Behold Tyranny

1.) SCOTUS rules the Arizona cops can ask for proof of citizenship

2.) Within hours of the SCOTUS ruling Sec. Naplitano of Homeland Security announces that the Obama Administration is suspending its agreement with Arizona police regarding the detention and reporting of illegal aliens, thus in a Defacto fashion, voiding the SCOTUS decision.

3.) So, Arizona can ask for identification but if Arizona police find out they have illegal aliens on their hands they have no place where processing for deportation can take place since the FEDS are now refusing to take Arizona reportage.

4.) Further, the Obama Civil Rights division has set up a hotline for illegals to call in order to lodge complaints against both the Arizona and Alabama state immigration law, thus clearly revealing that they are trolling in order to find a case that they can use to litigate successfully in order to overturn the decision that SCOTUS just made.

We are living under a Criminal State. Morally speaking, we do not owe it obedience.

A Older Calvinism

‎”When Kings or rulers become blasphemers of God, oppressors and murderers of their subjects, they ought no more to be accounted Kings or lawful magistrates, but as private men to be examined, accused, condemned, and punished by the law of God…. When magistrates cease to do their duty, the people are as it were, without magistrates … If Princes do right and keep promise with you, then do you owe all humble obedience. If not ye are discharged from and your study ought to be in this case how ye may depose and punish according to law such rebels against God and oppressors of their country.”

Christopher Goodman
Puritan / Co-pastor with John Knox in Geneva

How Superior Powers ought to be obeyed of their subjects; and wherein they may lawfully by God’s word be disobeyed and resisted.

“The fanatic for Calvinism was a fanatic for liberty; and, in the moral warfare for freedom, his creed was his most faithful counselor and his never failing support. The Puritans … planted … the undying principles of democratic liberty.”

George Bancroft — Historian
History of the United States of America — Vol. 1 — pg. 464

“Obedience to God’s Laws by disobeying man’s wicked laws is commendable, but to disobey God for any duty to man is all together damnable.”

John Knox

“On the eve of the Revolution, John Adams asserted that the pulpits of heavily Presbyterian Philadelphia thundered and lightninged every Sunday against the foreign tyranny, which Jefferson described a Virginia in which ‘pulpit oratory ran like a shock of electricity through the whole colony.”

James H. Huston
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic — p. 42