The Judgment & Salvation Of The Nations In Zephaniah

The book of Zephaniah prophesies against the Philistines,Moab, Ammon, Ethiopia, Assyria and Jerusalem (2:4-3:1-7). This teaches us that the judgment of the Day of the Lord will be TRANSNATIONAL. However, this TRANSNATIONAL judgment is not merely retributive. Zephaniah 3:8-13 reveals that salvation will come through this judgment: After the fire of Yahewh’s wrath in 3:8 there will come a day when those same nations who were judged will use their respective language to call upon the Lord to be saved. The “pure speech” (Zeph. 3:9) Yahweh gives to the peoples after judgment is for “all of them to call on the name of Yahweh.” So, judgment against Israel and Judah is to be followed by universal judgment against all the Nations at large prior to a universal restoration and recognition of Yahweh as the sovereign God over all the Nations.

God’s glory is thus seen in Salvation through judgment as He both judgment and salvation is visited upon the Nations as Nations.

Note here that in Zephaniah the judgment and restoration is not upon an amalgamated universal New World Order where all colors have bled into one. Zephaniah, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit sees God dealing with nations as nations both in judgment and in salvation.

Inspired by
James M. Hamilton’s “God’s glory in Salvation through Judgment.” — pg. 253

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