Doug Keeps on Being Doug … Warning; Implosion Ahead

“Or say that your nephew started an alt-right web site that really caught fire and took off. It grew such that the traffic was really significant, and so he is now running a politically inflammatory merch warehouse, with a set of offices next to it. Their organization has decided to launch a print magazine, one that would supplement the articles on the web site with more in-depth reporting. The editorial policy they are seeking to advance consists of a blend of white nationalism, health and fitness advice, and they occasionally like to dabble in various hints of Holocaust-denial. You have expressed your dissent, your strong dissent, in several conversations with your nephew. He knows where you stand. But they are hosting a barbecue in order to celebrate the launch of the magazine, and you receive an invitation. Do you go? Again, are you kidding me?”

Doug Wilson
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Alistair Beggs the Question

Doug never ceases trying to be clever. Here Doug compares Alistar Begg’s wrongly suggesting that a grandmother attend her pervert grandson’s “wedding,” with attending a BBQ celebrating one’s Nephew’s alt-right entrepreneurial adventure.

Let us consider why this is stupid.

1.) Let’s pretend that instead of Doug’s nephew being a white nationalist in America he is a Bagel Nationalist in Israel. Does Doug still have the same vapors at the thought of attending this celebratory BBQ?

2.) Doug is begging the question by assuming that White Nationalism is automatically sinful always all the time without proving this position. It’s ironic that Doug would fall into this because it is the very same thing he accuses Alistair Begg of doing.

3.) I’m assuming that Doug doesn’t have a problem w/ the heath and fitness side of things but you never know w/ Doug.

4.) Before I can affirm the sin of and ill-advisability of “holocaust-denial,” Doug is going to have to define that for me. For example was it sin for the Chicago Tribune to report the following 32 years ago;

Jewish and Polish scholars of the Holocaust now agree that the Auschwitz death toll was less than half the four million cited here for four decades. The actual number was probably between 1.1 million and 1.5 million….

If I agree with the Chicago Tribune is Doug going to cast me to the outer darkness of not having anything to do with the CREC. Is Pope Doug going to tell the CERC to shun me for agreeing with the powers that be @ Auschwitz?

5.) Where is the sin in wanting to discuss the total numbers of dead during what is called by others who are not me “the Holocaust?”

6.) If Doug had been where he is at now in 1950 he would have said that people who denied the Katyn Forest story were “Katyn Forest deniers” who must not be allowed to be in the presence of good people.

7.) So, having said all that Doug has not made the case in the slightest that his pretend Nephew scenario where one attends the Nephew’s barbeque is anything at all like the scenario where one attends a perverts “wedding.” Complete and utter failure on Wilson’s part.

8.) But before giving up on this I want to go on record as saying I hope Doug continues to write like this because in doing so Doug is shooting himself in the foot. He is ruining his brand over the long term. Short term there remain the normies who will cheer for this tripe but over the long haul Doug is guaranteeing he is going to become increasingly irrelevant. So… keep on damning these kinds of things Doug and I’ll keep getting people phoning me asking if they should get out of the CREC.

What other event in history do you know of where it is illegal for scholars to discuss, debate, and dispute a matter of historical record? Just the fact that so many European countries are willing to throw you in jail for “Holocaust denial” if one does this ought to suggest that something is rotten in Denmark, and elsewhere in Europe and in Moscow Idaho. Doug even thinks Holocaust Denial is worthy of casting one out of the Christian church.

In all this Doug is supporting the Bagel narrative that the Western Christian civilization narrative comes via Auschwitz as opposed to Calvary.

Reformed Reasoning On Immigration

Find the comedy in the below. The comedy is found in “how can anybody be so stupid?”

1.) Many Reformed ministers are at the leading edge insisting that illegal and legal immigrants are a good thing because it means that God is bringing the world to us to win them for Jesus.

2.) Yet the lion’s share of these same Reformed ministers have lost their own children to the Christian faith by the time those children graduate high school.

3.) So… these Reformed ministers who can’t even pass on their Christian covenantal faith to their own seed are telling us that the Church is going to convert the anti-Christ world invading America?

4.) Now add to the mix the alarming evidence that they are obviously full of horse hockey as one considers the contrary evidence that it is what very little remains of our Christian social order that is being converted to the idols that the immigrants are bringing with them as they invade this country. This truth is evidenced by the swelling number of Mosques, Synagogues, and Hindu Temples, not to mention taking over the civic apparatus of whole cities. Hamtramck, Mich. anybody? Hamtramck has elected an all-Muslim City Council and a Muslim mayor, becoming the first in the US to have a Muslim-American government. When I was an adolescent everyone in Michigan knew that Hamtamck was a Polish enclave. Now it is Muslim.

Well done on converting the newcomers.

The “conservative” Reformed church is insane.

Dr. Strange and the Multicult of Madness — Part IV

Here we continue our series on Dr. Alan Strange’s podcasts concerning the depredations on the idea of Christian Nationalism (CN). I anticipate one more entry in order to finish this series.

Some have complained to me that I labeled Dr. Strange as a man of the left. I can come to no other conclusion about any man, despite their orthodoxy on any number of other subjects, that he is a man of the left when eschewing the idea of the explicit Lordship of Jesus Christ over a nation. Consider, as there is no such thing as neutrality, when one declaims against Christian nationalism the only options that remain is support for a nationalism that is driven by some anti-Christian religion or a internationalism that is driven by anti-Christ religion. (It is not possible for internationalism to be Christian.) Dr. Strange, and the other numberless hordes (Owen Strachan, R. Scott Clark, David Van Drunen, etc.) who are classical liberals are being driven by their Enlightenment faith and so can be considered nothing but “men of the left.” There is more of Robespierre, Danton, and Marat about these “Christian” men then there is Jesus Christ when it comes to their political theory. Hence, this is why I insist that Dr. Alan Strange is a man of the left.

Now to interact with Dr. Strange’s final podcast denigrating of Christian Nationalism;

1.) Strange, first lists his concern about the issue of how Christian Nationalism would imply coercion. This is true. Christian Nationalism would require coercion. Just as we Christians today, in the classical liberal model, are being coerced on any number of fronts to support our current state religion. Christians are being coerced to pay taxes to support the murder of the unborn, the murder of countless peoples in other lands because of our NWO guided military, the continued existence of our anti-Christ government schools and countless other projects. All governments are driven and inspired by a faith/religion vision and all governments in turn coerce people to salute that faith/religion vision. Christian Nationalism would be no different. We would coerce people — not to be Christian (only the Holy Spirit can do that) — but to operate within the confines of a Biblical Worldview and social order.

So, Strange, laments the possibility of coercion in the context of Christian Nationalism yet apparently he is willing not to lift his voice and do something about Christians being coerced to serve the agenda of our current state religion as it serves the gods of humanism. In the final analysis, when it comes to Governments, it is either coerce or be coerced. As Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, I have no problem saying, “Yes, Christian Nationalism would mean coercion.”

2.) Strange next insists that CN wrongly uses Scripture. This is basically a “anti-theonomy” argument. Now I agree with Strange that the Bible does not give us an exhaustive blue print for how social-orders are to be governed today. I do not believe that we should seek to repristinate OT Israel’s social order. However, I strongly disagree with Strange that the Scripture doesn’t speak to issues like proper tax rates (Strange mentions this). So, I agree with Strange that every political/social order issue can not be resolved with a “thus saith the Lord.” However, I disagree with Strange that many many political/social order issues couldn’t be resolved with a “thus saith the Lord.” For example, I do believe we should take the Scripture seriously that talks about taxation, that insists that a man should not dress like a woman, nor a woman like a man, that Magistrates should not have the capability to wage offensive wars, that Magistrates should be required to write out God’s law, etc. etc. etc. Strange’s strongly anti-theonomic position inevitably leads to “each man doing what is right in his own eyes.” It is a recipe for humanism.

3.) Strange, using an illustration for his position, next argues that the Scripture has nothing to say on whether or not the State should provide health care. This is a classic example of Strange being on the left. Scripture clearly denounces theft and the State cannot be involved in providing health care without stealing from the citizenry. State funded health care is anti-Christ and Christians should look with suspicion upon “Christians” who think like Strange. I don’t want to get too deeply in the weeds here but it is the jurisdiction of the family, and not the state to provide health care. Secondly, the prices of health care skyrocket when the state becomes the benefactor for health care. State funded health-care is not Christian.

4.) Strange next compares CN with Socialism and Communism by saying that his CN friends say “well, CN has never worked because it has never been tried by the right people.” Strange notes that is the same kind of logic that the Christian Utopians, Socialists and Communists use. I agree that is terrible logic. CN is never going to bring in Nirvana and that shouldn’t be our expectation. However, contrary to Strange the question isn’t “will CN bring in Shangri-La,” the question is will CN be closer to a God honoring social-order  than other political/social-order arrangements that are decidedly anti-Christ? (Understanding that all other political/social-order arrangements that are not CN will be anti-Christ — no neutrality.) The answer there is clearly and unequivocally “yes.” I would rather live with the follies of a Cromwell or Charlemagne or Alfred the Great than the follies of a Stalin, Mao, or Obama.

5.) Strange then agrees with another chap (John Ehrett) who insists that Dr. Stephen Wolfe’s CN sounds more like Nietzsche than it does Christ.  I have dissected that critique here;

McAtee Defends Stephen Wolfe Against Ehrett

Robertson on the Relation Between Kin and Faith

“If you will not preserve your ancestral heritage, ultimately, you will not preserve your doctrinal heritage either. Honoring the former teaches us how to honor the latter. The two are inextricably intertwined. Thus, alienism ultimately destroys not only families but also all of Christianity.”

Wilmot Robertson

The Dispossessed Majority


The unipolar world that the NWO is going for by necessity not only means a coffee colored world where all colors bleed into one but it requires a hyper blended faith world where all faiths are put into a blender which is then hit at high speed. In a unipolar world distinction is the enemy. This is the ultimate explanation for the attempt at the erasure of genders. Uniformity must be achieved. And yet, even this is a proxy war for an even grander project and that is the millennium hold Luciferian project to erase the distinction between the Creator and the Creature. This is the ultimate strategy of the Uniformitarians.

And every time someone attacks a Kinist, at that moment they have entered into league with the Christ haters who are seeking to destroy distinctions. This is why Kinism is so important. This doctrine alone is standing against the raging Luciferian Alienists of our day. All clergy who resist Kinism are in principle advancing the agenda of Lucifer.

Mike Horton … From Pink to Red

“Social Justice is not a conversation that anyone can opt out of; every day we are engaged in secular rituals that either support of threaten the good of our neighbor. Good theology creates a horizon for reimagining of our relationships to one another as well as to God. Toxic theology, or even good theology perverted in the service of empire and ideology, has had disastrous cultural effects.

Some culture warriors on the right have claimed recently that ‘social justice’ is code for secular humanism; its very mention should raise ‘Red’ flags. Part of that is due to the tendency sometimes to separate the Great Commission from the Great Commandment. The gospel does not relieve us of the duty to love God and neighbor…

Ultimately, I am called to [justice] because my neighbor is created in God’s image. As God’s image bearers, especially those whose voices are ignored or marginalized, these neighbors are God’s own claim upon me and my life. Through the cries of the ignored and marginalized, I hear God’s call ‘Adam where art thou?’ And I dare not generalize or deflect this summons, replying with Cain, ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?'”

Mike Horton 
R2K Wokey Fanboy
Modern Reformation Article
Justification and Justice

1.) Social Justice is a Marxist trope. The only Justice that exists is biblical Justice as measured against God’s explicit Law-Word. The very use of the language without strongly delineating it from it’s Marxist home is suggestive that Horton is wearing a uniform colored red.

2.) There is no such thing as “secular rituals,” if by “secular rituals” Horton means rituals that are not driven by religious and theological a-priories. There is no such thing as a “ritual” that is secular. The whole notion is oxymoronic.

3.) The whole sentence about reimagining horizons is mere sentimental gobbledygook. There is no need to reimagine relationships with God and Man. We have been told directly what that relationship is and that is to Love God and Man. The only standard to measure love to God and man and is to act towards each consistent with God’s Law. The honoring of God’s Law is the definition of love to God and Man and not Horton’s precious Social Justice and reimaginative horiozons.

4.) Bad theology always has a disastrous cultural effect. No Duh. We are seeing daily the disastrous cultural effects that Horton’s Radical Two Kingdom theology is having.

5.) It is precisely because the Gospel does not relieve us of our duty to love God and neighbor that we are required to spit every time we hear “Social Justice.” “Social Justice” is hatred for God and neighbor since “Social Justice” presupposes a cultural Marxist world and life view. Horton is a functional Marxist.

6.) No… ultimately I am called to Justice because God calls me to Justice. I am not ultimately called to justice because my neighbor has the Imago Dei. To say the former vis-a-vis the latter is the difference between being a humanist and being a Christian.

7.) Voices that are ignored or marginalized (i.e. — trannies, sodomites, Lesbians, minorities who form the Marxist neo-proletariat vanguard to overturn Christian social order, along with Pedophiliacs, Necrophiliacs, etc.) are ignored and marginalized because they hate Christ. I pray God that such voices are always ignored and marginalized.

8.) My neighbors are not God’s claim on my life. God’s claim on my life is by virtue of His being the Creator and my Redeemer. I don’t even know what it means when someone says “My neighbors are God’s claim on my life.” It is abstracted gobbledygook and means nothing. Sure sounds good though.

9.) Through the “ignored and marginalized: I don’t hear Cain’s “Am I my Brother’s Keeper” instead I hear God’s “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

10.) Horton is a faithless shepherd. Stay away from this Cultural Marxist wanna-be.