sure genocide and so replacement of Western man.

Fighting in the Shadow of Short Term Loss

“The ceaseless body blows delivered with increasing power by the allied forces left the German Army breathless and helpless but it is fair to acknowledge that they retreated fighting for every kilometer that they ultimately had to concede. It was not a chase and hardly a pursuit. Chased, decimated, despairing, the German soldiers fought on making us pay a heavy price for every mile we wrestled from them. Throughout the whole war, the Germans had shown themselves doughty fighters but there was nothing finer in their record than the pluck with which they continued to withstand us in the hour of their defeat. They could not but know that they were beaten. At home, their families were starving. Yet in the month of October — the last whole month of the war — The British forces in France suffered 120,000 battle casualties as evidence of the resistance they encountered. Between July 1 and the cessation of hostilities (11-11-18) the British battle casualties from fighting a beaten foe, and a foe who knew he was beaten was on every front totaled 430,000 in killed, wounded, prisoners, and missing. During practically the same period the French lost 531,000 men and the Americans over 200,000. Let us give due honor to a brave people with whom we have had but one deadly quarrel. They fought to the end with desperate valor.”

Llyod George 

The reason I post this here is that, by way of metaphor, the Church known by Christ is now in the same place as the German Army was in July of 1918. Short term we are a beaten foe and we would wage war better if we just came to terms as being, in the short term, a beaten foe. Acknowledging such would go a long way towards eliminating disappointment and give us reasonable expectations. Acknowledging such would deliver us from such a thirst for visible victory that we inch towards calling defeat “victory” because we are so desperate for a visible victory. Acknowledging such would cause us to place our hope in God as opposed to voting patterns, political promises, or social activism.

This is not a call for pessimism, though doubtless, that is what it will be cast as by those who have no ability to fight on when short-term victory is not on the horizon. Instead, this is a call for optimistic post-millennial realism. We work towards the future regardless of what God’s good providence has given us in the present. We work with the expectation that our current labors will, while not bringing instant victory, put us and our seed on a trajectory of future victory.

We still soldier on and fight back and resist with all our might for our great Liege-Lord Jesus Christ. We can still, sticking with the metaphor, inflict casualties and we should pray we are given opportunities to do so. If the Germans of WW I could be brave and fight on in the knowledge of a certain defeat we few — we happy few — can continue to be brave and fight on in the knowledge that we are preparing the ground for future victory. That is victory enough.

Always faithful.