Color Me Thick

“It’s possible that the value into perpetuity of electing an African-American will outweigh the harm of one president’s policies over 8 years.”

Abraham Piper (Son Of John Piper)
Design Guru for Desiring God website

I must be from another planet because I am not even in the same universe of how people are thinking.

Here is a Piper who wants to seriously suggest that a President, if he stays on the throne of the imperial presidency for eight years, will have a greater value into perpetuity then the demerit that will be the case as he rules over the death of over 10 million unborn human beings, and this presumably all because of the level of melanin in his skin.

And that is just one policy. Never mind all the damage of the other brainless policies that we are going to get from a Marxist Obama administration. I’m sorry but this is not thinking that originates from the mind but rather it is thinking that originates from the sphincter.

And while we are at it, let me say that I have no interest in unifying around the President-elect, unless some kind of basis is offered upon which my unifying can stand. Now, I will pray for this man, I will hope for the best in his policy decisions, I will be respectful to the office, but I will not unify with the President simply because the man is black. Have people lost their collective senses?

If we really were a color blind society none of us would care that we elected a black guy. But because America still deals with racial issues, and still suffers from this unexplainable white guilt, there is a large expectation out there that Americans have some obligation to unify because a black man has been elected. Well, unifying be damned. I am not going to drink the kool-aid of Marxism just because the bartender pouring the drinks is some black guy.

Americans are soon going to realize that they elected the wrong Black guy. If they wanted somebody with a higher melanin level in the White House they should have gone with J.C. Watts, Ward Connerly, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas or any number of non Marxist black people. As it stands the failures of the policies that Barack Hussein Obama is going to pursue may set back race relations in this country 30 years as white people may over-react to the failures that we are going to see. We are seeing this kind of Phenomenon in Europe with the rise of the British National Party and other like National parties committed to preserving the historic ethnicity and culture of the country where these parties are rising.

For my part, as it concerns the Presidency, the melanin level in skin is irrelevant. As a man thinketh in his heart so he is. The problem in an Obama presidency will not be the color of his skin but the color of his thinking, and Obama’s thinking is as black as night.

Actually Obama is the worst thing that could have happened to the black community as he embodies all their worst pathologies. From the killing of their seed to the embrace of victim status that deserves to be compensated Obama will only exacerbate the problem of race relations in this country.

By the time Obama is done being President the race relations in this country will be more tense then they have been for a generation. People don’t see that now, because now is the time to “feel the love.”

The stupidity of all this makes my head ache.

The Last Time That Was Said …

As Lincoln said to a nation far more divided than ours, we are not enemies but friends. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.

B. Hussein Obama — Election Night Victory Speech
President Elect — Democratic party

When Lincoln used that phrase that Obama quoted Lincoln was preparing to pursue policies that would crush those he claimed were not his enemies. You’ll excuse me if I don’t find the repeat of Lincoln’s words by Obama to be particularly comforting given the outcome the last time those words were spoken.

Realm Of Nature … Realm Of Grace

“Throughout the nineteenth century in the United States there was an unstable synthesis of intense private religion and a public order that officially recognized no god except the people…. Public life was left to the realm of nature, while grace was reserved for private life. This arrangement of private religion and public irreligion produced religious peace for the most part, while American society slowly became secularized….Nature was slowly devouring grace. In other words, the parts of life governed by autonomous human reason expanded, and the areas devoted to Jesus Christ contracted. Worst yet those parts of life left outside of Jesus Christ tended to become hostile to Him.

Dr. William Edgar — Reformed Theologian
God And Politics — pg. 187-188

Immediately we want to note that the one place we disagree with Dr. Edgar is his statement that “American society slowly became secularized. American society did not become slowly secularized. Instead American society became slowly de-Christianized in the direction of the religion of secular humanism.

With that caveat though this is an excellent quote since it so ably exposes the problem of Radical Two Kingdom virus theology. What the R2Kt virus does is to create realms of nature and realms of grace that men occupy. In the realms of nature belongs most of where we do our living. The realm of grace is occupied by the Church and our individual immortal souls. In the realm of nature truth comes through unaided reason as that unaided reason, starting from itself, reads natural law and implements upon the common realm the conclusions reached. The realm of nature is putatively a-religious and is a realm of neutrality where the regenerate and unregenerate can build a common culture.

The problem with this way of reasoning is that it can only work where a people have a shared worldview to begin with. It is the nadir of a disordered ratiocination to think you could slam people from a Hindu culture together with people from a Muslim culture and think that a functional culture could arise due to the variant peoples reaching the same conclusions in the common realm as instructed by Natural law.

And yet that is exactly what R2Kt virus theologians think can happen in our culture as they appeal to Biblical Christians and Secular Humanists to work out their common realm differences by an appeal to Natural law. All this can produce is either conflict in interpretations of Natural law or surrendering by Christians on Secular Humanist interpretations in order to accommodate the Secular Humanists so that they can live quiet and peaceful lives of capitulation to the crown rights of King Jesus.

What always happens in absolutist dualism approaches is that the dualism seeks to resolve the tension. What happened in our history is that we tried to follow the R2Kt paradigm, and as Edgar notes, it worked for awhile, but it only worked as long as it did because Americans shared a common heritage. That common heritage has dissipated as the secular humanism in control of the realm of nature, increasingly uninformed by an increasingly deteriorated public Christianity has expanded to create its own anti-Christian heritage, its own anti-Christian traditions and its own anti-Christian culture. The R2Kt paradigm that was employed by America with success in its early life no longer can provide peace because secular humanism has expanded at the expense of a now contracted Christianity.

Please note, it is not to the blame of the Christian community that this arrangement is ending, unless, of course, you blame wild game for resisting being torn alive by the resident carnivore. Further, more R2Kt as solution will not solve the problem of the massive expansion of the Secular humanist realm of nature combined with the massive contracting of the Christian realm of grace. Such solutions were accepted in the Germany of the 1930’s and we all know how well that worked out.

We continue to insist that while the distinction of Holy and common need to be maintained the way offered by R2Kt is a recipe for destruction of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Ask The Pastor

Over at Bayly Blog Tim Bayly asked,

What made the black community embrace Obama as their own?

His promise to enrich them at the expense of the middle class. This is what has prompted the Black community to vote in the 90% plus realm for Democrats for time immemorial. The black community remain slaves … only their slave owners are no longer Plantation owners but the Democratic party. The black community is not going to bite the hand that feeds them. In Obama they were able to put one of their own in charge of the machine that funds their dysfunctional communities.