The Civil Rights Movement and the Unmaking of America

“‘People of color’ was a harbinger of what later came to be called ‘intersectionality,’ a philosophical-sounding term for the political strategy of bundling different minorities into a coalition. Almost everyone other than white heterosexual males could benefit in some way from civil rights laws. Vast, hitherto, unenvisioned coalitions, perhaps even electoral majorities, could be formed by rallying other non-white groups.”

Christopher Caldwell
The Age of Entitlement — p. 120

What Caldwell is describing here is what has been called the new proletariat. It was this coalition of the aggrieved minority as combined with the feminist and the pervert class who would provide the muscle for the long march through the Institutions. The new proletariat would no longer be tied together by class status but rather the new proletariat would be tied together into a coalition by their grievance against white Christian patriarchal males who had previously victimized the new victim coalition.

The electoral majorities that Caldwell references is that very coalition that Democrats are now depending upon to catapult them into office. The Democrat base consists of;

1.) Aggrieved minorities

2.) Suburban College Educated Feminists

3.) Pervert power

The Democrats are no longer contending for the White Christian middle class in America choosing instead to label them as “deplorables,” “irredeemable,” and “bitter clingers.”

Caldwell also hints here at what he brings out with clarity elsewhere and that is the Civil Rights laws forever changed America because they institutionalized grievance and victimization. People would advance now by joining with the some identity group that proclaimed how their civil rights were violated. Those belonging to a Civil Rights created Identity group had discovered strength through weakness. This new Civil Rights ethos legalized the ascendancy of the weak by criminalizing the previous authority structures of employers, patriarchs, and Institutions that were the gatekeepers of the previous Christian moral givens of the culture. Everything was stood on its head. The shrill, the pervert, the immoral, and the irresponsible were legally protected by Civil Rights legislation from the consequences of their behavior as the expense of those who operated by what might be called the previously honored Christian code.

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