Setting the Libel Straight — part I

Part of what it means to be a high-profile person in the Christian Ministry is to be libeled and slandered. Usually one sloughs it off as just the price that a nationally recognized Minister like myself has to pay for being in the ministry. However, every once in a while matters have to be set straight for the record and that is what I intend to do in the next few posts. Life would go on as normal if I just ignored this insignificant libel. In the grander scheme of things I have been libeled far worse and by worthier enemies but I thought, all the same, it would be good if people could see just how twisted Denominational outlets, media outlets, and hate group outlets can get things.

One thing that does disappoint me is that my little platform at Iron Ink is not going to be as far-reaching as an area Newspaper or a statewide radio station or a public broadcasting network. I will not be able to reach as many eyes and ears as the advocacy/legacy media. However, since unlike them I have the God of the Bible undertaking for me, I can live with the reach deficit.

Before getting into the rebuttal, people want to know why I put Iron Ink under maintenance mode during the season of libel and slander. The reason is simple. Given that the intent by the advocacy media was to libel and slander it made no sense to give them carte blanch to my blog history so that they could continue to wrench material out of context. It simply is the case that if you want to get out your view, you don’t invite the enemy to be your mouthpiece. Giving access to the history of Iron Ink to advocacy muckrakers would be like Alexander Solzhenitsyn asking the Soviet News Agency, TASS, to report on his grievance with the KGB and Politburo. Everyone knows Solzhenitsyn would be a fool to do such a thing and it would have been equally foolish to allow the muckrakers to access the articles of Iron Ink.

Now the very first correction I would like to make is this quote below from one Rev. R. Smith from the Christian Reformed Church. Rev. R. Smith holds some kind of position in the bowels of the denominational HQ. Rev. R. Smith offered,

McAtee’s sermon was like “any other traditional church until the prayer time came,” Smith said, and a woman in the crowd of about 20 asked for prayers for the white people living in South Africa.

“There was this supposedly false rumor that white people were being killed by Black people in South Africa, which was totally untrue,” Smith said.

Smith said McAtee “embraced” her sentiment.

Note the following,

1.) The thing that has riled me the most about all that has gone on in seeking to blacken my name is this statement by Rev. R. Smith. The reason it has riled me so is that it is perhaps the blackest lie at all.  Countless numbers of Boer farmers have been murdered by ANC terrorists and yet here Smith tells us that it all is a “false rumor,” that is “totally untrue.”

Of course, this lie serves the ends of the Marxist ANC and the cultural Marxists stateside. However, it is discredited by the truth. There is no need to take the word of a famous clergyman like myself. Instead, take the word of news reports;

And again,

And again,

And again,–8

So, it is the case that Rev. R. Smith is the one who is trading in myths that are just not true. Denying the danger of the Boer farmers vis-a-vis the miscreant marauders of the ANC is, in Rev. R. Smith’s words, “just not true.”

2.) Rev. R. Smith said that “McAtee (that is me, your humble worldwide known Clergy member) embraced the sentiment of the danger of the Boer Farmers in S. Africa.

Damn straight I did, and after I read this news report chronicling Rev. R. Smith’s account we prayed once again in the long prayer last Lord’s Day for the safety of our Boer farmer friends in S. Africa. As a famous and well-known clergy member with global standing, I typically do embrace the sentiment of matters that are true.

But this is only the first expose of the repeated dissimulation that has put forth since I moved from a humble nowheresville member of the Clergy to a famous Clergyman with such worldwide status that everyone had to know about me.

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