Joke Harder Is At It Again

“A new survey on Holocaust knowledge reveals how many Americans live in alternative realities in which Holocaust denial and neo-Nazism are acceptable. Here are five factors shaping such radical and dangerous views.”

Joe Carter
TGC (The Gospel Coalition)
Also sometimes known as “Those God Cursed.”

1.) Why should we be surprised that Americans, who can’t even locate North America on a map don’t know what “the Holocaust” was?

2.) Shouldn’t we be more concerned that Americans don’t know US History before we are concerned that they don’t know European history?

3.) I’d wager that Americans know even less about the Holodomor then they do about the Holocaust. Should we make it a priority that they learn about the Holodomor before they learn about the Holocaust since the Holodomor makes the Holocaust look like going without a meal in terms of total numbers.

4.) And what of the other genocides? The Turks attempt to snuff out the Armenians at the turn of the 20th century? The Khmer almost wiped out by Pol Pot? The Irish potato famine? Shouldn’t Americans prioritize knowing about them because they really were far more severe either in total numbers lost or in terms of percentage of population impacted.

5.) Even in Carter’s article he has misinformation claiming that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust. That number has been reduced by 1.5 – 2 million since Auschwitz so vastly reduced the estimated numbers of death there in the 1990’s. So Carter is guilty of the very thing he is warning people about in his TGC article.

Joke Harder, why do we prioritize knowing about the suffering of the Jews when there is so much other suffering that was far greater?

Author: jetbrane

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