How The Muslims Take Over

Three stages by which Muslims conquer. This technique has been used for centuries.

Stealth Jihad

Muslim numbers are small percentage wise in a new country where a foothold has been gained. Taqiyya (deception) is a large part of this phase. Muslims falsely befriend the infidel with false friendship. Publicly they put on their “Islam is a religion of peace” nonsense. They advocate for tolerance. They love playing the victim here in order to gain sympathy and in order to give credibility to their diabolical religion.

Defensive Jihad

At this point Islam’s numbers have increased. They continue with both Taqiyya and the victim role. However their numbers percentage wise is greater now and as such they feel safe in denouncing and attacking those who seek to bring to light the history and danger of Islam. Organizations like C.A.I.R. and other Islamic friendly organizations take up the plea for special rights. Sharia Schools and Mosques begin to pop up. Islam begins to bar its teeth while still insisting that it is the other guys fault. If only poor old Islam would be left alone they could live in peace. At this point Islam begins to incipiently attack enemies.

Offensive Jihad

Here the numbers are now in Isalm’s favor and they begin to attack and persecute at every opportunity. The community of Dearborn Michigan is beginning to see Offensive Jihad. Here laws are passed in order to put down the infidel. As this accelerates it becomes illegal to speak out against Islam to denounce it as pagan Anti-Christ. For Islam this is the time to establish their hegemony over all areas of life. As this accelerates the non Muslim people of the book are forced to pay the jizya and become hewers of wood and drawers of water. Non-Muslims who are not people of the book face a far worse eventuality.

These United States are moving towards stage II. Europe is moving towards stage III. There is no stopping Muslims once they gain a toehold.

The below article expands this general outline a bit and deals with concrete numbers.

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