Tales From The Crypt — Corporate Culture

Sometime around 1990 I was working unloading baggage for the Major Airline carrier I worked at for 13 years. After unloading the luggage I went inside the baggage area to make sure all was well with the passengers picking up their baggage.h Shaniqua was the agent who that evening was working the lost baggage office the evening in question. Shaniqua did not like me because I refused to kiss the back of her front by insisting that she pull her weight working along with everyone else. Shaniqua was bad about stiffing her fellow employees in terms of sharing the workload. On that evening I had the keys to the baggage office which she needed. She was about 10 feet away from me and I lazily tossed the keyring to Shaniqua, pivoted to return to the baggage tug, and be on my way to my work thinking nothing about having tossed the keyring to her.

The next day I get called into the “bosses” office. Shaniqua had reported to the Manager that I had not lazily tossed the keys to her (in a large bending unthreatening arc) but rather I had maliciously thrown the keys at her and worse yet, “almost hit her” with that Medieval weapon. As such Moe (the Boss) was informing me that he would be putting a letter in my work file declaring “I was racist.”I assured Moe he would be doing no such thing and that in the face of his contretemps and protests to the contrary. In his words, he was “tired of your racism.” And this despite the fact that nobody in management had ever said a peep to me on “my racism.” What Moe didn’t know is that I was connected to some uptown high profile lawyers at that time in life. So, after work that day I picked up the phone and gave my lawyer friend a call. I told the lawyer I just wanted this to go away. The lawyer was more interested in filing a significant suit against this Forbes fortune 500 corporation. I finally talked the lawyer in just making it all go away. He relented and said he could do that.

About a week later one of the other employees who had heard about the situation told me that a letter had arrived at the station from the uptown Lawyer company; “McPherson, Riley & Smith.” I just nodded in acknowledgment of that information.

About another week after that I walked into Mo’s office and start pressuring about seeing the letter in my file that he promised stating I was a “racist.” Moe started tripping over his words speaking gibberish about how he had changed his mind. I just smiled and walked out of the office.

However, I had to pay for that stunt because when the next raise came along Moe cheated me a significant amount out of the raise that was supposed to be automatic. I found that out years later. I’ve always been convinced that when they closed that station Shaniqua and Moe were relieved to be done with dealing with me. Moe, because he couldn’t handle the racial tensions arising from having a core group wouldn’t work and because he couldn’t handle another core group who wasn’t going to put up with doing their own job and somebody else’s at the same time.

I have regretted several times over the years that I didn’t let that lawyer get into the pockets of that Airline the way he tried to talk me into when I first spoke to him.

A Prayer For A Christian People

Grant to our son’s unblemish’d ways
As learned from their Father’s honorable days
Grant to our daughter’s purity refined
Modeled by generations of Mothers design
Grant us a Nation conversant with peace
Yet powerful enough to make wars cease
Grant us the inheritance of home and place
Where our families can spread to be a glorious race
Grant us the renown to make thy name great
That all thy enemies fall before thee prostrate
Hear our prayer; be pleased to favor these requests
That Nations may know we are your seed whom you’ve blest

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends — Davidson Eviscerates Doug Wilson

Recently, the Pope of Moscow, Doug Wilson, did a podcast on race. Doug is particularly bad on this issue precisely because he is not as bad as most Evangelical Ministers on this subject. People can flock to Doug’s banner and think that somehow they are being distinct from the broader culture when in point of fact instead all they have accomplished is not work out the implications of their principles as well as the broader culture has. Doug accepts the principles of modernity on race but he casts his agreement with a kind of retro flavor that allows him to claim that he disagrees with the principles of modernity when in point of fact he merely has failed to be consistent.

Anyway, a friend of mine, C. Merle Davidson, wrote an analysis piece revealing Wilson’s shortcomings here,


I could only wish that I had written this piece. I agree with everything that Davidson offers. I listened to this same podcast by the Pope of Moscow and on this subject, Wilson eliminates the nature side of the nurture vs. nature argument all the while saying he didn’t want to get into the “nurture vs. nature” argument. His whole podcast presupposes the nurture side. We know this because Wilson reduces race to be solely about skin color which tells us that Wilson believes that being White, or Black or Yellow, or Brown, is the sole result of the propositions believed by these people between their ears. The dirty little secret is that Wilson believes that culture creates race whereas it is just as legitimate to contend that race creates culture. Being white or black is solely about the propositions that people believe. Wilson is Gnostic and ought to be ignored on the subject of race and ethnicity.

The biggest howler in this podcast is Wilson’s insistence that race doesn’t exist. This is a howler that is gaining currency everywhere in our pomo culture. Wilson embraces breeds (ethnicities) but not races. Tell that to a forensic scientist or to the Pharmaceutical companies creating race-specific drugs. Try telling that to the black child who needs a bone marrow transplant. Try telling that to the sickle cell anemia society of America.

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Here are two links to two articles written by men I consider friends. I consider these articles top flight and since they each deal with a theme I’m constantly returning to I post them here for your edification

The first is by Darrell Dow on the subject of Nationalism. Darrell and another chap (Thomas Achord) recently released an Anthology on Kinism titled, “Who is my Neighbor; An Anthology In Natural Relations.” This book is nearly 700 pages long and it provides one quote after another culled from authors (both Christian and Pagan) from Ancient History to modern times, which demonstrate that the doctrines of Kinism have been what all men in all times and in all places have believed. This work is a spear through the heart of the Alienism promoted by the likes of Bojidar Marinov, Joel McDurmon, Gary North, Adam Brink, Steven Hallbrook, and most pastors in most pulpits across America on any given Sunday. I strongly encourage you to purchase this work.

Here is the link to Darrell’s article on Nationalism;


The second article I am linking ot is from a friend named Stuart DiNenno. Stuart is a Southerner who needs to be listened to. We disagree on regulative principle types of issues (Stuart leans Covenanter) but on most issues we are quite compatible. In the article linked below Stuart takes aim at the worthlessness of the contemporary Reformed clergy arguing that most of these men don’t even know the dangers that their people and Christianity are facing in this zeitgeist. I could only wish I had written this piece. I agree with it 100%.


Happy Reading.

Closing Thoughts on the Curtain Closing

Trump’s worthlessness has been ultimately proven. No, the man was never playing 6D chess while everyone else was playing checkers. No, the man was not politically savvy. Indeed he was a fool.

The number 1 political maxim known by every political neophyte is; “You don’t f**k with the King unless you intend to kill him.” Trump was never the King. He was the challenger to the throne. The King was always the political establishment. Trump should have never gone down the path he went down unless he was willing to go all the way down this path by completely throttling the deep state through extra-constitutional means if necessary. From the very beginning, Trump should have known you don’t defeat an extra-Constitutional bureaucratic monster apart from using extra-Constitutional means to do so.

Instead, all Trump did was to piss the beast off and a pissed off King is not something the citizenry will find delightful dealing with. Trump, can likely toddle off and finish his days in Scotland, Belize, or possibly even Azerbaijan. We, however, are the ones who are going to pay for his twisting the tail of the lion.

It pisses me off that Trump enraged the beast apart from slaying the beast. Maybe that was the plan all along? Trump’s childish toying with the King leaves us in a far worst place — accelerated at a far faster pace — than even a Killary Presidency would have given us. That is a script that makes more sense than the script that “Trump tried his hardest but in the end, he just walked away.” So, maybe Trump was controlled opposition all along and the movie has gone just the way it was always intended to go?

Now add to all this that apart from enraging the Marxist deep state, the thing Trump will be most remembered by, by those who have political savvy will be for two policies that advanced the Marxist cause. The first is the obscene amounts of money that Trump tinkled away. This policy was economic Marxist at its finest. There was nothing “conservative,” or “America First” in any of that crapola spending. The second policy was the embrace of the ChiCom virus scamdemic w/ its associate “warp speed” vaccine. This also played into the Marxist hands by restricting our freedoms (every Marxist’s wet dream) and by once again working in the citizenry a fixing of all their hopes on the State to provide a poisonous cure to something that is merely a garden variety flu variant.

Any attachment to Trump that remains among thoughtful people proves that said people are not thoughtful. He led the country out on a branch, sawed the branch off from under the country, and now will just helicopter out himself, leaving the rank and file to pay the price for his Jr. high hijinks.

The only people who come off worse in this 4-year melodrama are those who constitute 90% of the Republican party. Never has there existed a more feckless, cowardly, and “knife in the back” subaltern Keystone Cop outfit. Hell’s deepest levels are going to be occupied by these faithless trolls. Maybe if they had united around Trump the way Democrats rally around their people, they together could have killed the deep state, King. But no… they were King Deep State’s royal whores and they dared not touch the crown they were and are so dependent upon.

So, the wicked King still lives and he intends to make sure that all of you shlubs who followed the pretender King (Trump) now have to make your brick quota without the straw that was previously supplied.

In the end … yes — Orange man bad.