Sasse Embarrassed By Bible In The Public Square

There is no right to riot, no right to destroy others’ property, and no right to throw rocks at police. But there is a fundamental — a Constitutional — right to protest, and I’m against clearing out a peaceful protest for a photo op that treats the Word of God as a political prop. Every public servant in America should be lowering the temperature and that means saying two basic truths over and over: (1) police injustice — like the evil murder of George Floyd — is repugnant and merits peaceful protest aimed at change; (2) riots are abhorrent acts of violence that hurt the innocent. Say both things loudly and repeatedly, as Americans work to end the violence and injustice.”

US Sen. Ben Sasse

1.) Sen. Ben Sasse complains about Trump using the Bible as a political prop thereby himself turning Christianity into a means by which he can score political points. I realize Trump is no Christian in any orthodox sense (just as Sasse isn’t being R2k) but Trump is a public official and when he, as President, holds up the Bible, as a political prop or otherwise the God of the Bible is honored. Sen. Sasse is more than unwise in this pronouncement.

2.) Would Sasse prefer Trump to hold up a Koran or a Torah? You know, I’d bet good money that if Trump has held up a Torah in front of a Synagogue Sasse would have been mute.

3.) Did the Trump team “clear out” peaceful protesters or just ask them to move on? I wouldn’t believe the Lugenpresse’s characterization of the protesters being “forcefully removed,” or Sasse’s version of “cleared out,” as being a fair representation of what happened. One also must keep in mind that these gentle protesters were required to give up only 37 minutes of their protest time since that was when the curfew was going in effect anyway. Sasse is whining about protesters not getting 37 minutes of peaceful protest time?

4.) Remember this Church he was standing in front of had been vandalized by the looters. Trump was seeking to honor both the Church and Christianity by doing what he did and all Sasse can whine about is using the Bible as a political prop. Would to the God of the Bible that more Presidents had used the Bible as a political prop to speak up the Christian faith.

5.) Sasse hypocritically calls for lowering the temperature at the very moment he is raising the temperature while accusing Trump of using the Bible as a political prop. Sasse is the one dishonoring God in all this. How dare anybody hold the bible up in front of a Church for a photo-op?

6.) Sen. Sasse does not know that George Floyd was murdered. A man is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers. Sasse saying this prejudices any jury that might be assembled. Here is Sasse preaching on what needs to be done in the public square and Sasse himself apparently doesn’t know Civics 101.

I suppose one could drain an ocean of cyber-ink writing on the hypocrisy of Politicians.

Author: jetbrane

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