From Order To Chaos

The change in the West that gained steam especially in the 20th century in the realm of worldview is that Christian orthodoxy was replaced by an ideology of collectivism as the basis of a consensus intellectual frame of reference and system of values. World War I destroyed the old Christian world and the Christian worldview that had held that old world together. This new worldview of collectivism has become a ‘secular religion’ and with the propulsion of psychology to the fore as the Priests of the new secular religion we now have what might be called, in the terminology of the shrinks, and from the view of the older Christian worldview, a psychic epidemic that now afflicts our young people who end up going on to be University trained. This collectivism is dedicated to a leveling of all distinctions among men and in culture, which again is counter-intuitive to those who still hold to the older Christian Worldview where a God ordained soft hierarchy was characteristic among men and in culture. This arc of egalitarianism, typical of the collectivist worldview began with the Enlightenment but again, it especially gained steam in the 20th century.

There is another change though that is significant. There was a also a change in the West that began in the second decade of the 20th century in terms of money and that change found the constellations of finance-capitalism, which had been separate and nationally oriented being absorbed into a greater international constellation of finance – capitalism, shotgunned by the Rothschilds and dedicated to a different set of long term interests than the Nation – State interests prior to 1913.

These changes in money and worldview have drawn the peoples of the West into a Marxism dialectic where money is thesis, socialism is antithesis and the synthesis / new thesis is the Imperium of the New World Order.

Or if you prefer, the dialectic being put differently,

Money now incessantly concentrates power, socialism promises the total dispersal and distribution of that power, and the New World order offers the resolution of the contradiction by supplying the New Imperium with a ruling dynamic that will take the concentrated power that has been seized and by the great wisdom of the Elites, men will be ruled according to what is their best interest — even if they don’t realize what is in their best interest.

The Nature Of Marxism In All It’s Incarnations

Bolshevism, as Ouspenski boasted, had to destroy. It set out to destroy everything formerly in existence. This meant destroying people because people are indissolubly connected with things. It would mean, it was carried through to the end, destroying everyone, since people’s lives have their roots in the past, and in institutions, and customs and beliefs that have grown out of the past; and if the past is to be destroyed they have to be destroyed as well. The past and the people stand or fall together.

Even in Russia, however, the destructive force innate in Bolshevism cannot be carried through to the end. It gains impetus; proceeds more and more frantically and hysterically, but must at last spend itself. It cannot be carried through to the end because it depends on hate, or of class war. Certain individuals; sadists and some Jews and cripples; frustrated intellectuals, can hate all their lives; base their lives on hate; and a whole society can be propagandized into hating for the duration, say, of a war or a general election; but not whole society can hate indefinitely. There comes a limit. No whole society can hate long enough to destroy itself; and self destruction is the only conceivable end of Bolshevism and of the class war. Thus Bolshevism must, by the nature of things and by its own nature, be an uncompleted process.

Malcolm Muggeridge
Winter In Moscow — pg. 105

1.) Cultural Marxism has become our version of Russian Marxist Bolshevism. Like Bolshevism, it thrives on hate, and like Bolshevism in order to thrive it has to create a oppressor class upon which the locus of hate can focus. For the Bolsheviks it was the Bourgeois. For the cultural Marxist today it is the White European Christian.

2.) Cultural Marxism is likewise committed to destruction just as Bolshevism was. Bolshevism destroyed the Kulaks, destroyed the Church, and destroyed those who did not fervently enough support the party. Cultural Marxism has destroyed the unborn, destroyed the Church, and destroyed the whole notion of distinction or hierarchy. For the Bolshevist the goal of all the destruction was the creation of the “New Soviet man,” which is exactly the same project of the Cultural Marxist in the West.

3.) Marxism, in whatever its incarnation, must destroy the past for the past, with its customs, traditions, and stability, is that which is inimical to the agenda of the Marxist. Marxism desires Utopia and Utopia is only arrived at by sloughing off the dead hand of the past.

4.) I do believe however that Cultural Marxism, unlike Muggeridge’s description of Bolshevism, can be carried through to the end. Cultural Marxism has advanced by the whole ideal of perpetual revolution as it keeps right on marching through the cultural institutions. I see no spending of the vigor of cultural Marxism. We have gone from serial adultery, to no-fault divorce, to homosexuality and there is no indication that in this one area that any end is in sight for the normalizing of perversion. Because of that I do believe that as a culture we will destroy ourselves.

5.) The ultimate impetus behind Marxism is the host of the underworld with its Prince at its head. Jesus said that Satan came to kill, steal and destroy and Marxism is that social order by which Satan implements his agenda.

Judaism Thy Name Is Revolutionary

In the Jewish rejection of Christ we see the full flowered expression of Judaism as a false religion at war with God. In the rejection of the Messiah they embraced, as a people, the role of the social order revolutionary who chooses chaos in hopes that order might come. Wherever you see the acts of the social order revolutionary (The French Philosophes, The Russian Bolsheviks, The 1848’ers, the Abolitionists, the Alinskyites, etc) there you see once again the religion or Spirit of Judaism raising it’s hoary head and there you see played out once again the act of metaphysical rebellion with its insistence that man will de-god God and enthrone himself as god.

Consider how the Scriptural text points to this idea as Judaism confirmed its cosmic revolutionary position by choosing Barabbas — the Revolutionary — over the Logos, the one, and that which provides order to all things. Together they cried out, “give us Barabbas, give us Barabbas,” and that cry has continued to be uttered throughout history by the practitioners of Judaism and by those who have the Spirit of Judaism. In the choice of Barabbas, the Jewish faith revealed a streak that throughout history has chosen the Revolutionary over people’s who cast their lot with Christ.

Judaism thy name is revolutionary.

In light of this historical fact it is a marvel that much of Christianity seems to believe that Christianity and Judaism serves a common god. Nothing could be further from the truth. True Judaism was first expressed in the garden when Adam abdicated his role as God’s steward and entered into league with Satan against god. Ever since that time Judaism has continued its warfare against the God of the Bible and against His Messiah, and against His people. Combining the idea of Judaism and Christianity, such as we often find in the term, “Judeo-Christian,” is an abomination that seeks to combine Christ with Antichrist.

We rejoice when Jews convert to Christ and call them “Brother,” but Judaism as a religion, like all anti-Christ religions is a gutter religion which leaves in its wake death, destruction, and untold hardship. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and do so by praying that God would open the eyes of all people, including the Jews, to vileness of that religion which Christ referred to as a “Synagogue of Satan.”

Teasing Out How Ideological Worldviews Are Religions

Humanism is our God and Democracy is the religion. I would then say that the priests are the Government school teachers and the Psyschologists. The Kings are the magistrates and the Prophets are the Journalists in the main stream media. The Government school curriculum is the catechism that is taught to the youth. Top 40 music is Humanists hymns and Psalms. The sacraments are abortion (a bloody ritual that keeps the humanist God’s appeased) and the vote (the sacrament that we return to over and over again to proclaim unity with our humanist God). Entitlements are how the State as God provides for us and saves us. The teleology of our Humanist religion is the Babel State where all distinctions among men are eliminated.

We must keep in mind though that contemporary humanism is not a monotheistic religion. Contemporary Humanism has many incarnational variations. For example one variation would give us the feminist goddess Gaia. For Gaia and the Feminists the priestess-hood is the female professional woman (politician, minister, or bureaucrat). Her sacrifice is her femininity purchased through economic independence from men. She is incensed over the unforgivable sin of genuine male masculinity and she fights that sin with rabid support for Ritalin for little boys and by Lesbianism for herself. The teleology for Feminism is the achievement of the androgynous.