Recapitulation Ruin #3

We continue with our “Recapitulation blurb” series. Keep in mind here that what is being exposed as ruinous is not the idea of Mosaic Covenant Recapitulation in general, but rather what is being exposed as ruinous is the Mosaic Covenant Recapitulation that is coming from the pens of men like the authors of “The Law Is Not Of Faith.” Many of these men have connections to Westminster Calif. Seminary and to Dr. Meredith Kline specifically.

Our Republication Ruin quote of the day,

Note again what is being claimed: the idea of a works principle in the Mosaic covenant is a necessary teaching which is integrally connected to the doctrine of justification. The term “integral” refers to something that is essential and necessary to a thing’s completeness—that which serves as a constituent or foundational part of something else. In connecting the two doctrines in this way, the editors are asserting that the republication doctrine is thus essential and necessary for the completeness of justification….

Please note again what is inferred about those who do not hold to the doctrine of republication as presented
in TLNF. A failure to teach the republication position “will only leave us necessarily impoverished in our faith” and “We will see in only a thin manner the work of our Savior….”

However, the editors of TLNF seem to imply that the doctrine of republication (complete with a meritorious works principle) is the doctrine upon which justification stands or falls.

Moses and Merit; A Critique of the Klinean Doctrine of Republication — pg. 9, 20
Elam, Van Kooten, Bergquist

Note, what is happening here is that the Klinean Republicationists are trying to read everyone out of the Reformed movement who does not agree with their completely innovative reading of the Mosaic Covenant. It is almost as if they are saying …“Agree with us or you are no friend of the Reformed faith.”

The idea of the nature of the “covenant” has been debated for centuries by many Luminaries in the Reformed faith. Disagreements among Theologians of significance are plentiful. It is obvious that it is an important doctrine. However, for a bunch of neophytes to show up in the late 20th – Early 21st century and tell all of us that it is their way or the highway is laughable in both its hubris and its cheek.

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