Hoover Chronicles FDR’s Failures which brought us to War

In his book, “Freedom Betrayed,” former President Hoover chronicles 19 failures on FDR that moved the US inexorably towards an unnecessary  war (WW II). Hoover’s case is compelling.

Over the next few days I will list these failures as given by Hoover and you can judge if WW II was a “good war.”

Failure #1 — Roosevelt’s lost statesmanship was in recognition of Communist Russia in November, 1933. Four Presidents and five Secretaries of State — Democrats as well as Republicans — had (with knowledge of the whole purpose and methods of international Communism) refused such action. They knew and said the Communists would be able to penetrate the US, carrying their germs of destruction of religious faith, freedom of men, and independence of nations. They considered our recognition of Soviet Russia would give it prestige and force among other nations. All of FDR’s puerile agreements with them that they would not deal in their wickedness within our borders were on the record repudiated in less than 48 hours. A long train of Communists and fellow travelers were taken into the highest levels of the (FDR) administration. Fifth column action spread over the country, with a long series of traitorous acts during his (FDR) remaining 12 years in the Presidency.

Reading List in Preparation for Memorial Day 2016

A reading list to get you ready to celebrate Memorial Day, 2016.

Read these 11 books by Memorial Day 2016 and you’ll never celebrate Memorial day again in quite the same way.

In a loosely chronological order.

11.) Lincoln’s Little War: How His Carefully Crafted Plans Went Astray — Webb Garrison

10.) Lincoln the Man — Edgar Masters

9.) Wilson’s War — Jim Powell

8.) War is a Racket — Smedley Butler

7.) The Unnecessary War — Pat Buchanan

6.) Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution — Anthony C. Sutton

5.) Naked Capitalist — W. Cleon Skousen

4.) Freedom Betrayed — Herbert Hoover

3.)  FDR goes to War — Burton Folsom

2.) Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government — M. Stanton Evans

1.) Blacklisted by History — M. Stanton Evans


Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of VE Day

Today is the 70th anniversary of VE day.

So … hip hip hooray … Congratulations to us for helping the Communist to conquer the world.

In honor of this 70th anniversary I cite a speech by former President Herbert Hoover warning Americans against going to war in Europe. This snippet warmed my heart because I hadn’t realized that high profile people were using this specific reasoning as a leverage to convince Americans that entry into Europe’s war, on the side of Stalin and th Soviet Union, would only guarantee the hegemony of Communist rule in much of Europe.

Former President Hoover, speaking 29 June, 1941, seeking to counterbalance FDR’s war making decision to support the Soviet Union by unfreezing Communist assets in America as well as paving the way to provide goods to Communist Russia two days following Hitler’s invasion of Russia warned,

“If we go further and join the war and we win, then we have won for Stalin the grip of Communism on Russia, the enslavement of nations, and more opportunity for it to extend in the world. We should at least cease to tell our sons that they would be giving their lives to restore democracy and freedom to the world.

Practical statesmanship leads in the same path as moral statesmanship. These two dictators — Stalin and Hitler — are in deadly combat. One of these two hideous ideologies will disappear in this fratricidal war. In any event both will be weakened. 

Statesmanship demands that the United States stand aside in watchful waiting, armed to the teeth, while these men exhaust themselves.

Then the most powerful and potent nation in the world can talk to mankind with a voice that will be heard. If we get involved in this struggle we, too, will be exhausted and feeble.

To align American ideals alongside Stalin will be as great a violation of everything American as to align ourselves with Hitler.

Can the American people debauch their sense of moral values and the very essence of their freedom by even a tacit alliance with Soviet Russia? Such an alliance will bring sad retributions to our people.

If we go into this war we will aid Stalin to hold his aggression against the four little democracies. We should stop the chant about leading the world to liberalism and freedom. 

Again I say,  if we join this war and Stalin wins, we have aided him to impose more Communism on Europe and the world.  At least we could not with such a bedfellow say to our sons that by making the supreme sacrifice, they are restoring freedom to the world. War alongside Stalin to impose freedom is more than a travesty. It is a tragedy …”

On this 70th VE day can we stop pretending that WW II was a admirable crusade? We crushed Nazism at the cost of copulating with Communism.  Because of agreements reached in WW II we are responsible for the death of millions and millions of people behind a Iron Curtain that our agreements insured would fall. Because of agreements reached in WW II we had operation Keelhaul, Eisenhower’s German death camps where a million disarmed German soldiers were slowly starved to death.

Was it a good thing that Hitler was stopped?


But we should not think we defeated Hitler without selling our souls.

Rushdoony & McAtee on the State

“The conflict of Christianity with Rome was political from the Roman perspective, although religious from the Christian perspective. The Christians were never asked to worship the Romans gods; they were merely asked to recognize the religious supremacy of the state. As Francis Legge observed, ‘The officials of the Roman empire in time of persecution sought to force Christians to sacrifice, not to any heathen gods but to the genius of the Emperor and the fortune of the city of Rome; and at all times the Christian’s refusal was looked upon, not as religious, but as a political offense. …. Whatever rivalry the Christian Church had to face in its infancy, it had none to fear from the deities of Olympus.’ The issue, then, was this; should the emperors law, state law, govern both the state and the church or were both state and church, emperor and bishop alike under God’s law? Who represented true ultimate order? God or Rome, eternity or time? The Roman answer was Rome and time,  hence Christianity constituted a treasonable faith and hence a menace to political order. The Roman answer to the problem of man was political and not religious. This meant, first, that man’s basic problem was not sin but political order. This Rome sought to supply religiously and earnestly. Second, Rome answered the problem of the One and the Many in terms of Oneness, the unity of all things in terms of the state, Rome. Hence, over-organization, simplification, and centralization increasingly characterized Rome. “

R. J. Rushdoony
The One and The Many — pg. 94

1.) If the State was asking for the Christians to have recognized its religious supremacy then the problem was religious even if the State would have defined the problem as “political.”

2.) This demonstrates that political problems cannot be cordoned off from religio-theological foundations. In point of fact, every political problem, before it is a political problem, is a religio-theological problem.

3.) Sacrifice to the genius of the Emperor and to the fortune of the city of Rome was a supremely religious act.

4.) Interesting that the current state also asks its citizens to sacrifice to the genius of the Political system. The only difference is that the sacrifice the current citizenry is asked to make is to offer up their children to the State via their attendance to state Churches (sometimes euphemistically referred to as “Public Schools.”)

5.) When fallen man makes the polis that which represent ultimate order the consequence is then that any concept of God or heaven is cast in the image of the polis that is understood to represent the ultimate order. To the contrary, when the ultimate order is seen as God and Eternity then the consequence is that the polis and the citizenry begin to incarnate, in various ways, God and eternity into Time and space.

The result of this is Augustine’s City of God vs. City of Man. The City of God, on earth, is built up as men bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ so that His will is increasingly done on earth as it is in heaven.  To the contrary, the city of man is built up as men bow to themselves, collectively considered, and so as man is taken as the ultimate man incarnates the ugliness of “hath God really said.”

6.) Christianity, when it is most vital, should always be considered a threat to pagan states and a menace to their political (and social) order since Christianity screams that such political and social orders are unreal and illusory and idolatrous to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

6.) Because Rome’s view that the problem of man was political and not religious therefore we know that Rome had made politics their religion.  Man without God will always turn religion into politics and politics into religion. Since, for fallen man, above them is only sky, therefore fallen men will always make a Idol out of the political process.

7.) Those who deny that the political order can be, should be, or is divinized will always be considered threats to the State. If the conviction is that “in the state we live and move and have our being” all those who deny that precept must be either marginalized or eliminated.

8.) When Rushdoony speaks of “unity of all things in terms of the state” what he is saying is that the state becomes the only point of integration of man. All things must find their meaning in terms of the state. The state becomes the background against which, “man as chameleon” must and does find his identity.

That we are at that point today is testified to by the necessity of the State to provide our health care. In that pursuit there is the thrust of “unity of all things — even medicine — in terms of the state.

9.)  If you can’t see our current situation in this country summarized in Rushdoony’s statement, “Hence, over-organization, simplification, and centralization increasingly characterized Rome,” you don’t have a pulse and you might consider that you are a Zombie.

10.) Theonomy or autonomy. The God of the Bible or Man as God. One never escapes either law or theocracy. It is never a question of “whether or not law,” or “whether or not Theocracy,” it is only a question of whose law and whose Theocracy. You can always tell which God is supreme by observing which law is enacted.



Crony Capitalism … Then and Now

“The mainstream (liberal) historians make much of the working class crisis of the 1870’s – 1890’s, saying that during those decades the federal government was obviously being run to satisfy the selfish interests of the Northern capitalists — and the workers subsequently endured cruel working conditions and bare subsistence. Further, the economy was grinding to a halt because workers and farmers weren’t earning enough to buy the vast array of products being manufactured. And all of that is quite true.

But then historians trot out the Progressive movement cited here to prove that the intrusive, unconstitutional, industrially-oriented big government created by Lincoln and the Radical Republicans in the 1860’s had been justified after all, because under Theodore Roosevelt it could and did react to the needs of the country after the turn of the century by haltering the capitalists. Those historians then have gusty editorial sighs of relief: the system worked! Big government did right, and thereby prevented the class warfare revolution of the poor which otherwise would surely have destroyed the United States. Therefore, they argue, the liberal’s socialistic government of today has precedent and is equally necessary and justifiable.

But in fact, those reform measures from 1887 onward were carefully designed to do very little to restrain the capitalists, even though they expanded the power of the federal government considerably. Viewed close up, they were mostly worthwhile-but-token measures…. None of that (what really turned the US economy around during the early progressive era) resulted from the socialist movement, or from big government per se.”

Frank Conner
The South Under Siege; 1830-2000 — pg. 237-238


A few observations

1.) These united States have been living with Corporatism to one degree or another for over a century and a half now. The “haltering capitalists” that Conner speaks of is the Gilded Age Robber Barons like Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie et. al. These men made their fortunes by being in bed with the Federal Government and manipulating it to pass legislation favorable to them at the expense of any potential competition. In point of fact these men were not “haltering capitalists” but “haltering socialists of the Corporatist variety (Crony Capitalism).

The Corporatism that we have today is merely a continuation of the Corporatism that gripped this Nation as a consequence of the War against the Constitution. This war was funded by Northern Crony Capitalists as they funded Lincoln’s war in order to turn the South into a colonial farm to be milked to the profit of the Crony Capitalists of the Railroad, Textile Mills, and Shipping variety.

2.) Note the pattern. The Feds create the problem. Then they decry the problem blaming the problem they created on Capitalism. Then they offer solutions that will enrich themselves and their Crony Capitalists – Socialists partners. Finally, when the Fed’s solution does not work and only magnifies the problem they again raise a hue and cry about the problem blaming their failed policies that have enhanced and magnified the problem to be the fault of Capitalism, when in point of fact, the fault is that free markets have not been allowed the opportunity to address the problem. This program of blame is being repeated right now with Health Care. Health Care has not failed because of Capitalism. Health Care has failed because the Government involved itself. The solution that the Government has created now (Obama-care) is designed to fail so that the Government can come back and blame somebody in the Capitalist tent with the purpose of finally arriving at the Socialist Single payer program.

Which itself will not work.

3.) Court Historians are epic liars. Our court Historian liars are as responsible for this Corporatist cycle of failure as much if not more than the Feds and the Crony Capitalists. The lying Court Historians keep blowing smoke so that the American public never wake up to the fact that the liberal-progressive-leftist-cultural Marxist-Centralized-Omnipresent Government has never succeeded in “fixing an economy.” Naturally, the court Historians always give credit to the Feds for coming through but the credit inevitably really goes to some free market aspect that survived and flourished despite the repeated attempt by the Feds and the Crony Capitalists – Socialists to choke it out.

4.) All of this suggests that today the people exist, as cattle, for the Government and the Crony Capitalists to milk at their leisure. Those who are not of the Politician and the Elite mega Corporatist class exist as grist to enrich them.

The answer to all this is to smash both Centralized Government and the Elite mega Corporatist class because they are both Marxist to the core in their economics. The failure of the rank and file American is that they tend to see one of the other of these players as the problem instead of understanding that they are both the problem. Consequently, some Americans see the Mega Corporatists as a problem and so they offer the answer of bigger Government to control the Corporatists but these Americans don’t realize that the bigger the Feds are made the better it is for the Corporatists. Similarly, other Americans get ahold of the other end of the stick and suggest that the way to end the problem is to empower the Mega-Corporatists as “Capitalists” and to shrink the Feds. However, empowering the Mega-Corporatists as Capitalists is to, at the same time, empower the FEDS. Both the Mega Corporatists and the FEDS have to be broken at the same time.