Of Worldvision, Social Imaginary, Conglomerate Thinkers, Hollywood Film Sets and Reformation

Is the “social imaginary” of 21st century philosopher Charles Taylor the same thing as 20th century philosopher J. H. Bavinck’s “Worldvision?” These both in turn would have been what Glen Martin was talking about when he wrote about “Eclectic and Conglomerate thinkers.”

In all of these the idea is that people move in terms of a worldview that they do not self-consciously recognize as such. In other words in all these cases the individuals under consideration have not arrived at the way they are leaning into the world by being epistemologically self-conscious about the ideas that are forming the foundation for why they lean into life the way they lean into life. Instead, to use a metaphor, they are flowing with the cultural rivers current or whatever sitz-em-lieben they are in living in.

The way I have have often put it is with the analogy of a Hollywood film set. People, exceptions notwithstanding, are chameleons and they will blend into any film set that the culture gives them. So, if the culture is the equivalent of a Pirate film those who are not espistemologically self conscious about their belief system will dress in pirate hats, wear eye patches, and go around saying; “Arrrgh, Matey.” If, in their lifetime the cultural film set switches to a Western these same people will suddenly begin to wear ten gallon hats and speak with a Texas drawl.

Most people intuit “truth” and do not intuit it very well. In the words of Michael Polanyi they use “tacit knowledge” to ascertain what it will take to surf the zeitgeist and will accordingly adopt whatever it takes to fit into the “social imaginary,” (Charles Taylor) the prevailing “Worldvision,” (J. H. Bavinck) thus demonstrating themselves to be eclectic and conglomerate thinkers (Martin).

Still, like it or not the substratum underneath of all this is the handful of people who both play with and popularize and implement ideas which in turn eventually gets into the blood stream of a culture so that the social imaginary/worldvision can begin to gain traction so as to explain why the overwhelming majority of people lean into the times and so live the way they live.

To slightly change a quote from John Maynard Keynes;

“Practical men who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct ideologue/theologian. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back”

The long and short of this is that the largest percentage people don’t live the way they live or believe what they believe because they have thought through matters. They have not spent their lives examining the whys and wherefores of life. They were born, so to speak, on ice and having been born on ice they just put on their ice skates and took off without a thought that just maybe that wasn’t ice after all. Most people live the way they live and believe what they believe because they have caught all their “convictions and lifestyle” the same way they catch a flu virus.

This means it is those who are the idea people who are the most dangerous people as combined with those who promote the ideas which they more often than not don’t even understand. These are the creators, producers and manufacturers of culture (Hollywood, Publishing Houses, Media, Universities, etc.). More often than not in their role as “cultural gatekeepers” they are even more instrumental for creating the cultural film background set by which most people live by than those whose ideas they are (often unwittingly) pushing.

So, to make this practical, if we as Christians are to be have a plan of attack for returning to something that approximates Christendom what needs to be done is as follows;

1.) Negatively we must give a deadly virus to this current cultural context so that the social imaginary/worldvision can no longer be sustained by the average person in the culture. As Biblical Christians we have to find a way to make what was once considered “odd behavior” to be odd behavior again. That likely won’t be done by just chanting over and over again “that’s odd.” Instead it will be done perhaps by being able to mock the odd. Right now using the absurd to illustrate the absurd may be one of our best friends.

For example … We could run an ad campaign where someone tries to run their appliance by plugging in a male cord into another male cord and then run a tag line … “Gay lately?”

Look, Elijah mocked the hades out of his and God’s enemies. I think it is time for Christians to start clever mocking.

2.) Positively we have to have some people who are idea people who are casting Biblical Christianity in such a way that the current pagan theology of the self (as one example) is challenged and some other people who can promote those ideas into pop culture.

McAtee & Josh Buice Discuss Christian Nationalism through the Prism of Mayberry’s Otis the Town Drunk and Sodom’s Hiram the Town Drunk

Honestly, I don’t know who Josh Buice is except to say he is the head of something called G3 ministries and I just learned that in the last 5 minutes. However, over on Twitter he is stirring the pot with Baptist type of reasoning.  When I learned that Buice runs G3 ministries I learned also that he was Baptist but I had guessed that before the Wiki article told me he was.

Here is Buice over on Twitter reasoning like a Baptist;

Even if you could baptize America, it still wouldn’t make America a Christian nation. The theological arm of the Christian Nationalism debate is extremely flawed. Nominal Christianity is not Christianity. Carnal Christianity is not Christianity. Our aim is Christianity.

Bret responds,

It depends on what one means by “Christian Nation.” Christian Nationalism has never believed that in order for a nation to be Christian every single member of the nation has to be a bible thumping, twice on Sunday church attending, Baptized Christian. Christian Nationalism instead envisions instead at least a sizeable minority of the nation being Christian so as to maintain the Christian cultural Institutions of the social order that they might remain Christian in orientation.  Christian nationalism quite understands that in a Christian nation it is altogether possible that much of the Christianity in that Christian nation might well be nominal and some of it even carnal. However, what makes a Christian nation a Christian nation is that objective the institutions of the nation are being shaped by Christian categories as at the very least a sizeable minority of Christians in the nation are the gatekeepers of the cultural and social institutions of the nation.

Let’s flip this around to explain it from another angle. Right now our nation is a humanist nation. All of our cultural civil-social intuitions have been captured by the humanist left (cultural Marxism) including the putatively conservative churches. However, clearly there remains in the US a sizeable number of Biblical Christians. Does the fact that there is a sizeable number of Biblical Christians in this country therefore provide proof positive that this country is not a Humanist Nation? Of course not. The country can be humanist while still having Christians populating it. It is humanist because objectively stated, all of the Institutions of America have been capture by the humanists.

In the same way, sans Buice, a nation can be objectively Christian and still only have a sizeable minority subjectively embrace the Christian faith that is operating objectively to make the nation Christian.

In brief, Christianity is both individual and corporate. A nation can be corporately Christian in an objective sense and yet only have a sizeable minority be subjectively Christian.

After Buice poste this a chap at Twitter named

@PaterFamilian perceptively asked Buice;
So, would you rather live in Mayberry or Sodom? If you’re unsure, ask your family.
 And Buice responded,

“Personally, Mayberry. But, I think it would be a disservice and theological error to refer to Otis Campbell as a Christian because his address was within that town.”

And now Bret responds again to Buice;

Certainly Otis is likely not converted and so doesn’t subjectively own Christ. However, Otis, Mayberry’s town drunk is a different kind of town drunk than the town drunk who would exist in Sodom. Think about it. Otis, while not subjectively a Christian, has been objectively influenced by Christian Mayberry as seen in the fact that Otis always locks himself up when he’s been on a bender, and always speaks deferentially to Andy and Barney. Does Buice really think that Hiram the town drunk in Sodom acts in such a Christian manner or does Hiram the town drunk in Sodom when he gets drunk go looking for little children to rape?

You see, the fact that Otis is not a Christian subjectively speaking in the sense that Otis has personally owned Jesus Christ is true as Buice notes. However, Otis is a Christian objectively speaking in the sense that he is part of a Nation that is being ordered by the Christian faith in its various institutions. Otis will be damned forever if he does not embrace Christ for himself. However, Otis’s sin will be constrained because he lives in the Christian town of Mayberry and so because he lives in the Christian town of Mayberry he can be considered a Christian in an objective sense even if he is not a Christian in a subjective sense.

Buice, like most Baptists has not thought this through.

Buice in the Twitter thread keeps telling people not to conflate nation and church. This is curious because no one on the Christian Nationalism side who is Reformed desires to do that. We understand and desire for the Magistrate to be a Christian who enforces Christian law and who handles the sword in a Christian fashion. However, we do not desire the Magistrate to leave his assigned jurisdictional realm and come into the Church to handle the keys of the Kindgom (word & sacrament).

So, it is quite possible to have a Christian nation where the nation is not conflated with the Church while both church and nation are decidedly Christian. And we are quite willing to say that such a Christian nation could possibly have many nominal Christians in said Christian nation. This is why the Church would continue to preach law and gospel to the nominal Christians of the nation who may well be sitting in their pews on the Lord’s Day.

So, Christian Nationalism most certainly does not conflate nation with church. Further, Christian Nationalism anticipates that there will be nominal Christians in a Christian nation and even perhaps nominal Churches. However the only alternative to that is to say we should have a non-Christian nation which has consistent Christ hating pagans such as Hiram the Sodom drunk on every corner.

In some respects, Otis — Mayberry’s town drunk — is a blessing.

The Unity of the Godhead As Embraced By Socialists

For the Socialist heaven on earth must present perfection and perfection requires unity among all mankind. This kind of unity is a “atheistic” pursuit born of the theological convictions of their atheism. It is theological because this drive for unity is connected to the socialist’s god concept. Theologically, we know that one attribute of godhood is unity in the deity and since there must be unity in all Godheads, and since man is now the “godhead man,” due to the atheism of the Socialist, man must be unified as a atheistic theological necessity. Unity, for the progressive (socialist), means universal submission to a single sovereignty, and unity in and of the world means universal submission to a single world government. In such a unity, required by both the theology and the teleology of Humanism, two or more distinct races living side by side as segregated, in distinct cultural communities is intolerable. It is intolerable because it defies both their theology and their eschatology.

Because the above is true, totalistic integration into a unified globalist order therefore becomes the Holy Grail for which all “noble” men must strive per the Marxist (socialist). In point of fact, total human integration resulting in total humanistic unity becomes a life and death issue for the Social Gospelers, and the Progressives. (Marxists all). Integration is the necessary step to be taken down the long road of the totalitarian perfection that is heaven on earth. Anyone who dares to question integration is obstructing the Humanist god and worse yet, the sure introduction of heaven on earth. Those who oppose unquestioned integration are thwarting the will of the collective man god and the progressive vision for the inevitable destiny of man. Such a person must be dealt with by elimination. He must be denounced. He must be destroyed.

All of  the above provides the backdrop for why biblical Christians who advocate for a Christian social order are so thoroughly hated both inside and outside the Church. We are the ones who are standing athwart this project, because of our Biblical convictions, and are saying that this kind of pursuit of a New World Order, whether expressed among families or nations is neither Biblical nor natural. Biblical Christians have no desire to be drawn into the ever consuming maw of the socialist beast which exists to gnaw away all distinctions among men so that a “New Socialist Man” can be created. The Biblical Christian realizes that man is not God either considered individually or collectively and because of that the Biblical Christian sees no necessity to live in a world where “all colors bleed into one.” In point of fact, the Biblical Christian is adamantly resolved that this thinking “shall not pass.”

Yet, Legion is the name of simpletons in “Christian” pulpits and behind lecterns in “Christian” Seminaries who have not thought this matter through and so are on the socialist “love train.”

“People all over the world (Everybody)
Join hands (Join)
Start a love train, love train
People all over the world (All the world, now)
Join hands (Love ride)
Start a love train (Love ride), love train”

God save us from well intended simpletons.

Observations Touching the Covenant Presbyterian Nashville School Shooting

1.) Just a little research reveals that these school shootings typically happen in bright blue (Democrat) areas. While Tennessee as a state went solidly for Trump, Nashville as a region was hard blue. This is a pattern for these types of shootings, whether Parkland, San Bernardino, Orlando, Sandy Hook, El Pasos or Las Vegas, all have at least the one common denominator as occurring in politically controlled Democratic bastions.

2.) When the shooting in Poway happened the long on hutzpah but short on  brilliance Rev. Chris Streval tried to pin that shooting as the fault of Kinism. Of course Chris was in gross error as I exposed. However, with this shooting one has to wonder if R2K “theology” is responsible to some degree.

We have seen our culture swirl down the drain and all the time many voices (R2K) in the putative Conservative Reformed Church has been telling us that the organized Church or its clergy should not speak to cultural issues since those are not in the visible organized Church’s bailiwick. Escondido and other Seminaries have been teaching their students and lecturing the Reformed Churches that they need to withdrawal.

Oh, to be sure, the R2k-philes will say that Christians as individuals can organize and thump and contend for their respective positions but the Church and Clergy dare not speak on these issues, and especially not from the pulpit.

As a consequence withdrawal and retreat from culture by the institutional Church has too often been the Church’s position. Now, when the righteous withdraw and retreat a vacuum is created for the wicked to rush in and fill. When Christians refuse to create Christian culture then all that is left is for the wicked to create non-Christian culture.

As long as R2K continues to be the model paradigm in Reformed Churches you can expect that the culture will continue to light up the Christians.

Maybe we should think of this shooting of a PCA Church school as God’s revenge of R2K being taught in the Church?

3.) I see there is at least one video showing the Nashville police clearing the building and then shooting the perp. I’m glad they shot the perp. Better a dead perp than more judicially innocent dead children and staff.

Having made that clear, ask yourself these questions;

“If the perp had not been a white person would that footage have even been released?”

“If the perp had been a member of the minority community would the Nashville Police dared to release such footage?”

I do not have a problem with releasing the footage. My problem is that by releasing that footage, coupled with my conviction that such footage would never have been released had it been a minority shooter what is communicated is that white people are not quite as to be valued as minorities.

4.) The lugenpress media continues with what the lugenpress always does. As my Mother-in-law liked to say, “what do you expect from a pig but a grunt.” The New York Slimes ran a diminished story on the shooting of Christians as compared to how they emblazoned with a bold headline the shooting in Buffalo NY. Comparing the coverage by the New York Slimes as it covered the Buffalo shooting contrasting with the Nashville shooting we find;

• Large, bold font, two-line headline
• Smaller, single line, headline
• Charged language that points to a racist ideological motive (“RACISM FUELS”)
• Neutral language that conceals trans-ideological motive
• Kills
• Mentions effect on community (“GRIEF AND RAGE”)
• No mention of the effect on the community
• Large, sprawling, up-close image of victims
• Smaller, muted, image of faceless victims whose backs are turned and at a distance
• No competing headline
• A clear competing headline whose elevation is questionable given its relative impact on Americans (foreign vs domestic affairs)

The New York Slimes (and the rest of the mainstream media) are revealing to us whose lives they want us to value more, and whose lives they want us to value less.

(HT  – Twitter handle @justakidfromlbc for this comparison)

5.) Following that line NPR (National Pinko Radio) did not mention the fact that the shooter was a tranny. Neither did NPR (National Pinko Radio) use any pronouns.  Nor did NPR (National Pinko Radio) mention any motive for the crime. Would that NPR (National Pinko Radio) was always that careful with “news” stories.

Honestly given the slant and tilt of NPR (National Pinko Radio) I’m surprised that they weren’t reporting that “a angry young white male using illegally gained weapons murdered six people that were partying at a gay bar masquerading as a school.”

6.) Some have noted that the shooter must not have been mentally balanced. Really? What was your first clue? Are you just saying that because they shot up a school? Wasn’t there plenty of evidence before she shot up a school that she was tetched — like the fact that she as a woman is claiming to be a man? Indeed, much of the reporting demonstrates that those reporting are insane by not including in their reporting that when the criminally insane are allowed on our streets we should not be surprised when they do criminally insane things.

7.) If this poor woman who shot up the school was taking testosterone to transition from “Audrey” to “Aiden” it is not a wonder that her cheese slipped its cracker. Taking hormones can mess with people. Even when men take testosterone it can make them cranky.

8.) The fact that the shooter chose the target she chose, of course, was not accidental. More and more voices from the insane left are being lifted in their denunciation of Christianity and the Christian faith. Now, when a cacophony of hatred (even as lifted by a minority of insane and loud voices) does its work eventually that hatred is going to break out against someone or numerous ones. As such, every Biblical Christian in America who has made their views publicly known without apology should realize that they are a potential target. Likewise, if you’re attending a Biblical Christian church in America, even if you don’t personally lift your voice to make your views known, you should realize that you are a potential target. The time for being worried about being paranoid is past. Now is the time to worry that you’re not paranoid enough.

9.) While most of my compassion is spent on those folks murdered and especially now for the families that they leave behind, I can’t help but also have some compassion for the poor woman who was killed justly. Was she so damaged because of her exposure to the insanity of this culture? Was her family life so broken that it was inevitable that she would go insane? Did she go to some kind of counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist who told her that her gender identity confusion was perfectly normal? If so, why aren’t they being arrested for complicity in this heinous murder spree?

Look, I know the shooter is not a victim. She got what she deserved given her actions. But what cued her up to this end? Yes, of course she had a sin nature but man’s sin nature is doing things now in this culture (like claiming to be of the opposite sex while shooting up a school) that the sin nature didn’t do two generations ago with this kind of frequency.

How many more are out there that we are destroying because we are telling them that their insanity is perfectly sane?

God helps us all.

God help especially those families weeping over the loss of their family members tonight.

Vos & McAtee on National Election

“God’s decree is not exclusively concerned with individuals but also comprises nations and establishes the bond between generations. The destiny of a nation is weighed by Him, as is the destiny of a person. There is not the slightest interest, indeed is completely impossible on Reformed grounds, to deny national election or whatever it may be called.”

Geerhardus Vos
Dogmatic Theology Vol 1. — pg. 111

1.) If Vos is correct — and he is — then how could any Reformed Pastor, Luminary, or laymen deny the desirability, irreproachability and necessity of Christian Nationalism?

2.) The denial of the desirability, irreproachability and necessity of Christian Nationalism as coming from the Reformed community is proof positive that the Reformed community has become Baptistified inasmuch there is seemingly no longer an ability to embrace the corporate side of the covenant. For the Reformed, like the Baptists, the emphasis falls so much on the atomistic individual that the corporate side of covenantal categories is completely ruled out of bounds. Like the Baptists, salvation has become completely an individual, subjective reality. The Reformed have lost the corporate and objective side of the covenant.

3.) This statement more clearly than could be asked prohibits the New World Order agenda of erasing the Nations and turning the world into a vast melting pot. If God elects nations then nations are God’s is one means whereby He elects persons from those nations. To advocate positions that would destroy nations is to resist God.

Note also that this National Election, Vos offers, establishes the bond between generations. Clearly if National Election establishes the bond between generations it is a ethnic bond as well as a generational bond. Generations in a nation belong to the same ethnos. God works in ethnic lines. The bond God establishes is ethnic as well as Spiritual. Any attempt to destroy the ethno-generational bond that God establishes in and among nations is a denial of Biblical Christianity.

Alienist theology which teaches a postmillennialism where all peoples bleed into one is a anti-Christ theology. New World Order humanism is anti-covenant theology.