From the Mailbag …Dear Pastor, We must allow immigrants

Dear Pastor,

I am bothered by your stance on immigration. Europe decided to help people who come from war-torn countries get a better life. The Daily Mail is full of lies and over-exaggerates every negative thing based on its own right-wing agenda. The Daily Mail’s reporting on what happened at Cologne is such an example. Yes, there are bad Muslims, but they don’t speak for the majority. There are bad Christians, but they don’t speak for everybody, either etc. Most people just want to live in peace. We all come from and have been immigrants. Or are we supposed to not care because they aren’t all Christians? Can’t we just look at each other as human beings rather than place divisions between us? Everyone deserves a better life and a few evil people (on all sides) should not be allowed to represent the masses.

Laura Lindson

Dear Laura,

Thanks for writing. Let’s try to be somewhat systematic in our approach to your letter.

1.) Laura is a white female like the ones who were raped and assaulted in Cologne and yet, here she is defending the rapefugees behavior. She probably also votes for those who want to continue to pursue these policies … policies that might find her some day raped.

2.) Laura cannot distinguish between people coming to get a better life and people coming here to colonize and destroy the West. These people are not coming here to find a better life. They are coming her to turn the life that is better for the West into the same latrine hole that the lands they are coming from already are.

3.) Laura makes the accusation of “exaggeration.” Odd, because that is the very same accusation that was made against the early reports of the same kind of behavior that Allan Antonio is describing in this thread as it occurred in Rotherham England between 1997-2013 when over 1400 pre-pubescent white girls and boys were raped, tortured, and sex-trafficked by filthy Muslim men. For years people like Laura turned a deaf ear to those who were insisting that there was a major problem by means of insisting that these accusations were all “exaggerations.” They weren’t then. They aren’t now. Laura either is grossly naive and so a useful idiot or she is in league with those desiring the fall of the West. I would guess she is a useful idiot.…/projects/rotherham/index.html

4.) Laura wants to suggest that there is an equivalency between bad Christians and bad Muslims. Where are the news stories about gangs of Christians sex Trafficking children? Where are the stories about gangs of Christians gang-banging and raping minority women? Apparently bad Christians are not quite the problem bad Muslims are. Apparently civilized nations can function as civilized with bad Christians as opposed to being able to function as civilized with bad Muslims.

5.) Most people just want to live in peace? Really? Having been in the people business for over 25 years I can testify that it is just not true that most people want to live in peace. What most people want to do is to control everybody around them even if that means conflict, friction, and destruction.

6.) Laura involves herself in myth when she invokes the, “We’ve all been immigrants and have come from immigrants.” The myth here is that immigrants moving from Western lands to Western lands are the same as immigrants moving from non Western lands to Western lands. While assimilation is possible when going from Western lands to Western lands it has become manifestly obvious that the West can not remain the West and be absorbed and abolished by the massive influx from non Christian and non Western lands as influenced, shaped, and informed by anti-Christ religions.

7.) Laura then invokes “caring” as a reason why we should accept being inundated by the stranger and the alien. But what Laura doesn’t mention is that by caring for the stranger and the alien we at that moment are throwing our children and women to the wolves. We have a choice in terms of caring. We can either care for our families and clans or we can care for the stranger and alien who desires to devour our families and clans but we cannot do both. Either we protect our women and children or we sacrifice them on the altar of multiculturalism and political correctness. In short, it is precisely because I care that I insist that immigration must halt and those who have come here be returned to lands of origins.

8.) Laura invokes the necessity that we all look at each other as human beings as opposed to looking at what divides us from one another. The problem here is that we are not merely human beings. We are people who belong to a particular place and who have been claimed by particular Gods. We are people who belong to particular families and clans. We are not merely human beings as if human beings were merely cogs that can fit into any place at any time. The way the West and the God of the Bible has shaped human beings is categorically different and so completely non-amenable to how Allah has shaped the sons of the Crescent. Scripture asks, “unless two be agreed how can they walk together?” We might add, “unless two be agreed how can they live in one nation together?”

9.) Everyone most certainly does not deserve a better life contra Laura’s insistence. Do rapists deserve a better life? Do people who desire the death of Christians deserve a better life? Do people groups who are known for their violence and Jihad deserve a better life? If they want a better life than they should start by serving better Gods. That is the only way they can have a better life.

Later you wrote back to me saying,

Laura writes,

Better Gods? What are better gods? What about abuse that has been covered up by Christian religions all these years? Or the fact that hard-line people of ALL religions still view women as walking wombs who should be quiet and serve their men? Why are you only bothered about Christians being hurt or murdered? What about everyone else, including those who don’t follow any religion? Vile people exist in all walks of life, religious or not. My only point is that I hate the hypocrisy of it all. And also, on another note, can you stop starting every line with ‘Laura’ and talking about me in the third person. It makes you sound incredibly patronizing and makes a mockery of my freedom to express an opinion. I’m not asking you to agree. I’m asking you to respect my right to see things from different points of view and respect my belief that in spite of the barbarians living in this world, there are also wonderful people with hopes and dreams and we need to stop putting people in categories. The end.

Bret responds,

There is only one Better God and that is the God of the Bible. All those who don’t serve Him love death. It strikes me that you are a testimony of that truth. Having refused the God of the Bible you are now advocating the importing of those who will be death to you.

And what abuse of Christians have been covered up? The abuse of bringing modern hygiene to the world? The abuse of bring life extending medicines to the world? The abuse of ships that ply the seas and manned rockets that explore space? The abuse of bringing civilization to heathen nations? The abuse of ending the slaughter and cannibalism that was found among the Aztecs and other tribal Indians in newly discovered lands? The abuse of bringing reading and writing to whole people groups? The abuse of architecture that built mind stunningly beautiful Cathedrals and later skyscrapers? The abuse of creating Governments that provided the greatest liberty the world has ever known? The abuse of international trade and economies that could sustain a standard of living that the ancients couldn’t even dream of? The abuse of Missionaries traveling, at the cost of their own lives, to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations? You mean that kind of abuse?

Laura, you mention the possibility of those who don’t follow any religion. That, of course, is not possible, as religion is an inescapable category. No person lives who does not embrace a religion.

You ask if I am bothered by people from other religions being harmed and hurt. The answer, is obviously “yes, I am concerned about that.” The Holy Scriptures teach me that I must,

10  … While we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith.

So you see, there is a priority listed here. Seeking to do good to all people but zeroing in on and prioritizing fellow believers in Jesus Christ.

Next,  Laura, it is the case that I do believe that God graced women with the beauty of the womb and so the ability to bear children. Further I believe it is the privilege of women to serve those who give up their lives to protect them. Finally, in terms of women being on the quiet side I agree with the Christian Scriptures which teach,

In like manner also, that women should adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobermindedness, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly array,  10 but, as becometh women professing godliness, with good works. 11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

Finally, I don’t respect your right or anybody else’s right to be wrong when being wrong means the approach of death. Indeed, I’m not sure where such a “right” springs from.  Sorry, but people who are wrong the way you are wrong need to be silenced by means of demonstrating their arguments as foolish, and  so once again be embarrassed to utter such death bringing opinions for fear of again being the outcasts that such people once were.

All the best Laura,

Author: jetbrane

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