Skinner and Walden Pond Two … The Elites Vision Of Control

B. F. Skinner was a psychologist who had monumental influence over Government schools. Skinner followed in the footsteps of W. Wundt, G. Stanley, Hall, E. L. Thorndyke, John Dewey, and many others by helping to psychologize American education in a humanist direction, thus helping to construct our current Psychological culture.

Here are some excerpts from “Skinner’s, “Walden Pond Two.” These excerpts give us insight in what kind of culture Skinner envisioned.

245 — “We not only can control human behavior, we MUST.”
219 — “The New Order”
189 — “Psychologists are our Priests”
286 — “What is love except the use of positive reinforcement?”
278 — “Let us control the lives of our children and see what we can make of them.”

186 — “We can make men adequate for group living … That was our faith.”

134 — “Our goal is to have every adult member of Walden II regard our children as his own, and to have every child think of every adult as his parent.”

135 — “No sensible person will suppose that love or affection has anything to do with blood.”

108 — “History is honored in Walden Two only as entertainment.”
105 — “We are always thinking of the whole group.”
160 — “We are opposed to competition.”
139 — “The community, as a revised family.”


This fictional account of Skinner’s ideal community is much like the language and laws in use today by the behavioral elite — describing their plans for your children, your schools, your country, your family, and yourself. How do you like your life and behavior managed and chosen for you by an elite who are intellectual pygmies, moral buffoons, above all else Christ haters?