Characteristics Of A Collectivist Order

You can identify a move towards a collectivist order by seeing the surge towards

1.) Uniformity

Everything must be the same. Remember the Collectivist State is like a Machine and in order for Machines to work they have to be standardized. Standardization in the social order is just another word for Uniformity. The cogs may differ slightly in what the cog’s role is in the machine but all cogs have the same value and worth. (Except of course the Elite running the machine.)

2.) Amalgamation

Everything for the State … nothing outside of the State.

Amalgamation, also serves the end of uniformity. Amalgamation is the process by which uniformity is arrived at. Like a mulligan stew all distinctions among the leftovers must be eliminated by being thrown into the same stew. Amalgamation is arrived at by everything moving down to the least common denominator. This amalgamation process is what Van Til referred to as “integration downward into the void.” Amalgamation explains our current preoccupation with denying gender roles and now even gender distinctions. Amalgamation is typically pursued in the name of “fairness.” Another example of amalgamation in our culture is the “no student left behind program,” in our Government Schools. The program amalgamated the superior students downward to the level of the inferior students as the superior students were not allowed to press ahead at their speed so that they may be yoked to help those slower students. The results has been that no student has been left behind because all students were amalgamated into the left behind status.

3.) Bureaucratization

Since the Collective runs everything there must be a bureaucracy to do the running and then a bureaucracy to make sure the bureaucracy, that is responsible for the machinery, is indeed running the machinery. Then of course there is the bureaucracy to keep an eye on all the cogs to make sure they are not being un-cog like. The collectivist state because of uniformity and amalgamation must have Bureaucrats whose role it is to ensure that everyone is remaining Uniform and that everyone is being amalgamated.

4.) Militarization

It is a police state and so someone has to make sure that everyone stays in line. Keep an eye out for how the local police and County Sheriff become increasingly militarized in their approach to the citizenry. Means of resistance of the citizenry are eliminated.

5.) Centralization

Orders come from on high. Jurisdictional spheres are eliminated. Planning is done by the State and not by the individual. Prices and wages are set. A Borg like existence begins to predominate as the society is identified with and as the State. Formerly mediating institutions are subsumed into the state.

6.) Proliferation of Law

The collectivist state proliferates law so that its citizenry can’t possible know what is legal and illegal. This allows the collectivist state to instantly negate any citizen who isn’t uniform and doesn’t amalgamate. The collectivist State simply arrests said citizen and charges them with any number of laws that are on the books. This allows the State to become the complete arbiter of law. Every citizen is guilty of something whenever the State desires for them to be guilty.