Setting the Libel Straight — part I

Part of what it means to be a high-profile person in the Christian Ministry is to be libeled and slandered. Usually one sloughs it off as just the price that a nationally recognized Minister like myself has to pay for being in the ministry. However, every once in a while matters have to be set straight for the record and that is what I intend to do in the next few posts. Life would go on as normal if I just ignored this insignificant libel. In the grander scheme of things I have been libeled far worse and by worthier enemies but I thought, all the same, it would be good if people could see just how twisted Denominational outlets, media outlets, and hate group outlets can get things.

One thing that does disappoint me is that my little platform at Iron Ink is not going to be as far-reaching as an area Newspaper or a statewide radio station or a public broadcasting network. I will not be able to reach as many eyes and ears as the advocacy/legacy media. However, since unlike them I have the God of the Bible undertaking for me, I can live with the reach deficit.

Before getting into the rebuttal, people want to know why I put Iron Ink under maintenance mode during the season of libel and slander. The reason is simple. Given that the intent by the advocacy media was to libel and slander it made no sense to give them carte blanch to my blog history so that they could continue to wrench material out of context. It simply is the case that if you want to get out your view, you don’t invite the enemy to be your mouthpiece. Giving access to the history of Iron Ink to advocacy muckrakers would be like Alexander Solzhenitsyn asking the Soviet News Agency, TASS, to report on his grievance with the KGB and Politburo. Everyone knows Solzhenitsyn would be a fool to do such a thing and it would have been equally foolish to allow the muckrakers to access the articles of Iron Ink.

Now the very first correction I would like to make is this quote below from one Rev. R. Smith from the Christian Reformed Church. Rev. R. Smith holds some kind of position in the bowels of the denominational HQ. Rev. R. Smith offered,

McAtee’s sermon was like “any other traditional church until the prayer time came,” Smith said, and a woman in the crowd of about 20 asked for prayers for the white people living in South Africa.

“There was this supposedly false rumor that white people were being killed by Black people in South Africa, which was totally untrue,” Smith said.

Smith said McAtee “embraced” her sentiment.

Note the following,

1.) The thing that has riled me the most about all that has gone on in seeking to blacken my name is this statement by Rev. R. Smith. The reason it has riled me so is that it is perhaps the blackest lie at all.  Countless numbers of Boer farmers have been murdered by ANC terrorists and yet here Smith tells us that it all is a “false rumor,” that is “totally untrue.”

Of course, this lie serves the ends of the Marxist ANC and the cultural Marxists stateside. However, it is discredited by the truth. There is no need to take the word of a famous clergyman like myself. Instead, take the word of news reports;

And again,

And again,

And again,–8

So, it is the case that Rev. R. Smith is the one who is trading in myths that are just not true. Denying the danger of the Boer farmers vis-a-vis the miscreant marauders of the ANC is, in Rev. R. Smith’s words, “just not true.”

2.) Rev. R. Smith said that “McAtee (that is me, your humble worldwide known Clergy member) embraced the sentiment of the danger of the Boer Farmers in S. Africa.

Damn straight I did, and after I read this news report chronicling Rev. R. Smith’s account we prayed once again in the long prayer last Lord’s Day for the safety of our Boer farmer friends in S. Africa. As a famous and well-known clergy member with global standing, I typically do embrace the sentiment of matters that are true.

But this is only the first expose of the repeated dissimulation that has put forth since I moved from a humble nowheresville member of the Clergy to a famous Clergyman with such worldwide status that everyone had to know about me.

Your Preacher & His Preaching Habits; McAtee contra “The Godless Coalition”

I’ve come to call them “The Godless Coalition.” I’ll not insist that every piece they publish is abhorrent or that some can’t be helpful. I will say however that just as one doubtless can find good food in the garbage dumpsters behind 5-star restaurants but still might decide better food sources are available so one may be able to occasionally find salutary articles in “The Godless Coalition’s” archives but why would one bother to search when there are so many other better sources available?

This piece was brought to my attention by an Iron Ink reader and friend.

Expect Less (and More) of Your Pastor in Addressing Current Events

And it’s just about what you’d expect from Kalergi Clergy who graduated from R2K Westminster Seminary California.

You can read it if you like. I’m just going to give a few observations on a few of the points that the article hits in order to eviscerate this anti-Christ thinking and that in order to provide some help to people who smell the foulness of this reasoning but who may have a hard time getting their arms around how to point out the source of the foul oder.

1.) The article argues that your Preacher is doing you a favor when he doesn’t preach on social issues like abortion, sodomy, trannie-ism, birth control, governmental deceptions of the highest order, the impact of a policy that will end in a disappearance of borders, or Magistrates who command wicked behavior. The reason your Preacher is doing you a favor for not preaching on those things is that he has more important things to preach on and your preacher has limited authority as to what he can speak to, besides… God really has no “thus saith the Lord” to speak on these types of issues.

The problem here is that

a.) This presupposes that Christ is not an all-consuming sovereign King.  The mind of Christ made known in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation doesn’t legislate on the kind of issues mentioned above. Per this R2K thinking Jesus came to save your soul, grant to you an individual if abstracted personal piety that has zero impact on public square issues. This is called “sanctification.” This denuded Jesus is the Jesus that your Preacher needs to be bringing to you every week.

b.) This presupposes that Preachers are not set apart to aid God’s people in taking every thought captive to make those thoughts obedient to Christ. The congregation instead, by way of silence in the pulpit, is allowed to conclude that God doesn’t have a word to speak on let’s say Marxism, Critical Race Theory, Existentialism, Romanticism, Intersectionality or that Uncle Frank is now Aunt Francis. All that is irrelevant as long as people can articulate the doctrines of Justification, Imputation, Regeneration, and give solid reasons why the third use of the law is no longer applicable.

Please understand, I am in no way saying that Justification, Imputation, Regeneration, Election, or the Ordo Salutis are unimportant doctrines or even less important than some of the other issues mentioned. What I am saying is that your Preacher needs to be speaking to both.

As an example … As a Preacher I can say; “Because we are Justified by the work of Christ so that our guilt is now taken away, we no longer should be a people who are laden by the false guilt that the race pimps seek to laden us with in order to manipulate our behavior by promising to rid us of guilt if we will only vote a certain way. Because we are Justified and have had our sin and guilt imputed to Christ we are not a people who accept notions of false guilt that are always being pushed on us as a means of our destruction.”

See… I just delivered a word on Justification with an appropriate application as it fits a contemporary issue. Other examples can be easily multiplied. If your  Preacher can’t do that then find another Preacher.

2.) Your Preacher has a limited message that must point you to Jesus.

The problem here is

a.) This presupposes that Salvation is only personal and individual and not corporate. While it is certainly true that any Preacher worth his salt will remind God’s people that Jesus is the only relief and cure for sin and sinners. People must be reminded constantly that Jesus Christ is their righteousness before the Father and that we rely solely on His mediatorial work to have Peace with God. However, all of that does not negate that pointing people to Jesus also includes helping people to answer the question, “How Now Shall We Live to Please God,” as a community. To preach the answer to that question from the pulpit is pointing people to Christ.

b.) The presupposes that theology is NOT the Queen of the Sciences. Everything we encounter in our lives comes to us informed by a theology that corresponds to the Christ or corresponds to some false Christ. When Preacher refuses to speak to the kinds of issues that the TGC eschews then the Preacher by his neglect is allowing his people to be pointed to some alien Christ who is not Christ. Every issue comes to us as an expression of some theology. If the minister is not preaching the mind of God on these issues he is a false shepherd.

3.) Your Preacher isn’t responsible to make sure his congregation has a shared world and life view because that is too much to expect. Your Pastor isn’t called to referee every dispute among Christians.

The problem here is;

a.) If you Preacher doesn’t give a “thus sayeth the Lord” on (as for example) “how feminism is an attack on Christ,” or “how cultural Marxism in the Church creates a different Jesus,” or ” the danger of the Great Reset as the next attempt at Babel,” etc. then what your Preacher is communicating is that God doesn’t have a “thus sayeth the Lord” for movements and theologies that have as their intent to cast His Messiah off His throne.

b.) It is true that your Pastor isn’t called to referee every dispute among Christians. It is also true that your Pastor is called to tell you that God, long ago, has solved disputes that Christians may be arguing about today.

I agree that the Minister should speak to local issues when warranted. I agree that a minister only has so many hours in a week but I would remind people that the Preacher’s primary work is prayer and ministry of the Word (Acts 6:4) and that others must take up other perceived clergy responsibilities so that your minister may excel in what he was set apart to do. Preachers are supposed to understand Christianity as communicated in God’s Word and then are to understand the times and know what must be done in light of that understanding and then are to Preach like their hair is on fire so that some may be saved though singed by fire.

It is my prayer that people would flee from the kind of Preachers who take seriously the counsel offered in this “Godless Coalition” piece. I’m sure the author has good intentions. I’m also sure good intentions pave the road to hell.